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A knight of Grandshelt whose prodigious talents have earned him command of an airship brigade despite his young age. He harbors conflicted feelings toward his father, Sir Raegen—the kingdom's finest until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving Rain's family behind.

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Rain is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A respected knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, he and his adopted brother Lasswell are on a patrol when the mysterious Fina grants them the power of visions so that they can save the world of Lapis. On their adventure, they discover what happened to Rain's father, Sir Raegen, who disappeared years ago.

Rain is the main focus character of Season One, while the search for him by his allies is the driving force of Season Two, and has a supporting role in Season Three. Rain will once more be the central protagonist for Season Four.

Rain wields the Crimson Saber, which appears in the game's logo along with Lasswell's Purple Lightning and Fina.



Rain has blue eyes and blond, lightly disheveled hair. He wears a black shirt, a green vest adorned with military decorations and accentuated with gold trimmings, black metal pauldrons and bracers, and a red cape attached to his right pauldron. He also wears white pants, black combat boots, and a red knight insignia near his left shoulder.

As a child, Rain wore a long-sleeved red hoodie over a dark gray shirt, dark green shorts, and brown boots.

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As Hyoh of the Delta Star, he is a clad in futuristic suit of black armor and hides his face behind a leopard-shaped helmet with a red visor (a reference to his name), although strands of short blond hair are still visible. He alters his voice through artificial means. He wields the Ultima Weapon armament, a weapon capable of turning magic energy into burning gas and compressing it into a high pressure energy-blade, making it similar to a lightsaber. Hyoh's appearance, weapon of choice, and behavior are reminiscent of Darth Vader, a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise.

In his Vagrant Knight attire, he dons his knight uniform, but adds a lavender cloak that belonged to Kyanos that covers his mouth and nose. He now uses the Centurio that belonged to Crimson, a large mostly white Greatsword with a violet edge.

In his Aldore King attire, he wears a more traditional black armor with red shading with his left shoulder section with additional protrusions (mirroring Lasswell's on his right shoulder), a long red cape, and a stylized small crown on his head. He now wields the more powerful True Crimson Saber.

In the fourth season, his outfit resembles Cloud's Cloudy Wolf attire. He wears a sleeveless shirt, a red cloth around his waist, and wears a paludron on his left arm.
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If the choice is to save one person or a hundred people...then save both! That is the creed of a Grandshelt knight!


Rain is a light-hearted, affable young man who usually maintains a carefree demeanor, but can turn serious when the situation requires it. Committed to his duty as a knight of Grandshelt, he sees it as his responsibility to look after and help others within his capabilities; he is unable to ignore pleas for help and has gone out of his way to aid people ever since he was a child. He tends to get carried away and act impulsively by charging into battle heedless of the danger around him, especially when in the presence of a "pretty girl" as he is a bit of a womanizer. However, he is mildly uncomfortable towards women that go at him too strongly, like Dark Fina.

When the atmosphere grows heavy around him, Rain tries to cheer others up, even if that means speaking some nonsense. Rain has keen senses, able to detect things that others cannot, and quickly picks up skills that would take most people years to master. Rain harbors mixed feelings for his absent father due to how often Raegen left home on orders of the King without saying goodbye, as well as his mysterious disappearance and inability to explain his mother's death.

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During his time in Paladia, Rain witnesses first-hand the horrors of the Aldore dictatorship and the schism between the people of Aldore and Hess, while learning of his true ancestry. This leaves him emotionally scarred, full of guilt, sorrow, and powerlessness, and with a deep hatred of unnecessary bloodshed. He vows to change the world by taking drastic measures, honing himself to discard his previous self to become heartless. Painfully aware of his Aldore blood, he hopes to change the nation from within (just as his father had tried seven hundred years before).

As Hyoh, he is stoic and taciturn, only speaking as much as is needed. Usually detached, he dislikes displaying his strength and fights only when absolutely required. Despite vowing to do the Emperor's bidding, he does not commit unnecessary murder and spares his prey's life on several occasions. Confronted by the Emperor's unimaginable power, Hyoh believes that true strength comes from discarding everything for the sake of power and is willing to do so to save Aldore.

After he left the party and was watched over by Nichol, Sakura, and Sol, he came to regret his path of solitude as he realizes that his friends were always there for him and this is what makes him truly strong, returning to the old Rain he was.

