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Ranger Artifact Armor.

With unparalleled tracking abilities and skill with the bow and arrow, rangers are experts in the field of hunting.

Official description

Ranger is an advanced job in Final Fantasy XI. Rangers excel in the use of ranged weapons of all sorts including Bows, Crossbows, and guns. They also may use thrown weapons; however, that is a rarity considering there are no weapon skills for thrown weapons and the damage for ranged weapons of that sort is not as great.

Though any race can play any class, Mithra's high agility offers them a slight advantage in terms of Ranged Accuracy, though Elvaan's relatively low accuracy does not discourage there from being a huge number of Elvaan rangers.

Becoming a Ranger[]

In order to become a truly great hunter, one must be accepted by mother nature. In order for that to happen, one must gain the fang of a tiger, the fanged king. But it does not sound like any old fang will do...

Quest description

When a player becomes eligible to do the Ranger quest, known as "The Fanged One", at level 30, they can speak with Perih Vashai in Windurst Woods, a wise Mithra resident of Windurst. She informs the player that in order to follow the path of ranger, one needs a fang of the king of the tigers, but also so that the ranger might come to understand death.

The player must travel to the Sauromugue Champaign and find a cave in the South East portion of the map inside will be some old bones. After entering the cave, an ancient tiger will enter as well, and slowly die of natural causes. Upon its death, the player must inspect the remains and they can return to speak with Perih. She will grant the character the ability to choose Ranger as a job, as well as fashion the tiger fang into a "Ranger's Necklace".


Job abilities[]

Level Name
1 Eagle Eye Shot
Sharp Shot
10 Scavenge
20 Camouflage
30 Barrage
40 Shadowbind
45 Velocity Shot
51 Unlimited Shot
Flashy Shot
Stealth Shot
79 Double Shot
87 Bounty Shot
95 Decoy Shot
96 Overkill

Job traits[]

Level Name
5 Alertness
10 Accuracy Bonus
15 Rapid Shot
20 Resist Poison
Wide Scan II
30 Accuracy Bonus II
40 Resist Poison II
Wide Scan III
50 Accuracy Bonus III
Dead Aim
60 Resist Poison III
Wide Scan IV
Dead Aim II
70 Accuracy Bonus IV
Dead Aim III
Recycle Rate
78 True Shot
80 Conserve TP
Dead Aim IV
Wide Scan V
86 Accuracy Bonus V
88 True Shot II
90 Dead Aim V
98 True Shot III

Skill ratings[]

Combat Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 37 45 75 90
Axe B- 6 109 132 240 402
Dagger B- 5 109 132 240 400
Sword D 4 101 122 210 334
Club E 4 94 114 200 300
Archery A- 6 114 138 269 417
Marksmanship A- 6 114 138 269 417
Throwing C- 5 105 128 220 368
Evasion E 4 94 114 200 300


Ranger FFXI Ikeda Art.jpg

Ranger is a ranged attack job, proficient in the use of guns, bows, and crossbows. They also have reasonable melee ability where they can use swords, daggers, or axes. Rangers have the ability to track through the use of Widescan, one of their job abilities, but otherwise focus mainly on dealing heavy damage. They are also the only job that has the ability to use ranged weapon skills so a character wishing to use these powerful attacks must either be a ranger or take the Support Job of Ranger.


  • Able to attack with high damage from a relatively safe, distant position.
  • High Accuracy available through job traits and easily found on equipment.
  • Potentially fast TP gain.
  • One of only two jobs able to find and track enemies with the use of Widescan.


  • Costly in terms of Arrow/Bullet/Bolt/Tools expenditure.
  • Low evasion and defense makes Ranger very fragile.
  • High damage creates a lot of enmity.
  • Haste has no effect on Ranged Attacks.
  • Ranged criticals are less impressive than melee criticals, which is something of a mixed blessing considering Ranger's other weaknesses.

Support Jobs[]


Rangers typically use Ninja for their support job because spells like Utsusemi help the ranger avoid hits while pulling (the act of bringing an enemy back to the party to fight). Ninja also allows a ranger to wield two weapons. Considering the version update that changed ranged attack and ranged accuracy to physical distance, damage from melee weapons is secondary for a ranger when compared to his ranged attack and melee weapons are only held for the purposes of boosting those ranged attacks (through bonuses found on those hand to hand weapons) so the use of two such weapons will increase the effectiveness of a ranger's ranged attacks. Since ninja is a high agility job, having ninja as a support job will also provide a moderate increase in accuracy over other jobs.


Warrior is probably the second most common of all ranger support job choices. Rangers in this setup will experience a great increase in damage for a moderate hit to accuracy from the loss of a second melee weapon that they might otherwise have been afforded with ninja. Berserk is used to further increase damage. Additional damage can be done by equipping a Fire staff or Vulcan's staff as an alternative since Warrior as a support job does not allow Ranger to equip two weapons. Though the Fire staff is not used to directly hit the mob itself, the weapon's stats give a Ranger a boost in ranged attack and strength.


Samurai is the third most viable support job for Rangers. The job adds two major bonuses for rangers; the trait Store TP and the ability Meditate. A Ranger with this choice of support job will be able to throw many more weapon skills at an enemy than any other job combination thanks to the presence of these two abilities, increasing the TP gained per successful hit up to 20% with some guns. Third Eye may also be used to negate one attack versus the Ranger every 30 seconds with the use of Seigan, offering a slight defensive advantage over Warrior, but the Ranger/Samurai will still lack the second melee weapon a Ranger/Ninja would have. With this support job it is also recommended to equip a Fire staff or Vulcan's staff for increased ranged attack and strength stats.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ranger appears on wind-elemental cards.



A ranger is an archetype found in many fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Rangers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature. Rangers tend to be wise, hardy, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled woodsmen.