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Ramuh is a summon from Final Fantasy XI, being one of the six celestial Avatars, representing the lightning element. Ramuh was made available as an unlockable summon spell for Summoners during the Rise of the Zilart expansion.


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More about him prior his worship in said civilization is revealed: He was a sage from a nation situated on the Buburimu Peninsula. His great learning allowed the country to prosper and develop advanced technology. However, one day, one of Ramuh's machines predicted an earthquake. His kinsmen were unwilling to believe the possibility of a tragedy after so much prosperity, so they didn't take any precautions. The earthquake struck, and the people, angry at their own foolishness, began to look for a scapegoat. Suspicions naturally fell on Ramuh, who decided to exile himself to an uninhabited island after a young boy, who had lost his parents in the earthquake, threw stones at him. The nation neglected its technology, out of spite for Ramuh.

Ramuh concept art.

Thus, when beastmen attacked them, several years later, they couldn't defend themselves. The same boy who had thrown stones at him—now grown into a man—was sent to ask Ramuh for help, and the sage accepted. He used the Staff of Olduum to wipe out the beastmen with a thunderstorm, but victory had a bitter taste. Fearful of this new power, Ramuh's kinsmen soon forced him into exile again.

This time, he didn't return. The nation collapsed, but Altana rewarded Ramuh's selflessness by taking his soul to the heavens and transforming him into the Celestial Avatar of Lightning. Olduum is the name of the brightest, purple-colored star of the Ramuh constellation. It's also the name of an ancient civilization which used to exist in the Aht Uhrgan region. It's possible that Ramuh learned how to control lightning from them on one of his travels.

Olduum is the name given to Ramuh's staff. His staff, so named, is also identified with an ancient culture on the same continent as Aht Urhgan. Not much is known of this ancient civilization, aside from the fact they worshiped Ramuh and developed electronic technologies.

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Summoners can unlock the "spell" Ramuh upon completion of the quest Trial by Lightning. Alternatively, a brave low-level summoner may go on the quest Trial Size Trial by Lightning and defeat Ramuh in a battle alone rather than in a group.



When summoned, Ramuh will join the Summoner's party, having his own HP, MP, and TP stats for the player to monitor.

While in combat, Ramuh will be resistant to lightning and water-elemental based attacks and enfeebling effects, but has lower resistance to earth-elemental attacks and debuffs. When a Summoner uses the Avatar's Favor ability, Ramuh will perform an ability that increases the critical hit rate of all party members in range.

He retains his trademark maneuver Judgement Bolt and has several other offensive abilities as well as two party enchantments.


Blood Pact: Rage abilities[]

Level Name MP Effect
1 Judgement Bolt All Massive lightning damage to enemies within area of effect. Only available during Astral Flow.
1 Shock Strike 7 Physical blunt damage and Stun effect.
10 Thunder II 24 Deals minor lightning magic damage.
19 Thunderspark 38 Deals lightning magic damage to enemies within area of effect and inflicts paralysis.
60 Thunder IV 118 Deals moderate lightning magic damage.
70 Chaotic Strike 164 Three-hit physical attack dealing massive blunt damage and inflicting a very potent Stun effect.
Thunderstorm 182 Deals massive lightning magic damage to one target.
99 Volt Strike 229 Deals massive lightning magic damage to one target.

Blood Pact: Ward abilities[]

Level Name MP Effect
31 Rolling Thunder 52 Grants the effect of Enthunder to all party members in range.
42 Lightning Armor 91 Grants the effect of Shock Spikes to all party members in range.
92 Shock Squall 97 Temporarily prevents all enemies within area of effect from acting.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

FF TCG XI Ramuh.jpg

Ramuh appears as a lightning-elemental card.


Ramuh could be based on Lahmu, who is often portrayed as a bearded man with a red sash and four to six curls on his head. Ramuh could also be loosely based on an epic Hindu poem, written by Valmiki, called Ramayana. Its protagonist is Raama (also spelled Rama), said to have been the incarnation of the Hindu god, Vishnu. The name Ramuh could be an amalgam of Raama and Vishnu.

In the Final Fantasy series, Ramuh is an old, bearded sage with a staff who casts thunder magic. He could be based on the king Ra-mu of a supposedly sunken continent, Mu. The element of lightning could come from the Hebrew word רעם (rá'am), meaning thunder, or thunderclap. His previous name, Indra, is the name of the king of the Devas in Hindu mythology, the god of rain, lightning, and storms.