After becoming the King of Aldore, Rain struggles adjusting to his new position. His knightly instincts can get the best of his judgment by putting himself in harm's way for the sake of the people, contrary to the word of his advisors. As a way to unwind between busy political affairs, Rain has been refining his cooking after his comrades pointed out how bad a chef he is.


Early life[]

Rain was born to Sophia and Sir Raegen in Lapis, the latter secretly a member of the Aldore royal line from Paladia. Rain was raised alongside Lasswell, an orphan taken in by Raegen, and thus grew up as brothers and best friends. One day, Raegen returned from a mission covered in wounds, but Sophia explained to Rain and Lasswell that their father fought to keep people safe, including himself, as a knight of Grandshelt. This inspired Rain to strive to become one himself.

One time, Rain, Lasswell, and two other children were playing together when a stranger approached them. The cultist hypnotized the boys and claimed that he would make their wishes come true if they went outside the city at night. General Loren and Captain Amy approached Rain and Lasswell to ask whether they saw a bard, but they answered that they hadn't, and returned home. Later that night, and under the cultist's spell, they snuck out. Rain and the other children were led to a cavern where they would be sacrificed to the cultists' god, but Loren's team rescued them in time.

Rain's encounter with the earth crystal as a child.

One day, Rain followed his father into the caverns below Grandshelt Castle and got lost. He came across a crystal and touched it, and it awakened his latent power. Raegen heard him and came to his aid, but upon seeing that Rain's dormant power had reacted to the crystal, he walked away, despite Rain's pleas. In the following weeks, the pain on his arm worsened with no apparent cure. A girl encased in crystal appeared before Rain and stored his power away until a time he could handle it.

Soon afterwards, and five years before the events of the game, Sophia was killed under Raegen's watch. He brought her body to their home, where Rain was waiting for her. His father blamed himself for her death (although Rain did not want to believe the claim). Rather than explaining what had happened, Raegen walked away.

Although Rain began to resent his missing father, he did not forfeit his dream of becoming a knight. During their training as squires, Rain and Lasswell became acquainted with Charlotte and Lawrence. To become full-fledged knights, the four passed a trial supervised by General Loren. Partly due to his talents and partly due to his father's reputation, Rain earned the trust of the King of Grandshelt, and by the age of 18, was given shared command of the airship fleet with Lasswell.

Season One[]

Artwork of Rain, Fina and Lasswell by Yoshitaka Amano.

While on patrol aboard their airship, a girl encased in crystal, Fina, warns Rain and Lasswell of the Earth Crystal's shattering. Unable to dismiss her plea, Rain and Lasswell enter the Earth Shrine, where they find an armor-clad man contemplating the crystal. Despite their efforts, the man destroys the crystal and leaves. Fina reappears and grants the two friends the power of visions before teleporting them away. Outside the shrine, Rain and Lasswell find their airship destroyed and their men killed by the armored man.

They resolve to relay the events to the king, but when they arrive at the castle, they find it sieged and set ablaze. They rescue the king and meet with the armored man, who reveals his identity as "Veritas of the Dark" of the Sworn Six of Paladia. Before leaving, he attacks them, but Fina reappears and protects them, her crystal encasement shattering in the process. Rain resolves to prevent the Sworn Six from destroying the other crystals and Lasswell decides to accompany him. At Port City Lodin, the amnesiac Fina asks to join their party, Rain readily accepting.

The trio reaches Grandport, from where they follow Darklord to the Lanzelt Ruins. He easily defeats them and takes the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Undeterred, the trio hires a ship that calls at Kolobos before continuing onto Dirnado. They meet Emma, whom they escort to the Shrine of Decay so that she can meet with her mother. At the shrine, they meet Dr. Lazarov (a researcher behind the zombie plague ravaging Kolobos and ally of the Veritas, responsible for the death of Emma's mother), but he escapes. The trio escorts Emma back to Kolobos Port and bids her farewell.

Their ship is attacked by Leviathan and the trio washes up on the shores of Maranda Coast. They venture into Dilmagia to request an airship from the engineer Lid, but she refuses to ask the military. Instead, she guides them to the Wind Shrine. On the journey, the discovery of her brother Evan working on the Invincible for the Sworn Six prompts Lid to join the party. At the shrine, they defeat the Veritas of the Heavens, who still manages to destroy the Wind Crystal. Now committed to the trio's cause, Lid helps them request an airship to travel to Olderion.

