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Max Trust Mastery

Randi is a character and summonable vision from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is a cameo character from Secret of Mana.

Randi's Trust Master reward is the Mana Blade sword.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Randi's appearance is based on his appearance in Secret of Mana.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

5★ - No. 0330: A young boy who fought with a legendary holy sword in a world protected by the great power of mana. Though he was brought to Potos Village when he was very young by his mother, he soon found himself completely alone and without any family, at which time the village head took him in. However, seen as an outsider, he was picked on by the local bullies, and unfortunately grew up to be a very timid and cowardly little boy. Then one day, having pulled out the legendary holy sword, Randi set off to save the world in which the balance of mana had begun to crumble.
6★ - No. 0331: A young boy who fought with a legendary holy sword in a world protected by the great power of mana. Having suddenly been ousted from his village after freeing the holy sword, Randi comes across a traveling swordsman named Jema and follows him on a journey to take back the power of his sword. He then ventures around the world with Primm, the daughter of the cabinet minister of the kingdom of Pandora, and Popoi, a sprite looking to find his way home. In doing so, Randi learns of his birth and ultimately of his purpose, awakening his true courage as he goes.

Entries for different versions of Randi.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Randi's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check*(Maximum LB crystals drop per hit)
5★ 80 2808 (+240) 118 (+40) 109 (+24) 98 (+16) 85 (+16) 92 (+16) 3 4 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ 100 3651 (+390) 153 (+65) 142 (+34) 128 (+26) 111 (+26) 119 (+26) 3 4 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level
Power Charge 1
Finisher 18
Slice Thrice 80
DEF +20%*(Passive) 9
Spirit Slayer*(Passive) 27
Auto-Charge*(Passive) 45
Beast Killer*(Passive) 54
Undead Killer*(Passive) 60
Ability Level
Mana's Bond*(Passive) 1
Third Eye*(Passive) 36
ATK +20%*(Passive) 58
HP +20%*(Passive) 72
Hero of Mana*(Passive) 83
Dragon Killer*(Passive) 91
Hero of Legend*(Passive) 100
Ability Obtained by
Full Moon Slash Equip Full Moon Slash materia
Swinging Slash Activated by Power Charge +2
Whirlwind Slash Activated by Power Charge +2
Torrential Slash Activated by Power Charge +2

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Randi can equip the following weapons: swords, great swords, katanas, bows, axes, hammers, spears, whips, throwing and fists.

He can equip the following armors: light shields, hats, helms, clothes and light armors.

He can equip accessories.

Limit Bursts[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
5★ Torpedo Slash Base (Level 1): Physical damage (2.7x) to one enemy.
Max (Level 20): Physical damage (3.65x) to one enemy.
8 14 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ Torpedo Slash Base (Level 1): Physical damage (2.9x) to one enemy.
Max (Level 25): Physical damage (4.1x) to one enemy.
11 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png

Awakening Materials[edit | edit source]

Prismatic Horn x20
Fairies' Writ x10
Rainbow Bloom x10
Calamity Gem x5
Divine Crystal x5

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Rarity Summoned Fused Awoken
5★ This is the sacred sword of legend... What am I doing with it? Awesome! I've powered up! ...right? -
6★ I'm Randi! I'm looking for the Tree of Mana... The power of the holy sword is returning... I need to power up, as well! I will grow stronger! Along with this holy sword!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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