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Randolph is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV met in Lestallum in Chapter 15. He is a blacksmith who can forge the player ultimate weapons in exchange for items obtained by slaying ferocious beasts. He is found by following the path past the weapon shop in Lestallum to a dead end.


Blacksmith living in the backstreets of Lestallum. Unsatisfied with standard smithery, he spent nearly half his life searching for the ultimate armament—forgetting his real name in the process. Having discovered the means of forging the arm of his dreams, he anticipated the coming of a warrior worthy of such a weapon, eventually dubbing Noctis the "hero of legend" he had awaited.
Having crafted the legendary weapon he sought for so many years, Randolph was contented to leave this world, his life's work complete. His serendipitous meeting with Noctis, however, filled him with hope for the future, inspiring him to start searching for another legend. The pursuit of perfect smithery has consumed him so completely that he has all but entirely given up on remembering his real name.



Randolph is an older man with a shaved head who wears glasses, a black tank top, a brown blacksmith's apron tied with a ribbon at the hips, and blue jeans rolled up at the bottom, black sandals and a blacksmith's glove on his left hand.


Randolph is so obsessed with finetuning his smithery to the point where he forgot his real name. He calls Noctis the "hero of legend", knowing that he is worthy of wielding a masterfully crafted weapon, such as the likes Randolph specializes in.


Upon reaching chapter 15, Randolph can be found in Lestallum where he tasks Noctis with defeating fearsome monsters, after which he forge some of the game's most powerful weapons. Randolph does not appear at the Crow's Nest Diner after the player fells the adamantoise, while most other quest-giver NPCs do.

A Legend Is Born[]

A Legend Is BornLeideReach Chapter 158,500 EXP, Iron Duke

This quest requires the player to defeat the bennu in the deserts of Leide. It is weak to polearms, machinery and lightning. Noctis can equip the best polearm to fight it, infused with lightning from Ignis's Enhancement, and fight with aerial combos. The player can fight it airborne when it flies by warp-striking it (airdancing nodes in the Ascension make this better). Bennu's soaring attack is easy to parry and counter, however, and leaves it Vulnerable—this is also a good time to use Lightning elemancy on it.

The recommended level for this quest is 55.

Dreadful Legend[]

Dreadful LegendVesperpoolComplete "A Legend Is Born"10,000 EXP, Dragon Lance

This quest requires the player to defeat a malbodoom surrounded by malboro brat minions. It is weak to daggers and ice, meaning Noctis should equip his best daggers infused with ice by Ignis. The player can also character-swap to Ignis and use his ice daggers. The best opportunity to deal damage is during malbodoom's Bad Breath by attacking it from behind. The brats mostly serve as a distraction and should be avoided. Since the malboros are in water, the player can freeze them in place with Blizzard elemancy (the player needs to stand on a rock when using it or they will be frozen on the ice too).

The recommended level for this quest is 65.

Legend Wrapped in an Enigma[]

Legend Wrapped in an EnigmaDuscaeComplete "Dreadful Legend"12,000 EXP, Ziedrich

This quest requires the player to defeat two Sir Tonberries at night outside the Tomb of the Tall. They are weak to daggers and light, meaning the light-infused Orichalcums is a solid choice for a weapon. Due to the tonberries' rapid speed the player should defend and focus on parrying to deal damage. The allies can join in on link-strikes, especially if they have Friendship Bands. When only one tonberry remains, the player may choose to fight more offensively.

The recommended level for this quest is 75.

Cursed Legend[]

Cursed LegendDuscaeComplete "Legend Wrapped in an Enigma"15,000 EXP, Soul Saber

This quest requires the player to defeat a large phalaris. It is weak to greatswords. It is not possible to defend against phalaris's hoof stomps, meaning Noctis should roll constantly to try and avoid it and attack its hind legs. Prompto's Piercer can reduce its armor. The player can also character-swap to Prompto to attack from afar.

The recommended level for this quest is 85.

Wondrous Weapon[]

Wondrous WeaponFort VaullereyComplete "Cursed Legend"20,000 EXP, Zwill Crossblades

The final Legend, the naglfar is fought at Fort Vaullerey. It resists all weapon types but is weak to all elements, so the player can focus on creating the best elemancy spells to use against it. By crafting spells with Zu Beaks, the player can create multiple spells that break the damage limit. If Noctis equips the right weaponry and eats the right meal that boosts his Magic, using these spells against the Naglfar can deal 99,999 damage.

The recommended level for this quest is 99.


Randolph is a masculine given name derived from a medieval name composed of two elements: "shield" or "rim" + "wolf".