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The Raid on Junon is an event in Final Fantasy VII where the Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon and the Shinra Electric Power Company army attempts to hold it back through heavy firepower. The raid nearly leads to the destruction of Junon, but Shinra averts this by destroying the Weapon just in time.

Before the battleEdit

A week has passed since Sephiroth summoned Meteor and the Planet countered by rousing the Weapons. The Weapons have been wreaking havoc ever since, and the Shinra company has been unable to stop them. To divert the public attention from the company's inability to deal with the Weapons and the threat of Meteor, Rufus Shinra plans to have Tifa Lockhart and Barret Wallace publicly executed by gas chamber. The executions are to be a live-broadcast from Junon, but are interrupted by alarms warning a Weapon is approaching Junon.


Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Raid at Junon

Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Raid at Junon

The Raid on Junon

Heidegger orders the Mako Cannon to fire at the Weapon, but the impact proves inefficient against a target on such a far distance. Rufus orders the cannon reloaded and commands Heidegger to use regular firepower in the meantime.

The Shinra garrison in Junon rush into action and fire at the approaching Weapon with all weapons available, including heavy artillery. Their fire power has no effect, and troops desert their positions as the Weapon comes closer. It crashes into Junon and fires a beam of energy at the town, blasting a hole in the roof of the execution chamber and thus providing Tifa with an escape route. The Weapon reloads for another blast, but the Mako Cannon finishes reloading and fires at the Weapon's head at close range, destroying it.


According to the citizens, many were killed in the Weapon attack and cannons' crossfire. The economy is destroyed as some store and bar owners tell the party, due to the lack of customers.

Sapphire Weapon's death was a decisive victory for the Shinra company, who could now focus on dealing with Sephiroth and Meteor. The Mako Cannon is moved to Midgar from where it will be fired against Sephiroth's energy barrier at North Crater using the power of the city's Mako Reactors, the first step in the Great Sephiroth Plan to deploy the entire Shinra army to North Crater to fight Sephiroth[1]). However, the fight against the Weapons is not over, and the company eventually falls when the Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar.

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  1. NPC in Kalm: "Sephiroth put up a huge barrier around the North Crater".
    "Rufus wants to use a mammoth cannon to smash the barrier."
    "He plans to have Shinra troops rush in and attack Sephiroth after the barrier falls".
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