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Raijin is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. He is fought three times twice in Balamb and once in Lunatic Pandora. Raijin won't attack female party members if they are the last ones alive of the player party, unless he is blinded. This includes Edea, although it is not possible to have her in the party against Raijin in a normal playthrough. He fights alongside Fujin in his latter two battles.




Lunatic Pandora

Battle Edit

First battle – Balamb Edit

The first time the party fights Raijin, two Galbadian Soldiers fight alongside him. Raijin uses only physical attacks. He is easily debilitated by blinding him. The player should save their strength for the upcoming battle with Fujin, as there is no time to heal in-between.

Second battle – Hotel Edit

In the second fight Raijin uses a new attack called Raijin Special, far stronger than his regular attacks. When Raijin's health is halved he'll use a Hi-Potion to heal himself. The player can still blind Raijin to make him less of a threat, but as Raijin Special is a Limit Break, it will never miss. If a female character is present in the party and all male characters are KO'd, Raijin will declare "I don't hit girls, ya know?" and cease to attack until the males are revived.

Third battle – Lunatic Pandora Edit

Raijin loses his ability to use a Hi-Potion but gains a new unnamed physical attack that inflicts slightly more damage than his regular attack. After a few turns he will cast Aura on himself, which doubles his attack power. He only uses Raijin Special, his strongest attack, after he casts Aura on himself, but he can still use it after the Aura effect has worn off. Raijin Special can deal upwards of 2500 damage, so with a weaker party, Phoenix Downs or Life will be necessary.

The third battle is easily won by exploiting Fujin and Raijin's vulnerability to status ailments by summoning Doomtrain or using Quistis's Bad Breath Limit Break.

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