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Ram is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Rams are a rare, yet frightening, sight for new adventurers exploring La Theine Plateau and Konschtat Highlands. These titanic herbivores can be heard and felt before they are seen, as their hooves cause the ground around them to tremble. Almost a mountain of muscle and fur, they are easily recognizable as few creatures reach their size. Interestingly enough, they have a breath attack that will petrify anything willing to challenge them. Despite being related to the docile sheep that wander the same areas, these horned giants will not hesitate to attack.

Size does not always make for a good defense or offense. Rams are commonly hunted for their prized horns which are used to make everything from arrows to hairpins to instruments. Their hides, once converted into leather, make a wide range of light to medium armor, as well as soft lining to heavier armor. Rams are also involved in the training of Monks, who are tasked with vanquishing two notorious monster rams so that they may earn their Purple Belt. In essence, a ram is almost a walking supply shop to veteran adventurers.

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