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The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

Rank (動作時間, dōsa jikan?, lit. action time)[1], is a mechanic in the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system used in Final Fantasy X. Each action has a rank that determines the recovery time after the ability is used. Abilities with lower ranks have a shorter recovery time.

The upcoming order of actions persists on the HUD, and moving the cursor over commands reveals how it will change the order. This can be used tactically, where an action with a shorter recovery time may be used to get in another attack before the enemy's turn.

The standard rank most common abilities—including Attack—have is 3. Using an item and defending are rank 2 actions, while changing weapons or armor and attempting to escape are rank 1. Most enemy abilities are also rank 3.

The Quick Hit ability is identical to a normal Attack, albeit with a lower rank (1 in the original versions, 2 in the International and HD versions) and for an MP cost (12 in the original versions, 36 in the International and HD versions). Similarly, the Quick Pockets ability in the International and HD versions is a rank 1 version of the Item command with an MP cost of 70.

The following table lists all player commands and their ranks[2]:

Ability Type Rank
Attack Main 3
Summon Main 3
Item Main 2
Defend Main 2
Weapon switch Sub 1
Armor switch Sub 1
Escape Sub 1
Sleep Attack Skill 3
Silence Attack Skill 3
Dark Attack Skill 3
Sleep Buster Skill 3
Silence Buster Skill 3
Dark Buster Skill 3
Zombie Attack Skill 3
Triple Foul Skill 3
Delay Attack Skill 6
Delay Buster Skill 8
Power Break Skill 4
Magic Break Skill 4
Armor Break Skill 4
Mental Break Skill 4
Extract Power Skill 3
Extract Mana Skill 3
Extract Speed Skill 3
Extract Ability Skill 3
Full Break Skill 5
Mug Skill 3
Nab Gil Skill 3
Quick Hit (PAL/Int version) Skill 2
Quick Hit (US/original Japanese version) Skill 1
Flee Special 2
Steal Special 3
Use Special 2
Pray Special 3
Cheer Special 2
Aim Special 2
Focus Special 2
Reflex Special 2
Luck Special 2
Jinx Special 2
Lancet Special 2
Guard Special 3
Sentinel Special 3
Spare Change Special 3
Threaten Special 3
Provoke Special 3
Entrust Special 3
Copycat Special 3
Pilfer Gil Special 3
Quick Pockets Special 1
Doublecast Special 3
Bribe Special 3
Fire/Thunder/Water/Blizzard Black Magic 3
Fira/Thundara/Watera/Blizzara Black Magic 3
Firaga/Thundaga/Waterga/Blizzaga Black Magic 3
Bio Black Magic 3
Demi Black Magic 3
Death Black Magic 3
Drain Black Magic 2
Osmose Black Magic 2
Flare Black Magic 5
Ultima Black Magic 6
Cure/Cura/Curaga White Magic 3
Scan White Magic 3
NulBlaze/NulShock/NulTide/NulFrost White Magic 2
Esuna White Magic 3
Life White Magic 3
Full-Life White Magic 3
Haste White Magic 4
Hastega White Magic 6
Slow White Magic 3
Slowga White Magic 4
Shell White Magic 3
Protect White Magic 3
Reflect White Magic 3
Dispel White Magic 3
Regen White Magic 3
Holy White Magic 4
Auto-Life White Magic 3
Spiral Cut Tidus Overdrive 3
Slice & Dice Tidus Overdrive 4
Energy Rain Tidus Overdrive 5
Blitz Ace Tidus Overdrive 7
Grand Summon Yuna Overdrive 3[note 1]
Dragon Fang Auron Overdrive 5
Shooting Star Auron Overdrive 5
Banishing Blade Auron Overdrive 6
Tornado Auron Overdrive 7
Jump Kimahri Overdrive 3
Fire Breath Kimahri Overdrive 3
Seed Cannon Kimahri Overdrive 3
Self-Destruct Kimahri Overdrive 3
Thrust Kick Kimahri Overdrive 3
Stone Breath Kimahri Overdrive 3
Aqua Breath Kimahri Overdrive 3
Doom Kimahri Overdrive 3
White Wind Kimahri Overdrive 3
Bad Breath Kimahri Overdrive 4
Mighty Guard Kimahri Overdrive 4
Nova Kimahri Overdrive 7
Element Reels/Attack Reels/Status Reels/Aurochs Reels Wakka Overdrive 4
Fire Fury/Thunder Fury/Water Fury/Blizzard Fury Lulu Overdrive 5
Fira Fury/Thundara Fury/Watera Fury/Blizzara Fury Lulu Overdrive 5
Firaga Fury/Thundaga Fury/Waterga Fury/Blizzaga Fury Lulu Overdrive 5
Bio Fury Lulu Overdrive 5
Demi Fury Lulu Overdrive 6
Death Fury Lulu Overdrive 5
Drain Fury Lulu Overdrive 4
Osmose Fury Lulu Overdrive 4
Flare Fury Lulu Overdrive 7
Ultima Fury Lulu Overdrive 10
Mix Rikku Overdrive 6[note 2]
Attack Aeon 3
Shield Aeon Sub 3
Boost Aeon Sub 3
Sonic Wings Valefor 2
Energy Ray Valefor Overdrive 8
Energy Blast Valefor Overdrive 9
Meteor Strike Ifrit 4
Hellfire Ifrit Overdrive 8
Aerospark Ixion 4
Thor's Hammer Ixion Overdrive 8
Heavenly Strike Shiva 4
Diamond Dust Shiva Overdrive 8
Impulse Bahamut 6
Mega Flare Bahamut Overdrive 8
Pain Anima 6
Oblivion Anima Overdrive 8
Daigoro Yojimbo 3
Kozuka Yojimbo 3
Wakizashi Yojimbo 3
Zanmato Yojimbo 8
Taking a break Magus Sisters 3
Camisade Magus Sisters Cindy 5
Razzia Magus Sisters Sandy 5
Passado Magus Sisters Mindy 5
Delta Attack Magus Sisters Overdrive 5
  1. Grand Summon itself is Rank 5, but every Aeon will result in Rank 3
  2. Rank 5 is illustrated on the CTB prior to use, but all Mixes are Rank 6


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