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Are those the Agito Cadets? Worthy opponents to be sure!

General Kujoh

Rama (ラーマ, Rāma?) is a town in Roshana Province in Final Fantasy Type-0, initially belonging to the Kingdom of Concordia and being located at the northwestern end of the province, connecting to Rilochy Province. The kingdom's general station in Rama is General Kujoh.



During the regional dominance mission Operation Dragon Slayer, Rama is the enemy's HQ which was to be captured for the Dominion of Rubrum to take over the province.


Task in Rama.

I trust not the dominion nor the empire. All of you view our kingdom as nothing more than a nations of frivolous pawns to exploit in your foolish game of war. I shall allow no more outsiders through these gates. Should you truly desire to gain entrance to this town, eliminate the marduks that have been terrorizing Roshana and earn my trust.


Yukisato, a kingdom's citizen, challenges Class Zero to prove that they are not only some vain villains by slaying two Marduks in Prevailing over Prejudice. Fulfilling the task earns a Crystal Shard and access to the inner parts of the town.


The cadets must speak the correct countersign to get into the gated parts of the town. There are three options and the countersign changes every time the player enters the town. The player gets two attempts to get it right. If they get it wrong both times they must exit and re-enter the town to try again. The man on the right upon entering the town hints what the answer is. For example, "I always knew my nephew was intelligent, but his most recent test scores prove that genius truly does run in our blood. He was first in his class!" means that the answer is the first one on the list.

Getting the countersign right the first time opens the northern gate allowing the cadets to access the phantoma shop. Getting the countersign right twice (3 on HD) in a row also opens the western gate allowing access to the treasure of three Hi-Potions. Doing it four (5 on HD) times in a row lowers the eastern gate to l'Cie Caelan's Crystal.


Souls return to the celestial father, and flesh to the terrestrial mother--so says the law of nature. Some spirits, however, are not so fortunate. Some wander for eternity, searching for a purpose. And it is I who breathes life anew into these lost souls. I beseech you: give me your phantoma and help me provide a new purpose for the afterlives of these tortured spirits.

Kingdom Citizen
Item Price
Magenta Phantoma 2000 gil
Cyan Phantoma 2000 gil
Sepia Phantoma 2000 gil


There are three Hi-Potions behind the western gate in the city.

l'Cie Caelan's Crystal lies behind the eastern gate in the city.

The gates are lowered by repeatedly giving the correct countersign to the guard.




Rama (Sanskrit: राम) is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, and a king of Ayodhya. Rama is also the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which narrates his supremacy.

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