They meet Nichol and help him find his sister Luka. They escort the two siblings to Lake Dorr, where the Veritas of the Waters has injured Leviathan and polluted the waters, thus endangering the Aquapolis. Luka pacifies Leviathan and descends to the bottom of the lake to purify its waters and heal the esper. The next day, the Veritas of the waters floods the capital. When they confront her, Dark Fina is awakened and the Waterlord flees. They pursue her on Mercedes's ship and best her in battle, causing the Waterlord to drop the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Rain grabs it, but in doing so, his dormant power is forcibly reawakened and the Waterlord flees again.

In Amore Rain's condition worsens and Fina tells him to accept his power or it will kill him. After a night's rest, they go to the Water Shrine to restore the Aquapolis. Nichol's brother Elle, wishing to make himself useful, uses his powers to magnify the Water Crystal's power, but the Waterlord fatally injures him and shatters the crystal. In Elle's dying moments, Dark Fina uses the crystal's remaining power, along with the Sacred Ring, to save Rain and the Aquapolis before returning to her usual persona. They return to the Aquapolis and inform Arsha of Elle's passing and Rain summons Elle's vision so that they can see each other one last time. Nichol then decides to join the party.

In imperial territory, they meet the rebel leader Jake and agree to help sabotage the Zoldaad Empire's war efforts. They find themselves opposed by the Veritas of the Flame at the Fire Shrine, where Lasswell is injured trying to protect Rain. As they confront the Flamelord, Lasswell wants to duel Rain to see who is stronger; when he collapses, he only survives due to the Darklord's intervention (who wishes to fight him now that he has awakened the sword Purple Lightning). Rain's party triumphs over the two Veritas, but they are betrayed by Jake, who shatters the Fire Crystal to undermine the empire's power.

The party follows him to Downtown Zoldaad. They are imprisoned for trying to rescue Prince Shera, but escape with Amelia's aid and confront Lazarov, Emperor Sozhe, and Evan. Sozhe passes away and Lid snaps her brother out of his brainwashing. He helps them board the Invincible with the Enterprise. In its interior, the Veritas of the Heavens appears, kills Lazarov for attempting to steal the airship, and teleports Rain and the party out. After a meeting with Emperor Shera and Evan, Jake joins the party to atone for his misdeeds. As they contemplate what to do next, Sakura presents herself and offers information on the Sworn Six if they pass a test: to escort her to Mysidia.

They bring her safely to the Mysidian capital. Before she can explain, the party must face the Veritas of the Light and the Veritas of the Earth to protect the Light Crystal. They are overpowered and the Earthlord forcefully reawakens Dark Fina to fight her (thus starting to slowly erase the other Fina). Sakura teleports the party away to save them and the Veritas destroy the crystal.

The party uses a book from the Magic Library to enter Fina's memories of the civil war between Aldore and Hess in another world known as Paladia. Although momentarily interrupted by the Lightlord (who reveals that the Darklord was once Rain's father, Raegen), they save Fina, but find she has split in two. After the party defeats the Light- and Earthlords, the Darklord appears and teleports them away. Rain vows to defeat him, even if it is his father behind the suit of armor.

In Gronoa, the party learns the truth behind the Sworn Six's actions: the Six seek revenge against Aldore by undoing the seal upon the world of Lapis so that it may return to Paladia, likely destroying Lapis in the process. Assisted by Ilias and Fohlen, they make it to the Gronoa Shrine, where the last crystal stands. To their surprise, Dark Elf seeks to destroy the Dark Crystal as well, prompting the Lightlord to duel him to no avail. She lays defeated when the party approaches her; resigned, she asks Sakura and then Rain to kill her. When he refuses, the Lightlord reveals that she had been the one to kill Sophia, but Rain refuses again out of principle. He leaves to battle Dark Elf, whom they ultimately defeat with the Lightlord's help before she retreats.

The Veritas of the Frost freezes the villagers of the nearby hamlet Duggle, but agrees to release the people if Rain's party defeats him. The Frostlord declares to fight whomever they determine (through battle) is strongest among their rank. Rain wins against Sakura and Dark Fina before losing against Lasswell. Realizing this is not what Lasswell wanted, Rain finally accepts his power and wins.

The Frostlord fights the party next to the Dark Crystal. He is defeated just before the Sworn Six arrive. They ask the Frostlord to rejoin them, but he refuses and reveals his face: he is Raegen. The two groups do battle until the shrine starts collapsing due to the gate's instability. Raegen has Sakura teleport the party to Pharm, where they confront the Veritas one by one (and the Earthlord, Heavenlord and Flamelord fall in battle) due to Nichol wanting to exact his revenge on the Waterlord in spite of Rain's pleas. Ultimately, Nichol allows her to live so that she may atone for her sins, and the party catches up with Raegen. With him, they convince the Darklord (who is revealed to be a vision of Raegen) and the Lightlord not to destroy the crystal.

