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Sons and Daughters of Dalmasca, I bid you lay down your Arms. Raise Songs of Prayer in their Stead. Prayer for His Majesty King Raminas, ever merciful. A Man devoted wholly to Peace.

King Raminas B'nargin Dalmasca is a non-player character who appears in Final Fantasy XII. King of Dalmasca, he was loved by his people. He is also the father of Princess Ashe.


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Raminas strategy

Raminas plans his strategy for the war.

King Raminas led the people of Dalmasca for many years. Though a great king, little is known about his reign, but it is known that he ruled his kingdom peacefully. He had only one daughter, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, and eight sons. Unfortunately, his sons perished from illness and warfare, leaving Ashe the only surviving heir to the throne. He and Marquis Ondore of Bhujerba are sworn friends, and their closeness has led to Ashe repeatedly calling the Marquis "Uncle Halim".[2]

When the Archadian Empire started its advance towards Dalmasca and its northern neighbor Nabradia, Raminas married his daughter to Lord Rasler of Nabradia in order to form an alliance so that the two kingdoms could stand together.


King Raminas slain.

The move would eventually prove a failure, as Archadia invaded Nabradia before her new ally could react, destroying its capital city Nabudis during an experiment with the Midlight Shard, a Nabradian royal heirloom and national treasure. Later it turns out the Midlight Shard was actually a piece of deifacted nethicite, and the true reason for the invasion. Raminas was also the person who put Rasler in charge of Dalmasca's army, at the Nabradian Prince's request.

After Archadia took Nalbina Fortress, King Raminas surrendered to Archadia's might, and signed a Treaty of Peace proposed by Emperor Gramis of Archadia. Despite the name "Treaty" the document was mostly an offer of surrender. However, the treaty signing was a trap, since with the document signed the Empire had no more need for him. Having Gabranth kill him in an elaborate ruse, and framing Basch fon Ronsenburg as a traitor and murderer, Archadia was finally able to take over the small kingdom of Dalmasca.

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Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Raminas B'nargin Dalmasca was the king of Dalmasca, and the father of the twins Prince Rasler and Princess Ashelia.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Raminas Slain

King Raminas slain during the events of the Record Dungeons.

King Raminas appears as an NPC only during the events of the Record Dungeon series. Like his original appearance in Final Fantasy XII, he is slain by Basch fon Ronsenburg on the night of the treaty signing at the Nalbina Fortress.



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