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No matter how far he goes, man cannot resist looking back on the path he has walked. The untold stories and secrets of the past can be more alluring than the promise of tomorrow. And so he braves the forests of Rak'tika in search of mystery and wonder... Of Ronka, to which all seekers of hidden truths are inevitably drawn

Rak'tika Greatwood is a forest located northeast of the Crystarium. The forest is home to the Night's Blessed a faction of people who revere the dark, and the remnants of the ancient ruins of Ronka. This location appears in the expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Rak'tika can be accessed northeast of Lakeland and is the only entrance into the area.

Aetherytes Edit

There are two aetherytes located in Rak'tika one in Slitherbough and the other located in Fanow.

Areas Edit

  • The Citia Swamps
  • Lake Tusi Mek'ta
  • The Blind Forest of Yx'Maja
  • The Ox'Dalan Gap
  • The K'mul Astropolis

Settlements Edit

Slitherbough Edit

Home of the Night's Blessed, they live in caves around the aetheryte, and have a farm in its open area.

Fanow Edit

A village situated within the forest of Yx'Maja, this is the home of the protective Vii's, they don't allow any trespassers within their territory and will repel any invader with lethal force.

Weather Edit

  • Eternal Light

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Musical Themes Edit

The theme that plays during the day is titled Civilizations.

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