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This legendary sword Esper radiates a strange light turning enemies into items.

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Ragnarok is an esper in Final Fantasy VI. It can be acquired as either a magicite or as the Ragnarok sword, depending on the player's choice. As a magicite, Ragnarok can be summoned to use the Metamorphose ability, which can be used to obtain rare items from enemies. Moreover, the magicite can be used to learn the Ultima spell, the most powerful spell in the game.

Ragnarok is a recurring sword in the Final Fantasy series and usually one of the more powerful ones available, but Final Fantasy VI is the main instance of it appearing as a summon.


The Ragnarok came into the possession of the owner of the weapons shop in Narshe in the World of Ruin. When the party came to Narshe and met with him, he showed them the magicite and commented that he could give it to them as is, or melt it down and forge it into a sword blade. The party was given the option of which they preferred.


Unlike most espers, the Ragnarok does not appear as a living creature. Instead, it is a sword that appears metallic, and takes the shape of a claymore. It has golden guards and a dark gray and red grip.



The choice of what to do with Ragnarok.

Ragnarok can be obtained as a magicite (or weapon) from Narshe in the World of Ruin, when Locke is in the party. Locke can enter the weapon's shop, where the shop owner offers to give the party the magicite, or melt it down as a weapon.

The option of which to take—the sword or the magicite—comes with numerous pros and cons. The sword is a powerful weapon and can be bet at Dragon's Neck Coliseum to obtain the Lightbringer, the most powerful weapon in the game, even more powerful than the character-exclusive "ultimate weapons" obtained in Dragons' Den in the Game Boy Advance and discontinued mobile and Steam releases. The magicite meanwhile is the only one to teach Ultima, the most powerful spell, and its summon ability allows the player to farm other rare items, some of which cannot be farmed in any other way.

The importance of the choice is diminished in versions with the Dragons' Den (namely, the Advance version and versions based on it), which allow the player to save their game after defeating the final boss. The Ragnarok can be stolen from Lady in the final battle, and thus can be farmed, so the magicite can be the more appealing choice. However, the player will still have to play through the rest of the game without the sword.


Metamorphose in the Pixel Remaster version.

Ragnarok costs 6 MP to summon and uses Metamorphose (Metamorph in the Super NES and PlayStation translations), which transforms an enemy into one of four items. There are 32 possible "sets" of items an enemy can be morphed into (though sets 12, 13, 15 and 26 through 31 are unused), and a separate chance for the success rate of Metamorphose that is different for each enemy. Assuming the ability hits, which item the enemy is turned into among the four possible choices is random, with a 1/4 chance for each of the four possibilities.

