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FFXIV Raiton

Raiton in Final Fantasy XIV.

Raiton (らいとん? or 雷遁の術, Raiton no Jutsu?, lit. Unleashed Lightning or Unleashed Lightning Technique) is a recurring type of Ninjutsu magic in the Final Fantasy series. It commonly appears in the MMO-genre titles in the series as a substitute for the recurring Blitz ability, but has since appeared in certain spin-off titles.


Final Fantasy XI Edit

The Ninja learns three different levels of Raiton abilities. Raiton: Ichi is learned at level 15, Raiton: Ni at Level 40, and Raiton: San at level 75.

Each Raiton ability does lightning-elemental damage and lowers the target's resistance to earth damage. Both effects increase in efficiency with the level of the Raiton ability used.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

FFXIV Raiton Icon

Raiton is a Ninjutsu available to Ninjas at Level 35. Its combination is TenChi or Jin→Chi. Raiton deals 360 lightning-elemental damage to a target.

In PvP, Raiton replaces Assassinate after executing Three Mudra. It delivers lightning-elemental damage to a target with a potency of 2,000. It also resets the Shukuchi recast timer.

Some enemy NPC ninjas can use a version of Raiton that is an area-of-attack instead of single-target.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II Edit

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Gallery Edit

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