Artwork of Rain and Lasswell facing Behemoth K by Yoshitaka Amano.

Before the party can rejoice, the powerful sage Sol and his Behemoth K companion destroy the crystal and kill the Darklord. The party climbs the crystal tower to stop the two sages and close the dimensional gate. Raegen shows Rain and Lasswell a vision of Sophia. The Waterlord and Lightlord join their efforts thanks to Nichol. The two remaining Veritas keep the Behemoth busy, while Rain and the others catch up with Sol. When he puts up a barrier, the group realizes that Fina is going to disappear. Dark Fina sacrifices herself and becomes the Earth Crystal, sealing the land once again and allowing the other Fina to carry on existing.

Fina dispels Sol's barrier and the party makes it to the summit, where they defeat him. The sage summons the Chaotic Darkness, which creates the Wandering Lands. The group traverses the lands, puts Behemoth to rest, and, at the Land of Darkness, defeats Sol, who declares his hatred of Rain and disappears. Supported by the prayers of those they met during their journey and Evan on the Invincible, Rain and the others defeat the Chaotic Darkness. They close the gate and Rain (who first leaves a crystal on the ship's deck) helps his father by fully awakening to Aldore's power. They negate the magic pouring out of the gate and it collapses back in on itself. At the last moment, Sol returns to re-open the gate. Rain stops him, and, during their clash, they both disappear, and Rain's Crimson Saber falls to the deck of the airship.

Season Two[]

Dark Fina rescues Rain and teleports him to Paladia. Rain is left stranded in the town of Sacher, where he meets Mirfas and Crimson, a former aide to his father, who has been resisting Aldore's dictatorship, but the latter is fatally injured in a skirmish. Through Crimson's last words, Rain learns that he is Aldore royalty. Though Rain befriends Mirfas and vows to change Paladia with his usual self, the situation takes a turn for the worse when the survivors of Hess realize his bloodline. They blame Rain and his lineage and one of them tries to stab him; Mirfas intercepts the attack and is killed. The confrontation between the people of Aldore and Hess leads to everyone being massacred. Realizing that he could not save a single life despite his earlier promises, Rain is filled with despair.

Hyoh's concept artwork.

Rain infiltrates the Aldore Tower to assassinate the Aldore Emperor, even fighting off the Delta Star Demoldoa. The Emperor is impressed that Rain got this far while others were killed in such attempts. Rain is overwhelmed, but instead of killing him, the Emperor offers for him to join him, as he sees Rain's lonely soul. Vowing to change the world no matter what it takes, Rain decides to change Aldore for the better from the inside. Donning the alter-ego of Hyoh, Rain joins the Orders (the Emperor's personal elite guard) and rises to the position of Delta Star in record time. Still, during a demonstration, he is unable to even scratch the Emperor due to his paling, yet the tyrant praises Hyoh for his power.

The Emperor summons Hyoh for a mission, but before he hears the details, Hyoh is challenged by Nazuu of the Orders, who thirsts for the Delta Star seat. Hyoh defeats Nazuu, who retreats. The Emperor sends Hyoh to flush out a traitor among the Aldore ranks as a test of loyalty. At Crystallis, Hyoh meets with the soldiers Domino and Shatal after their fight with the Children of Hess and promises to kill the traitor. When Shatal is under suspicion, he panics, but Hyoh orders Shatal to follow him to find the true culprit. Hyoh leaks Yuraisha's (the "Mother of Hess") location to the rebels on the elevator computer. When the elevator is activated, Hyoh drags Shatal and they confront the true spy: Domino.

After a chase, Hyoh defeats her, but Shatal defends his friend, taking Domino and fleeing. The two are struck down. Back at Aldore Tower, Nazuu (who was monitoring Hyoh) reports to the Emperor that Hyoh accomplished his mission and killed the traitors. The Emperor is pleased and expects more great things from him. As Hyoh leaves, he mutters to himself that he must become more heartless—as it is later revealed, he did not actually kill Shatal and Domino.

