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Revives a KO'd target.


Raise, also known as Life,[1][2] is a Healing spell in Final Fantasy VI. It is the basic revival spell that brings an ally back to life at 1/8th of their max HP. Against undead enemies, it has a chance to instantly kill them. It is learned naturally by Terra, and can be earned by party members through magicite.


Raise is learned naturally by Terra at level 18. It can be learned by other party members from magicite. It is taught by Bismarck at a x2 rate, Seraph at a x5 rate, and Phoenix at a x10 rate.


Raise revives a KO'd party member at 2/16ths, or 1/8th, of their maximum HP. If used against a party member not KO'd, it will miss. The spell is vulnerable to Runic. It may instantly kill undead enemies.


Raise is a useful but costly heal, providing a slightly greater heal than a Phoenix Down, but coming at a hefty MP cost. Raise can ultimately be used to obsolete Phoenix Downs, but some players may prefer to keep Phoenix Downs in case of conserving MP. Though the heal is greater than a Phoenix Down, a party member revived with Raise will still be vulnerable to being killed by many enemy attacks, and as such, the player should prepare to immediately cure a party member revived with Raise.

Because Raise is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat, the spell should be taught to every party member. In fact, it is often be better for non-caster party members to use Raise to conserve the MP of spellcasters who can better take advantage of damaging or healing spells where their Magic stat plays a role. The only exception is when the Gold Hairpin, Celestriad, and Soul of Thamasa come into play: when a spellcaster in the party is given one of these, it is still better for the spellcaster to use Raise due to the greatly improved efficiency these relics provide.

The spells Arise and Reraise later outclass Raise in different ways. Arise fully heals a KO'd party member, making it a much more turn-efficient and MP-efficient spell, and avoiding the problem of party members being revived and immediately KO'd again thereafter. Reraise grants a status to the party member that will cause Raise to be cast on them immediately after they are KO'd, making it is a proactive cure rather than a reactive one. Both of these make Raise effectively obsolete, and like Raise, they should be taught to all party members as they are unaffected by the Magic stat.

Raise can be used instead of Arise to allow the revived party member to use Desperation Attacks after returning. However, this is a risky strategy as it also leaves them vulnerable to being KO'd again.