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Rangers favor battle in the wild, setting traps to harry the enemy.


Ranger is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift available to seeq.


Rangers specialize in using traps and items and have the ability to "reverse" items: normally a Potion would heal, but Rangers can use them to damage enemies. Combined with Item Lore, Rangers can do 400 damage to an enemy with a mirrored X-Potion. Their Awareness ability can detect and avoid traps if one wants to use a Clan Privilege other than Libra. Rangers can equip daggers and bows and have the highest Speed for a seeq job. The Ranger Awareness ability isn't like any other job's abilities; it enables allies to see invisible or hidden things. As they can set and see traps, having them as frontliners to attract melee attackers towards them (as they strategically set up traps) is most effective and unusual among other jobs.

The Sten Needle trap can deal high damage to the enemy and not break the "> 50 damage" or "> 100 damage" laws. An effective way to entice melee enemies to trigger a trap is to place a friendly unit one square away with its back to the trap. The enemy AI favors attacking from behind and melee units will stop on the trap square, trigger the trap, and lose the rest of their turn. Item Lore also allows instant kills, particularly Mirroring a Phoenix Down, or massive negative status effects with a mirrored Remedy, or an X-Potion, dealing 400 damage with near perfect accuracy.

Rangers, alongside with Assassins, have the farthest and highest jump by 4 and 4, respectively. As Rangers are slower than Assassins, they are better to fight using knives instead of bows because of their dominance in HP, Defense and Resistance growth among the double edged-ranged type weapon users like Assassins, and both hume and gria Hunters.



RANGERS use the traps in this extensive arsenal to bring down their mark.


Traps cannot be placed in water, on sloped squares, or on an occupied square. Traps only trigger if a unit stops on it.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Sten Needle Zwillblade 2 150
Set a trap that fires a burst of needles. Deals damage to the unit that springs it.
Silence Gas Kard 2 200
Set a trap that releases a choking gas. SILENCES the unit that springs it.
Leech Rondel 2 250
Set a trap filled with leeches. The leeches feed on the MP of the unit that springs it.
Love Potion Tonberrian 2 300
Set a trap laced with a potent love potion. CHARMS the unit that springs it.
Mirror Items Nail Bow Item range 300
Use items to deliver the opposite of their usual effects.
Camouflage Khukuri Self 300
Disguise the unit to blend in to the surrounding terrain. INVISIBLE units cannot be the target of enemy attacks.
Awareness Target Bow All units 300
Reveals the location of traps and invisible units.
Life Bond Thorn Bow 4 250
Share the user's HP with the target. Restores the target's HP, but damages the user.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Critical: Vanish Jambiya Become INVISIBLE when user becomes HP Critical. 400


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Item Lore Wizard's Hat Increases the effect potions and other consumables have on the user. 150
Avoid Traps Spiked Boots The user will not spring traps. 150

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ranger Seeq TCG.png

Ranger appears with a Wind-elemental card.


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A ranger is an archetype found in many fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Rangers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature. Rangers tend to be wise, hardy, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled woodsmen.