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The fabled Lord of Levin recreated in a virtual space. He is said to have cast judgment on the wicked with mighty bolts of lightning and exhorted humanity to accept the ways of law and order.

Enemy Intel

Ramuh is an optional boss in "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade fought as part of Chadley's VR Mission to earn Ramuh as a Summoning Materia Summoning Materia. The player can challenge him by finding Chadley in the Sector 7 Slum's neighborhood watch building in Chapter 1, "Wutai's Finest", and take Ramuh on with Yuffie alone, or with Yuffie and Sonon together after the latter joins.

Ramuh is also fought in the "Top Secrets" gauntlet in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 2, "Covert Ops", during hard mode.


Because Ramuh only appears in the DLC episode, he does not appear in the official guide and thus his specific stats outside of what Assess shows are unknown.


Lightning Strike.

Ramuh is a Lightning Lightning boss who is weak to Wind Wind. He specializes in crowd-control, laying carpets of lightning to hit his opponents from afar. He is elusive and will constantly teleport around the battlefield to either close the gap or to reposition to cast his many area-of-effect spells. The fight against Ramuh is divided in two phases.

His Levin Arrows and Voltaic Lance leave electrified magical "traps" on the floor, which deal minor damage, but briefly stun Yuffie, locking her in place and leaving her vulnerable for his more potent attacks. When casting Levin Arrows, Ramuh will zap bolts of lightning at a targeted spot and around himself. Voltaic Lance is a single and large projectile that sticks on the ground, and if it hits Yuffie directly, deals more damage. If the player has the camera locked onto Ramuh, it is harder to see where the persisting traps are to avoid them.

Lightning Strike has Ramuh calling forth a series of three lightning bolts to Yuffie's spot, which can be avoided by continuously dodge-rolling or simply running sideways. Thunderous Orbs has him hurling fast-moving magical electrified orbs at Yuffie's direction; those can also be avoided by dodge-rolling or running sideways. If Ramuh is too close, both these moves are almost guaranteed to hit; in this case the player should guard until Ramuh stops and then heal.

Ramuh's Luminous Falchion is one of his few physical attacks, where he will teleport right next to Yuffie and strike her thrice, unless she evades. His Charged Current sets the area directly around him ablaze with electricity in an X-shaped form, reminiscent of Aerith's Sorcerous Storm in the base game; while this attack cannot be blocked, it is easily avoided by not being near Ramuh, or by moving to the sides of the "X".

Summon Sparks.

After losing 1/3 of his health, the second phase of the fight begins, which will expand Ramuh's arsenal. He'll start by conjuring three orbs linked to Ramuh via electric current in a radius around him; destroying the rotating sparks pressures him. If the player ignores them, Ramuh will summon more sparks. Orbiting Wand is another physical attack, where Ramuh's wand orbits around him, covering a larger radius with each cycle. Spark Flail is yet another physical attack, where Ramuh conjures a massive flail made of electricity and slams it in front of him; its range is deceptive, as even if the player is not near the impact area, they can still be hit by its shockwave. In Circuitous Bolt, Ramuh ejects three slowly rotating beams of electricity from his body; it has a long wind-up so the player has time to retreat further away from him, but as it has a very wide radius, it can be hazardous to be trapped between the border of the battle arena and Ramuh during it; if damage is unavoidable, it is best to stay put and guard.

As Ramuh casts abilities in the second phase, small floating orbs will appear behind him, and when they form a complete circle, in a bead-like design, Ramuh will begin casting his ultimate spell, Judgment Bolt, an unavoidable attack that deals severe damage. Once that happens, the orbs behind him will disappear, restarting the Judgment Bolt counter.


The battle is easier with both Yuffie and Sonon, but the player can take Ramuh on with just Yuffie without any specific preparations. It is best to stay at a distance from Ramuh, as it is then easier to dodge and precision-guard his attacks, and Yuffie's specialty is fighting from a range. Damage can be avoided with Brumal Form. Yuffie should be equipped with the Healing Materia Healing Materia rather than Sonon, as her ATB build is faster, meaning she can heal in emergencies. If Yuffie has mastered Elemental Ninjutsu from her 4-Point Shuriken, she can equip the magic-boosting Boomerang (found in the Sector 7 Clinic).

The key to defeat Ramuh is to always be on the move while keeping safe distance, as many of his attacks rely on positioning. Cornering him on the edges of the arena means he'll have less room to spread his traps. Paying close attention to Ramuh's movements and avoiding his attacks is important as he has many telegraphed abilities; some attacks can also be precision-guarded to avoid damage altogether. Ramuh will always take time between attacks to act again, giving the player enough time to either retaliate or heal.

As soon the fight starts the player should build-up ATB with Yuffie and use Wind Ninjutsu to exploit Ramuh's weakness. A good strategy is to throw Yuffie's weapon with Triangle, and then spam Square to attack with magical ninjutsu, and unleash Windstorm while her shuriken is out. Sonon can be equipped with the Wind Materia Wind Materia to help supplement the elemental damage.

Thunderous Orbs.

It is best to avoid the electrified effect that persists on the battleground after Ramuh has used Levin Bolts or Voltaic Lance, and run to an area far clear of them; Ramuh will follow. Voltaic Lance should be avoided by standing by and waiting while Ramuh prepares for the attack, and then dodge or precision-guard the bolt. When Ramuh teleports behind the player, they should be aware if he to use Luminous Falchion, which can be evaded; if the player is late to react, they should guard. When he prepares Charged Current or Circuitous Bolt, the player should keep their distance to avoid damage. Ramuh's Thunderous Orbs and Lightning Strike can be avoided by quickly dodging or running to the sides. As Judgment Bolt is unavoidable and cannot be interrupted, the player should heal to full health beforehand to survive. Revival Earrings can also be used, and if Sonon is in the party, he will revive Yuffie if she falls and he survives.

To make the battle easier, the player can unlock all available free DLC for some more equipment options and some summons; Carbuncle being the best summon thanks to his supportive abilities.

Chapter 2[]


Ramuh in "Top Secrets" gauntlet in hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode INTERmission

Ramuh is part of the hard mode "Top Secrets" gauntlet in the Combat Simulator found in Advanced Weaponry Division. The battle is the same, only Sonon will always be present, Ramuh will be stronger, Yuffie will have more abilities in her arsenal, and the party cannot use items. Ramuh is the second in the gauntlet after Bahamut and Ifrit; though the player has Elemental Materia Elemental Materia, a good use for it is to pair with Fire Materia Fire Materia in Yuffie's armor to fend against Ifrit and the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5, and thus it won't help in the challenge against Ramuh. Chthonian Armlet with Gozu Drive is a good setup for Yuffie to deal more damage with her ATB abilities.

The combination of Wind Ninjutsu, Art of War, and Windstorm is still good. When Banishment powers to Aeolian Banishment III, the player should use it right away. Good buffs to use are Haste Haste, Manaward Manaward, and Regen Regen. Pairing the corresponding Magic Materia Magic Materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia lets the player buff both Yuffie and Sonon in one casting, though it will expire faster.