A couple of months after Rain's disappearance from Lapis, his friends, his father, and the revived Veritas venture into Paladia in search of him. Upon learning of Paladia's state, Raegen separates from Lasswell's party and leads the Sworn Six into Aldore Tower to confront the Emperor. Hyoh is summoned alongside several high ranking Orders to stand guard and fight their predecessors. He fights Raegen (feigning to know him from books) and they injure each other, but Hyoh gains the upper hand as the remaining Sworn Six are overpowered by the other Orders members. When Hyoh approaches to deal the finishing blow, he spares Raegen's life along with the Sworn Six, deeming them not worth killing, and they are imprisoned.

Hyoh is ordered to deal with Lasswell and heads to Crystallis, where he appears before the party. Sol, a sage of Hess who now travels with Lasswell, challenges him, claiming Hyoh is Rain. Hyoh overpowers Sol, but the sage rushes at him and the two fall from a cliff. When the party finds them and Hyoh fights off Lasswell, the latter admits that he can feel Rain in Hyoh. Hyoh declares he is not the Rain they know, and to prove his point, attacks Fina; unable to kill her, he incurs a wound that starts crystallizing her body. He is confronted by Akstar, Lasswell's new mentor in swordsmanship, to buy time for Sakura to use a teleportation spell.

Hyoh is joined by Nagi of the Iota Star on the Emperor's orders. She is interested in Hyoh and when she wonders how he became so strong, he advises her to discard everything she cares for. At the Energy Extraction Station, Nagi fails to defeat Lasswell's party, so Hyoh takes it upon himself. Lasswell and Hyoh duel, convincing Lasswell that Hyoh is indeed Rain. Lasswell unleashes the Absolute Mirror of Equity sword technique and overpowers Hyoh. Lasswell asks Hyoh to admit to his identity, but Hyoh escapes with Nagi.

While Hyoh is wounded, a projection of the Emperor appears to chastise him for his failure. In a fit of rage, Hyoh unleashes a power that pleases the Emperor, and after tending to his wounds, Hyoh asks a favor from Nagi. She disguises herself as Hyoh (using performance enhancing drugs to complete the deception) and ambushes Lasswell's party while the real Hyoh returns to his Rain persona and attire to intercept her, seemingly destroying "Hyoh".

Rain rejoins the party and suggests they partake in the Order of Aldore to win the rank of Alpha Star, the one closest to the Emperor. Though Sol notices that Rain has changed, he in time comes to believe Rain is not worth destroying for he is no longer his exact opposite. The party heads to Visectrum to participate in the qualifying rounds and befriends some competitors: Pris, Atole, and the Magus Sisters. They also meet Demoldoa of the Epsilon Star, who, at one point, uses his rank to allow them to pass so that he may destroy them himself.

Sol tests Rain by summoning the Chaotic Darkness to ravage both Lapis and Paladia. The party beats the monster, as it was a weaker incarnation than the one they saw before. Sol departs on his own, vowing to return, pleased that deep down, Rain still carries his just and noble self that disgusts the sage. Later, Akstar likewise departs, as he wants to face Lasswell in the competition.

While en route to the second stage, the party is attacked by participants who want to defeat them to earn a spot. Jake takes a beating defending Lid, while Sakura tries to teleport them to safety. Demoldoa appears and intends to crush them, but the Magus Sisters buy them time to teleport Lid and Jake to safety at Gungan, although the sisters are fatally wounded. Lasswell duels and kills Demoldoa.

The party arrives at the Visectrum capital and takes the train to the Colosseum. They are assaulted by assassins, but the attack is foiled. They meet Krowa and Regina, fellow participants whom they befriend. Rain "learns" from Sakura that Lasswell's ancestry is linked to Hess, as his is linked to Aldore, making them enemies by nature, although he feigns indifference. They continue to advance in the competition in spite of a second assassination attempt that Krowa and Regina foil and earn a spot in the final rounds. Rain watches from afar as Lasswell bests Akstar one-on-one and publicly challenges the Emperor, vowing to end his tyranny.

The Emperor overwhelms the party until the Sworn Six appear and dispel his powerful magic aura (with Rain finally openly meeting his father). The Emperor summons Levnato of the Alpha Star and Zeno of the Beta Star as backup, the latter turning out to be none other than Akstar himself. The revelation shocks Lasswell, but after some hesitation, he joins the battle. Lasswell and Rain decide to awaken to their blood to face Zeno, but their natures repel each other. The party is saved by the Children of Hess, who bombard the arena from airships, and the party retreats.

