The Raid on Kohlingen was an obscure military engagement in the Third Gestahlian Campaign in Final Fantasy VI. Neither the identity of one of the belligerents, nor that of the victor, is ever made clear.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kohlingen is part of the Kingdom of Figaro. According to a timeline, Figaro has been allied with the Gestahlian Empire since the latter conquered the western continent in the Second Gestahlian Campaign some 8 years ago. This alliance was still in place at the time of the raid, although Figaro under King Edgar secretly supported the Returners against the Empire. It remains unclear why the Empire would raid the territory of its ally.

Raid and aftermath[edit | edit source]

Kohlingen was largely destroyed in the raid and had to be rebuilt. Apart from this, the only known fact about the raid is that Rachel was killed in it. Her lover Locke Cole blamed the Empire for her death, and subsequently joined the Returners.

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