ID Item slot 1 Item slot 2 Item slot 3 Item slot 4 Enemies
0 Antidote Green Cherry Eye Drops Gold Needle Default item set, containing most enemies. It includes most enemies not meant to be able to morph, such as bosses and those that only appear in the World of Balance.
1 Tent Phoenix Down Teleport Stone Holy Water Anguiform, Aspidochelon, Borghese, Brainpan, Demon Knight, Devoahan, General, Greater Mantis, Imperial Elite, Kamui, Killer Mantis, Lenergia, Misfit, Oceanus, Rukh, Sandhorse, Suriander, Templar, Twinscythe, Vulture, Wartpuck
2 Dried Meat Dried Meat Dried Meat Dried Meat Adamankary, Belmodar, Bloodfang, Bogy, Brachiosaur, Briareus, Chaos Dragon, Chippirabbit, Desert Hare, Destroyer, Don, Fidor, Garm, Goetia, Gold Bear, Gorgias, Hunting Hound, Illuyankas, Knotty, Leaf Bunny, Lukhavi, Mu, Mugbear, Murussu, Paraladia, Peeper, Primeval Dragon, Purusa, Silver Lobo, Sorath, Stunner, Tyrannosaur, Vector Hound, Weredragon, Wererat, Wild Rat
3 Remedy Remedy Remedy Remedy Black Dragon, Cloudwraith, Crusher, Death Warden, Exoray, Fossil Dragon, Great Malboro, Level 50 Magic, Mahadeva, Malboro, Mandrake, Mover, Ouroboros, Outcast, Rafflesia, Shambling Corpse, Skeletal Horror, Trillium, Tumbleweed, Vampire Thorn, Zombie Dragon
4 Mythril Sword Mythril Helm Mythril Mail Heavy Shield Belzecue, Chaser, Death Machine, Dropper, Duel Armor, Fortis, Heavy Armor, InnoSent, Junk, Magna Roader (Purple & Red & Brown), Metal Hitman, Onion Dasher, Onion Knight, Pluto Armor, Satellite, Schmidt, Sky Armor, Trapper, Magitek Armor
5 Golden Spear Golden Shield Golden Helm Golden Armor Armored Weapon, Gamma, Io, Magna Roader (Yellow), Spitfire, Hell's Rider
6 Crystal Sword Crystal Shield Crystal Helm Crystal Mail Platinum Dragon, Proto Armor, Blue Dragon (Ancient Castle), Earth Dragon (Opera House), Gold Dragon (Kefka's Tower), Ice Dragon (Narshe Cliffs), Red Dragon (Phoenix Cave), Skull Dragon (Kefka's Tower), Storm Dragon (Mt. Zozo)
7 Reed Cloak Saucer Tortoise Shield Impartisan Cactuar, Tonberries, Tonberry
8 Potion Potion Potion Organyx Gigantos, Glasya Labolas, Hill Gigas, Muud Suud
9 Potion Potion Potion Miracle Shoes Amduscias, Blade Dancer, Veil Dancer
10 Potion Potion Potion Tintinnabulum Coeurl Cat, Lycaon, Stray Cat
11 Potion Potion Potion Megalixir Intangir, Magic Urn
12 Potion Potion Potion X-Potion Unused
13 Potion Potion Potion X-Ether Unused
14 Potion Potion Potion Elixir Apocrypha, Behemoth, Cruller, Dark Force, Devil, Dragon, Enuo, Fiend Dragon, Great Behemoth, Landworm, Level 70 Magic, Slagworm, Still Life
15 Potion Potion Potion Gauntlet Unused
16 Potion Potion Potion Genji Glove Samurai, Yojimbo
17 Potion Potion Potion Safety Bit Baalzephon, Clymenus, Level 60 Magic, Level 90 Magic, Lunatys
18 Potion Potion Potion Growth Egg Galypdes, Marchosias, Vasegiatta
19 Potion Potion Potion Ribbon Cherry, Coco, Level 80 Magic, Misty, Pandora
20 Potion Potion Potion Flame Shield Balloon, Bomb, Chimera, Grenade
21 Potion Potion Potion Ice Shield Gorgimera, Test Rider
22 Potion Potion Potion Thunder Shield Dante, Vector Chimera
23 Cursed Ring Cursed Ring Thornlet Lich Ring Ahriman, Daedalus, Behemoth King (Undead)
24 Angel Ring Angel Ring Safety Bit Guard Bracelet Alluring Rider, Holy Dragon (Cultists' Tower), Typhon (Coliseum)
25 Viper Darts Viper Darts Assassin's Dagger Ichigeki Covert, Ninja, Outsider
26-31 Dagger Dagger Dagger Dagger Unused


Ragnarok is the only esper to teach the Ultima spell. The only other way to learn it is from the Paladin's Shield.



Ragnarok is a recurring sword in the series. Ragnarök is an event in Norse mythology that is similar to the Apocalypse. It is an event that is set off by the death of the god Balder, which was orchestrated by Loki. The Ragnarok was a final clash of all the major entities of Norse mythology. This caused all of the human spirits up in Valhalla to come down for the final battle.

This bloody encounter ebbs with the destruction of the universe and Balder along with a little handful of entities that are put in the bodies of children and only contain memories of the world before Ragnarok. Those entities would become mortal, and would live again in a new world of plenty and just existence.