On board the Yuraisha Rain voices his disgust for Hess' methods that endangered civilians. Lasswell, as Hess' heir, while disagreeing with their methods, deems victims inevitable with the open declaration of war and vows to rein Hess in, to which Rain reluctantly agrees. The Hess group moves to Magistellus to disable Aldore's biggest military facilities while their attention is still in Visectrum. The party disables the four facilities that protect the central station, but Rain's change of demeanor becomes increasingly apparent.

In one of the facilities, the party comes across the eccentric Physalis of the Pi Star, in whom Lasswell senses honor as she did not kill any Children of Hess after defeating them. When Lasswell tells her his side of the story, she vows to learn the truth for herself and leaves. Lasswell wonders if there are good people in Aldore after all, something that resonates with Rain. En route to the main facility, Rain asks Lasswell to spar with him; the fight escalates as the two activate their blood and once more repel one another. It turns into a fistfight as Rain declares they can no longer remain friends for they stand opposite as heirs of Aldore and Hess. Lasswell protests, saying their relationship doesn't have to change just because their bloods clash.

After the facility's destruction, Rain leaves the Yuraisha, threatening to destroy it if they do not leave instantly. He reveals that he was Hyoh all along, that the impostor they fought was Nagi, and that he injured Fina and crystallized her wound to spare her, making it clear that from that point onwards he fights for the sake of Aldore to change it from the inside. Rain dons his suit of armor as Hyoh and leaves. The revelation emotionally crushes Lasswell and Fina, but Rain is confident they will pull through.

The Emperor summons Hyoh and the remaining Orders, with Hyoh revealing his awareness of being Aldore royalty. As the Emperor bestows him the rank of Gamma Star following Yego's defection, Hyoh renews his pledge to serve him faithfully. Along his peers, he is deployed to retaliate against the Children of Hess' attacks.

When the factions of Aldore and Hess wage war for control of the Weapon, Hyoh is separated from the rest of the Orders and becomes surrounded by crystallized monsters. Sol saves Hyoh and proposes they join forces to destroy the Aldore Emperor and settle their score after Hyoh becomes Aldore's new leader. Hyoh refuses, but Sol nonetheless accompanies him. The two witness the Weapon's activation and are assaulted by monsters. Sol is forced to stand back to restore his magical power, while Hyoh is left fending them off. They end up saving one another, which causes Sol to experience warmer emotions and remember his time with the Sages of Hess. A grateful Sol heals a surprised Hyoh. The two rest as Hyoh cooks. Sol is amused that Hyoh would cook for him, but finds the soup an utter disaster. Sol believes the hardly edible ingredients are partially to blame, but nonetheless decides to finish it.

They are met by Sakura and Nichol, Lasswell's friends who deserted the Orders after learning of the Emperor's true ambitions: eternal sovereignty as the only existence in the world. Sol proposes they form a party to defeat the Emperor. Hyoh refuses, as he claims it is his fight alone as the true heir to Aldore, the throne having been usurped from his bloodline 700 years ago. Sol proclaims that they will follow him on their own volition and, to celebrate the "party's formation," Sol offers a sample of Hyoh's soup, deeming it fantastic. Sakura is thrilled, but soon pukes in repulsion. Hyoh is annoyed.

The party saves Raegen's party from the Emperor and the Exostars under his command. Hyoh and Sol act in perfect sync, leaving everyone amazed. Sol pretends to summon the Chaotic Darkness and the Emperor retreats after using all of his power. Hyoh and Sol catch up with the weakened Emperor, who summons more Exostars, all of whom are easily destroyed. The Emperor uses the power he had stored to control the Weapon, but Sol keeps his magic at bay. Sol and Hyoh defeat the Emperor, but before Hyoh can finish him, Levnato, the Alpha Star of the Orders, interferes and unleashes a powerful magic attack. Sol takes the blow for Hyoh and Levnato teleports away with the Emperor.

Hyoh fruitlessly tries to heal Sol, who accepts death, saying he has destroyed the one thing he hated the most: his own self devoid of emotion, as he has finally been able to feel something. He tells Hyoh to not lose his way and passes away, making him the last of the Sages of Hess to perish.

In the original timeline, Lasswell and Rain's group failed to defeat Vlad, the true mastermind behind Paladia, leaving Rain the only, albeit scarred, survivor, missing his left arm and leg. Seeing that Rain was still willing to end the dictatorship, Zeno healed him and took him away. For many years, Rain continued to try and assassinate Vlad with new comrades, but all attempts ended in failure (by this time, it is presumed Zeno/Akstar has long passed away).

