The staff this old man Esper carries can fire a powerful lightning strike at enemies.

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Ramuh is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite. He plays a major role in the story, and teaches the party Lightning abilities.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Espers come in a variety of forms. My appearance is similar to your own, so I can live here as one of you without fear of anyone discovering the truth.


Ramuh looks similar to a human, appearing old. He has an enormous beard that extends to his feet, and is dressed in a single green robe, while carrying a pink staff with a red orb. When communicating with the party, Ramuh is sagely and empathetic.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Ramuh plays a major role as Terra's guardian while she is coming to her senses in Zozo. He sends the Returners to Vector to rescue his friends, including Terra's father, Maduin. Afterwards, he turns himself into magicite, and offers himself, Kirin, Siren and Cait Sith to the party.

Mog mentions that Ramuh has appeared to him in dreams and has told him to fight alongside the party; in the Japanese and GBA versions Mog also says that it was Ramuh, through these dreams, who taught him how to speak. Dissidia Final Fantasy makes mention of this in its Summon files on Ramuh. When the player fights Ifrit and Shiva in the Magitek Research Facility they sense Ramuh's power and stop, implying, as in Final Fantasy V, that Ifrit and Ramuh know each other.

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Obtained[edit | edit source]

Ramuh is obtained in Zozo. After meeting him, a cutscene commences, after which he is made available permanently as a magicite.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Ramuh is summoned into battle.

Ramuh costs 25 MP to summon, and casts Judgement Bolt (or Bolt Fist in SNES). It has a Spell Power of 50, and like many esper spells, is unblockable.

Magicite[edit | edit source]

Ramuh is equippable as a magicite, and teaches the following spells:

When leveling up, he gives a boost of +1 to Stamina.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ramuh could be based on Lahmu, who is often portrayed as a bearded man with a red sash and four to six curls on his head. Ramuh could also be loosely based on an epic Hindu poem, written by Valmiki, called Ramayana. Its protagonist is Raama (also spelled Rama), said to have been the incarnation of the Hindu god, Vishnu. The name Ramuh could be an amalgam of Raama and Vishnu.

In the Final Fantasy series, Ramuh is an old, bearded sage with a staff who casts thunder magic. He could be based on the king Ra-mu of a supposedly sunken continent, Mu. The element of lightning could come from the Hebrew word רעם (rá'am), meaning thunder, or thunderclap. His previous name, Indra, is the name of the king of the Devas in Hindu mythology, the god of rain, lightning, and storms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the player must reach Zozo to find Terra, and sends a party of one to Zozo with only Gau, he will have his own scripted dialogue in the scene with Ramuh.
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