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The Ranger is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained in the second chapter of the World of Darkness.


The party are dressed in the garbs of a hunter.

In the iOS and Android versions, the females are clad in cloaks instead of the clothes from the mobile version.


  • Innate Abilities: Aim, Recover
  • Equipment: Knives, Axes, Bows, Whips, Boomerangs, Hats, Vests


Ability Job Level AP Needed MP Slots Description
Precise Shot 0 0 3 Attacks a single target with an unfailing strike.
Aim 1 30 2 Grants the ability to use Aim abilities.
Aim: Mouth 2 40 4 Attacks a single target and inflicts Silence, preventing spell casting.
---- 3 60
Aim: Legs 4 80 4 Attacks a single target and inflicts Stun, resetting its wait time.
---- 5 100
Recover 6 120 1 Recovers a small amount of allies' HP and MP after battle.
---- 7 140
Aim: Heart 8 160 6 Attacks a single target and inflicts Confuse, causing it to attack randomly.
---- 9 180
Slot+1 10 200 Number of slots increase by one.
---- 11 240
Quick Shot 12 280 9 Attacks and decreases the wait time until the next action.
---- 13 320
Back Up 14 360 1 Until next turn, automatically follows up on an ally's attack.
---- 15 400
Attack: Vitals 16 450 16 Attacks and instantly kills a single target.
---- 17 500
Alchemy 18 550 1 Uses two items in succession.
Slot+1 19 600 Number of slots increase by one.
Spreadshot 20 650 Attacks enemies four times at random.



A ranger is an archetype found in many fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Rangers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature. Rangers tend to be wise, hardy, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled woodsmen.