As Rain collapsed from his injuries, now missing his left eye as well, he was about to be executed by Aldore Soldiers, but Dark Fina saved him. She nursed him back to health and revealed she has been building power to travel through time. They could go into the past when their comrades were alive to the precise point they could make a difference. The two realized the two great factors that had led to their defeat. The first was the Exostars on Aldore Tower performing advanced versions of the Mirror of Equity technique that were unknown to the party, thus inflicting injuries that deprived them of their strength. The second, and most fatal factor, was Lasswell's kindness getting the better of him in a critical moment, giving Vlad the opening needed to win.

Rain and Dark Fina devised a plan where the future Rain would pose as Akstar, a wandering swordsman, and teach Lasswell the three Mirrors of Equity, and then, at a critical moment, reveal himself as Zeno of the Beta Star, his "enemy," to steel Lasswell's heart and guide away from his emotions. The two traveled to the past using the lion's share of Dark Fina's powers and found the present day Akstar. They revealed to him the events as they were about to unfold through visions and requested for his help in executing their plan. Rain explained that by posing as Akstar, he would not reveal his origins, thus sparing his younger self, Hyoh, from destruction at the hands of the Aldore Emperor, and thus render their plan null (as it would kill the future Rain by proxy). They requested Akstar to be sealed in crystal until their mission was done, allowing Rain to use Transformation Magic to pose as him, taking Zeno's suit of armor and attributing the loss of his limbs to an illness. The real Akstar agreed to the plan and was sealed in crystal. The future Rain and Dark Fina executed their plan with the Emperor not realizing the truth.

Now when the parties are their way to the top of the Aldore Tower again, "Akstar" gives Rain a special power that will aid them against the Emperor, although it strains him. After the party defeats the Emperor, Levnato of the Alpha Star appears and absorbs the Emperor's life and power into himself. He reveals himself to be none other than Vlad, the first Aldore Emperor and originator of the 700-year-long dictatorship. Vlad casts his strongest spell on the party, which Rain blocks using the power Akstar had gifted him. The party readies to fight their true enemy.

Vlad blasts them with powerful spells, which Rain blocks. Seeing himself at a disadvantage, Vlad uses a magic blast to escape to his personal sky fortress, Grandore, as he seeks to use his magic powers to lay waste to the world. The party pursues him and are sent into the Transfer Space. The last of the Exostars appear, whose attacks render the space unstable, transporting Lasswell, Physalis, and the Sworn Six into a different location. Filled with Crystals carrying memory visions, Lasswell's party comes to learn of Akstar's origins as the future Rain.

Akstar is in Rain's party and shows signs of weakening, but reaffirms his conviction at continuing. He nicknames Rain as "The Tongue Tormenting Soup Man," leaving Rain flabbergasted that he is aware of his disastrous soup episode (Rain is still unaware "Akstar" is his future self). Rain's party catches up to Vlad, who launches barrages of spells. Rain cannot keep up, but Akstar and Dark Fina attack Vlad, who blocks them. This gives enough time for Lasswell's party to arrive. Vlad reveals to Raegen that he killed his parents because he hated the royalty's hereditary system that would never allow him to be ruler by his own hand, and that he developed the Mirrors of Equity as a testament of his superiority.

The party rejects his claims of being a fit ruler and the party puts him at a disadvantage. He wonders whether the royal bloodline was always so powerful and the party points out only three of them are royals as proof that the strength of their bonds overcomes his commitment to absolute solitude. Vlad is tired of their preach and dons a monstrous wizard form much stronger than before, but is soon defeated. As the party celebrates their victory, Akstar leaves with Lasswell following. Lasswell reveals he knows of Akstar's true identity, with the latter relieved that everything went smoothly. Lasswell protests at the thought of losing him, but Akstar reassures that it is for the best as they have altered the future and that Lasswell still has the Rain of his current timeline; he is nothing more than "Akstar." Lasswell vows to build an era of peace with him and bids farewell to his master in a bow of respect. Akstar is grateful and disappears along with his timeline's Dark Fina, now in his true form, embracing her as the future changes.

Vlad's original soul still survives and manifests in his true body, a massive three-headed ogre that towers over mountains. The crystal on Vlad's forehead houses his original soul, and so the party sets to climb his body. On their way, they encounter copies of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, which resurrect after being defeated. The Sworn Six, minus Raegen, use the strength enhancing drug to destroy their impostors, but lose their immortality and are left exhausted.

