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Raise the Runic Blade is a time-limited event where Celes from Final Fantasy VI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter .


Story Cutscenes[]

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Rune Knight at Arms:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 8: Capta Est Tower before playing.
(Celes defeats a Wolf)

  • ???: Huff... Is this the last of them?
  • ???: Argh! There's no end!

(Celes defeats another Wolf)

  • ???: What on going on? Why is this happening to me?
  • ???: Oh... Ohhh...

(Celes is attacked by Cyan and Setzer Manikins)

  • ???: Setzer! Cyan!
  • ???: Thank goodness I found you! Where have you—
  • ???: Something's not right...
  • ???: ...No.
  • Manikin: Ohhhgh... Ough...
  • ???: You're just imitations...
  • ???: It seems I have no choice...but to fight...!
Undefeated General:
  • Setzer: ...Blue skies and lustrous clouds. If only I could take the Blackjack for a spin, it'd be perfect...
  • Setzer: Hm? Is someone there?

(Celes approaches Setzer)

  • Setzer: Celes! Well, this is a surprise! So you were dragged—
  • Celes: Not a step! Don't you come near me!
  • Setzer: ...Now what's this about? It's rare to hear you joke around.
  • Celes: I'm not joking! If you fakes think you can fool me again—
  • Celes: ...It can talk? And it isn't sparkling like the others...
  • Setzer: Of course. You fell in with some manikins. It happens a lot around here.
  • Setzer: How about this? Celes Chere, the brilliant Magitek Knight raised in the Gestahlian Empire.
  • Setzer: Numerous feats on the battlefield have earned you a reputation as the undefeated general...
  • Setzer: Not to mention your stunning good looks and equally stunning vocal chords. You could be in the opera.
  • Setzer: Aren't I well informed? You still doubt I'm the genuine article?
  • Celes: Setzer...! It's the real you!
  • Setzer: Welcome to a world abounding in thrills and mysteries. It's good to have you, Celes.
  • Zell: Aha, there he is. Setzer! You lookin' at the sky again?

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Layle: That never gets old with you, does it? ...And who have we here?
  • Celes: Cyan!
  • Cyan: Wh-what's this! If it isn't Lady Celes!
  • Zell: A friend of Setzer and Cyan? That means a new friend of ours!
  • Layle: Hmm... Presumably a friend of Edgar's then, too.
  • Celes: Ah, who might you be?

  • Celes: A different world... Warriors of light... Another, newly formed Returners...
  • Cyan: It is expected that thou wouldst be confused. I had no easy time grasping it myself.
  • Layle: Is it that complicated? It all made sense to me.
  • Zell: You get used to things too easily...
  • Setzer: We're not alone. Terra and Shadow are here, too. Don't you worry.
  • Celes: And Kefka... That menace is also here...
  • Cyan: That villain would lead this world to ruin as well. We mustn't let him roam free!
  • Layle: So is it safe to assume you'll be coming with us? You have a beef with Kefka, too, I'd wager.
  • Zell: He's not the only punk up to no good either. You gotta help us out!
  • Celes: I have no reason to decline. Allow me to join your ranks.
  • Celes: We'll cut short their wicked ambitions!
The World's Rules:
  • Terra: Before you met us, you were attacked by manikins of Setzer and Cyan, right?
  • Celes: Yes... They looked so much alike, I'm sorry to admit I let my guard down.
  • Tidus: Those things sure are a piece of work. When I first saw Seymour's manikin, I couldn't tell either.
  • Bartz: They couldn't fool me! I'd never seen the real Galuf sparkle like that!
  • Galuf: Good grief. You choose the oddest things to be astute about...
  • Galuf: Be that as it may, isn't it true you learnt I was here after finding a manikin of me?
  • Celes: In other words...
  • Celes: If we see a manikin of someone, it means that person's somewhere out there in this world?
  • Shadow: That would be a natural conclusion.
  • Terra: Mog says the manikins are created by Spiritus...
  • Shadow: If you believe what he says.
  • Terra: He didn't seem to be lying, though!
  • Tidus: Now, now, arguing won't get us anywhere.
  • Celes: Assuming it's true, why would Spiritus make those copies?
  • Bartz: Ummm, aren't he and the goddess who summoned us on real bad terms?
  • Celes: Enjoying watching allies fight each other? I did point my blade at Setzer...
  • Tidus: You mean he's trying to get us all mixed up?
  • Shadow: That does not explain the manikins of our adversaries from our home worlds.
  • Tidus: Ah, good point...
  • Galuf: Manikins usually appear in or around Torsions, a road anyone who's come here has taken...
  • Galuf: We're bound to learn the source of the manikins in time, wouldn't you say?
  • Bartz: There's lots of enemies with manikins as lackeys, too.
  • Celes: So Spiritus makes manikins of anyone who comes through a Torsion...
  • Celes: And then places them under the command of the warriors he's summoned...?
  • Tidus: Has she got it right?
  • Shadow: I can't jump to any conclusions, nor have I a reason to.
  • Terra: I'll go ask Mog again. Maybe he has something new to tell us.
  • Celes: I'll go with you. There's plenty more I'd like to know, too.

(Terra and Celes leave)

  • Shadow: ...Too bad it's a waste of your time.
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Raise the Runic Blade Pt. 1[]

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Raise the Runic Blade Co-op[]

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