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Rainbow Dress artwork from Final Fantasy V.

A beautiful dress from a faraway world. An article of clothing well regarded by the dancer—a job whose practitioners perform magnificent dances while fighting on the battlefield. In its world of origin, it was apparently obtainable from lamia-type monsters in the Phoenix Tower or from a treasure chest in the castle of the Interdimensional Rift.

Rainbow Dress (レインボードレス, Renbō Doresu?), also known as Prism Dress, is a recurring armor in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy V[]

Rainbow Dress is the strongest robe in the pre-Game Boy Advance games, and the second strongest from the Advance release and onwards, providing 18 Defense, 3 Magic Defense, 3 Weight, immunity to Confuse, increases the success rate of Flirt, and increases the success rate of Sword Dance through the Dance command. It can only be equipped by the Dancer and Freelancer classes.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Rainbow Dress (FFV) is a Clothes, obtained as the Super Trust Master Reward from Summoner Lenna. It provides 10 DEF, 75 MAG, 45 SPR, EVO Magic +30%, increases Evoke damage by 40%, increases Esper's bonus stats by 100%, and when equipped by Lenna, Warrior of Light Lenna, Summoner Lenna, Dancer Lenna, Krile, Warrior of Light Krile, Faris, or Faris -Neo Vision-, they gain 300 static MAG and SPR.