As the rest of the party climbs, they find segments of Vlad's body crumbling, revealing crystals, which the party take for themselves. At the top, the party destroys Vlad's soul, but a remnant traps them in a different realm. Still clinging to his ambitions, Vlad summons smaller copies of his ogre form, but the crystals the party had picked up summon a vision of Sol, who reminds Rain that he will always be there for him as the "Sun and Moon", followed by visions of Crimson, Mirfas, Kyanos, Pris, Atole, Krowa, Regina, the Magus Sisters, Yuraisha, Rowen, Mombert, Hess' Four Sages, and Sophia, who all restore the party to full strength and aid them in destroying the ogres. The visions disappear, with Sol stating he will always be with Rain. The party then defeats the hysterically ranting soul remnant, ending Vlad's tyranny once and for all, freeing Paladia from his mad grip.

Rain becomes the king of Aldore, with Nichol and Sakura as his close advisors. To repair the damage from Vlad's foul legacy, Rain drastically reduces the military and dismantles several facilities, while heading diplomatic relationships with Gungan and Hess to gain trust over the world. His attempts at peace are still met with resistance from large parts of the Aldore military, who remain loyal to the former Emperor.

One day, Raegen and Citra visit Rain, who is left wondering why Fina hasn't become his queen. Rain has taken up cooking as a way to unwind from his political duties and due to the lambasting over his disastrous soup, taking advice from the military's head chef and visiting many restaurants famous for their soup. While his cooking has improved, Sakura refuses to consume his soup again, still traumatized from the earlier episode.

Rain later visits Lapis on vacation to travel with Fina and Lasswell again as the trio had promised. Fina cries in relief when they arrive, as she had feared the two would be unable to come due to their duties.

Running Through Daybreak[]

Upon returning from his journey, Rain learns that rebel factions loyal to Vlad still cling to their power and run the nefarious Labor Camp. The crown suffers from staff shortage to handle all the tasks needed to undo all of Vlad's deeds. Rain offers to go to the Labor Camp himself, but his advisers refuse, as he is most needed on the throne, reminding him that he is a king now. Rain's knightly instincts compel him to secretly leave the Aldore Tower to investigate on his own.

While in the slums, Rain is found by Diezell, a young woman who had been framed for a crime, and her partner Maisie. The two women are fugitives and run away, Rain deciding to investigate the murder they were framed for. Maisie escapes, but Diezell is captured. Maisie recognizes Rain as the new king and requests his help in saving Diezell.

Rain appears at the Labor Camp with an army of soldiers, ready to battle the rebel branch and aid in Diezell's orchestrated prison revolt, defeating their power hungry warden. Rain decrees the Labor Camp to be dismantled and sets all the prisoners free, earning him the approval of all the inmates.

Upon returning to the Aldore Tower, Sakura is initially furious at Rain for his recklessness, but softens since he had solved things. Nichol believes harsher measures are needed to rein Rain in and proposes that Diezell and Maisie be hired as his watchdogs. Rain approves since he gets to spend time with two lovely ladies, leaving everyone wondering if he is indeed a king.

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FFBE Rain Sprites.png

Rain is one of two starting units along with Lasswell and his job is listed as Knight. By default, Rain is set as the leader of all five parties the player may customize and play with.

His main roles are dealing Physical Damage and providing some Support. He starts at Rarity 2★, but can be awakened up to 6★. He can equip daggers, swords, greatswords, hammers, maces, as well as light shields, heavy shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor, and accessories.

Like the rest of the main cast, Rain has several variants: the Global-exclusive "Demon Rain" (5-6★), available during Halloween; "Hunter Rain" (5-6★), obtainable during the Japan-only collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore; the permanent 5-7★ "Awakened Rain", and the anniversary-related units "Vagrant Knight Rain" (5-6★) and "Rain & Chocobo" (4-6★). For Season Two, he also gets a so-called CG variant as Hyoh (5-7★), whose Limit Burst, "Extreme Nova", is a CG movie and has a powerful effect: a 30-hit attack that deals damage to all enemies.

Rain also appears as a boss by the name Crimson Knight as one of two final bosses of the "Time for Revenge" story event (the other being Azure Knight). As Hyoh, he has two boss versions: one in "The Color of Heartlessness" and another in the main story. He has appeared as a guest unit in his own introduction quest.

Other appearances[]

Rain has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Rain has made guest appearances in the following non-Final Fantasy games:

Other media[]

Rain appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set he appears in is titled "FFBEスタンプ Vol.1".[3]




Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity.

Hyoh's name is read the same as the Japanese words for "leopard" (豹) and "hail" (雹). The latter hints to his identity.