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Rank (動作時間, dōsa jikan?, lit. action time)[1], is a mechanic in the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system used in Final Fantasy X. Each action has a rank associated with it that determines the recovery time after the ability is used. Abilities with lower ranks have a shorter recovery time.

The upcoming order of actions persists on the HUD, and moving the cursor over commands reveals how it will change the order. This can be used tactically, where an action with a shorter recovery time may be used to get in another attack before the enemy's turn.

The standard rank most common abilities—including the Attack—have is rank 3. Events like using an item, changing equipment, attempting to escape, and defending are low rank actions which are quick to perform.

The Quick Hit attack is identical to a normal Attack, albeit for a lower rank (1 in the original versions, 2 in the International versions) and for an MP cost (12 in the original versions, 36 in the International versions). Similarly, the Quick Pockets ability in the International versions is a rank 1 version of the Item command for an MP cost of 70.

The highest ranked ability is Ultima Fury with the rank of 10.

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