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In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, a Raid was a multiplayer team battle against one preselected boss. Entering beta testing in November 2016, this feature was released to all players as of December 2016. Due to various technical issues, Square Enix and DeNA Games removed this feature as of April 27, 2021

How a Raid works[]

A player can enter Raids upon pressing the Raid button from within the Events portal. Once there, a list of available Raids appears.

Selecting a Raid offers a choice of difficulty levels, as well as a choice of whether to lead the battle or join into an existing Raid. The player may then opt for two units from his/her current roster to participate in the battle, which will be saved for future battles. The player is responsible for outfitting his/her units with appropriate Relics and skills in advance of the battle. A Raid party can be composed of up to four teams of two units each, for a total of eight units on the field. Time is given as the Raid party is synchronized, during which other players may change their options. Battle begins as soon as all players have reported ready.

The player may also elect to run a Solo version of the Raid with his/her current party. This has the same effect as playing a standard dungeon battle.

In both instances, standard Record Synergy rules apply.

Dialogue stamps[]

During the team selection process, players may also select dialogue stamps to be viewed by other players. These stamps feature short messages as well as images of characters from across the series chronology.


During battle, each player will control his/her unit pair as in the standard game, the only difference being that targeting halos from all team players will be displayed. Targeting not controlled by the player's units will be smaller in size.

Although battle can continue so long as at least one unit remains alive, some Target Scores require that the team survives without a particular number of members KO'd.

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