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Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita.

The ephemeral flames that light San d'Oria must not be allowed to vanish from the Kingdom...


Ranperre R d'Oraguille (ランペール・R・ドラギーユ, Ranpēru Āru Doragīyu?), also known as the Dragon King (龍王, Ryū-Ō?) of San d'Oria, is a non-playable Elvaan character in Final Fantasy XI. During his fifty-year reign he reunited the divided San d'Orian nation and ushered in an age of prosperity. Though he died three decades before the Crystal War, his actions had critical influence on the conflict. He is buried in an expansive tomb in southern Ronfaure.

Ranperre is the father of Grantieul R d'Oraguille, who succeeded him, and the grandfather of Destin R d'Oraguille, who occupies his throne in the present day.


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Fumio Minigawa artwork of Ranperre R d'Oraguille.

Ranperre was born during a dark chapter of San d'Orian history. Decades earlier King Raigegue R d'Oraguille had suffered an embarrassing defeat to the Republic of Bastok and his brother, Prince Fellenant, had boldly taken control of the Kingdom in an effort to make peace with the southern nation. The tension between the siblings unleashed a brutal civil war that raged for generations. Ranperre, himself a descendant of Fellenant, was embroiled in the conflict even as a child.

As the eldest son of the crown prince of West San d'Oria, Ranperre was groomed for leadership and schooled in the art of war from an early age. Forty years later his father, having ascended to the throne, was assassinated by East San d'Orian agents. Ranperre therefore became the twenty-fourth king of San d'Oria.

Over the next decade, the new sovereign pressed the eastern kingdom into submission and unified his people after a century of discord. He further secured peace by routing the Orcs and black dragons that plagued the San d'Orian countryside. One such wyrm, Vrtra, would even be compelled to guard Ranperre's future grave.

These feats were made possible in part by Lightbringer, a powerful sword of unspecified origin. This blade, when removed from its sheath, absorbs energy from the surrounding environment and converts it into an explosive force. Though it was instrumental to his reign, Ranperre knew that the weapon could devastate Vana'diel in the wrong hands. He called upon the Marquisate of Tavnazia to shelter Lightbringer and commanded that it never be drawn.

Having cemented himself as the greatest monarch in the d'Oraguille line, Ranperre died at a ripe old age. His cavernous tomb between Ronfaure and Jugner Forest would attest to his majesty throughout the subsequent decades. Strangely, the location of his true resting place within this labyrinth was forgotten only thirty years later amid the chaos of the Crystal War. A false headstone was therefore placed nearby for those who would pay homage to the Dragon King.


Fifty years after Ranperre's passing, a wayfarer named Rochefogne I Tavnazia, the only surviving member of the Tavnazian royal family, visits the Dragon King's tomb in an effort to commune with his spirit. In spite of the traditions and warnings given to the Marquisate, Rochefogne had drawn Lightbringer during the Great War and unwittingly unleashed a luminous explosion. Though many Beastmen were slain in the blast and the war's course changed for the better, his entire nation was obliterated. The sword was lost in the aftermath. The Tavnazian hopes that Ranperre will help him recover the weapon and prevent any further use. He fails to connect with the king, however, as he kneels before the false grave.

The schemes of Shamonde, Papsque of the San d'Orian Cathedral, lead Ranperre's descendants to search for Lightbringer as well. The Dragon King had crafted a stone tablet with instructions for his successors, including a stark admonition regarding the use of his fabled weapon, but Shamonde deliberately mistranslates it to manipulate the d'Oraguilles into unsheathing the sword. Once the Temple Knights recover the blade, it is employed in a ceremony and nearly destroys San d'Oria in the same manner as Tavnazia.

The last-second intervention of Rochefogne and Princess Claidie prevents Lightbringer's activation. Afterward the d'Oraguilles learn Ranperre's true intentions for the heirloom. Having endured a series of related difficulties, they assemble at their ancestor's grave and the Dragon King appears before them.

Ranperre welcomes his family and pledges to use what little power he retains to seal the weapon. Accepting it from his grandson, he offers encouragement to his heirs and vanishes with the sword in hand. Having rediscovered the Dragon King's resting place and freed the world from the threat of Lightbringer, the d'Oraguilles embark upon a new era for San d'Oria.

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