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Raffaello , also known as Raffy, is a character from the Chocobo series. Raffaello has a younger twin sister named Elly.


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

Prior to the story, Raffaello was the Guardian of Darkness, the Magic Beast of the Black known as "The Destroyer", a demon who fed on suffering, pain, despair, and darkness who almost destroyed all of Lostime. The Destroyer was a beast that gained strength through the terrifying memories, fear, and despair of the people he haunted. It resided inside the Shrine of Darkness, also known as the Floating Fortress, which was created by the Crystal of Dark Destruction. The Destroyer went berserk over time and unleashed his rampage on the town that would later be known as Lostime, causing mass destruction and killing many, including the nine brave souls and heros of Lostime. The residents resorted to severing their emotions and memories. When the oracles sealed it away, the other three Guardian Beasts created the Bell of Oblivion to relieve Lostime of its pain, and then sealed all of Memoria away from the rest of the world, sealing away the Destroyer and all memory of its first rampage; as long as no one regained their memories of the despair or fear they felt during his first rampage, the Destroyer would never wreak havoc again. Before being sealed, the Destroyer left its Crystal of Dark Destruction, also known as Timeless Power, in the outside world in the hope it would allure an ideal pawn to help break the seal.

The treasure hunters Chocobo and Cid found Timeless Power in the Tower of the Sands, and, along with Irma and Volg, were summoned to the city of Lostime, having unknowingly set in motion the events that would bring about the Destroyer's return. Deciding to use Chocobo to help restore the denizens' memories, the Destroyer appeared one night upon Chocobo and Shirma as an egg that fell from the sky and hatched into a baby Raffaello, devoid of all memory of his true identity. Thus Raffaello was born in the center of Lostime at the clocktower piazza. As the Destroyer assumed the identity of an innocent child, Raffaello was a different entity, not knowing that the Destroyer was inside him patiently waiting to unleash his power.

After having been born, Raffaello began to cry as a normal infant would and Shirma rushed over to pick him up. As he lay in Shirma's arms, he deduced Shirma's identity and said her name, much to the surprise of all three. Raffaello took a happy liking to Shirma and his presence caused Mayor Gale to suddenly remember that the boy's name was Raffaello. Before Gale could remember any more, the Bell of Oblivion rang and caused Mayor Gale to forget his own name. The whirlpool of memories appeared, and Raffaello used unknown powers to enter it, leaving behind the Brooch of Memories that Chocobo picked up, allowing him to also enter the Whirlpool of Memories. Chocobo dove into Mayor Gale's memories to find Raffaello and cure Mayor Gale's amnesia, giving Shirma the idea that Raffaello could help recover Cid's memories. Shirma carried Raffaello back to Stella's farm.

When they got back, Shirma told Stella about the events that transpired who expressed her disbelief. Raffaello deduced Stella's identity and said her name, like he had done with Shirma, again surprising Chocobo, Shirma, and Stella. Raffaello began to take a liking to Stella, and she remarked on how adorable Raffaello was. Shirma suggested he could help Cid regain his memory, and Stella thought it was worth a try. Raffaello gave an enthusiastic cheer of agreement, which led to Stella wondering if he could understand them. As she asked Raffaello if he wanted biscuits, they heard a crash from upstairs, and they rushed up to Cid who tossed and turned in his sleep. Raffaello used special powers to manifest a whirlpool of memories and Raffaello entered it. Chocobo dived in to find Raffaello and recover Cid's memories, and both emerged out of the whirlpool, having cured Cid. After Cid thanked Chocobo, he learned Raffaello had helped him regain his memory. Shirma showed Raffaello to Cid as he fell asleep in Shirma's arms. Everyone went to sleep peacefully for the night.

The next day, Raffaello disappeared from the house, as someone in Lostime had lost her memories. As Shirma frantically searched for him, Stella questioned how he could've wandered off as a baby. Shirma and Chocobo made their way to Freja's forge, and as Freja forgot what she was on the verge of remembering, the whirlpool of memories appeared again, and Raffaello, in the form of a special light, dived into the whirlpool. With the help of Chocobo, they recovered Freja's memories who thanked the two, having heard about Raffaello around town.

Raffaello stayed with Shirma while Chocobo went off on his own. When Chocobo returned, Raffaello tried to say something to Shirma and pointed towards the Fuego Mines. Sensing that Raffaello was saying there was something in the mines, Shirma and Chocobo walked over there. Raffaello used his powers to blast open the mines and reveal an entrance to a cave shining with light, which was the Guardian of the Flame. Raffaello entered, and though Shirma yelled after him, he did not come back.

Raffaello made his way to the Fire Crystal and slept inside the cocoon, which vastly sped up his growth. When Chocobo found the Fire Crystal, Raffaello emerged out of the cocoon having biologically aged a few years and able to walk and talk on his own. Raffaello was excited to see Chocobo and the two ventured out of the Shrine of Fire. They met Shirma back at the entrance who was surprised to see how quickly Raffaello had grown. Raffaello said that he had decided to grow up fast because he wanted to be able to talk to her, then asked for Stella's biscuits. Shirma replied that it shouldn't be a problem, and the three returned to Stella's farm.

Back at home, Cid expressed his bewilderment of how Raffaello had grown up so quickly, and questioned who he really was. Raffaello was left at a loss for words and Stella affirmed that Raffaello could only be Raffaello. Shirma gave biscuits to Raffaello, who happily ate them, and afterward he asked to go play outside as he was eager to see the rest of the world. Shirma was hesitant to let him go off by himself, but Stella allowed him.

While Raffaello was admiring the fountain at the clocktower piazza, the clocktower bell rang, and the water turned black and foul, upsetting Raffaello. He went off elsewhere but later returned to the center of town where he met Chocobo and told him about his disappointment of what happened to the fountain. He brushed it off however, and made his way to the river by Stella's house. At Stella's farm, Raffaello conversed with Shirma of what he had learned about in town and voiced his concerns as to why he was so different from everyone else, as no one else was born from an egg or grew inside a cocoon. Shirma did not know but believed that being different was a wonderful thing: when different people combine their strengths, something amazing can be achieved that would be out of reach alone. Shirma assured Raffaello that he should be proud of who he was. This cheered him up, and he went back out and talked with Chocobo near the Font of the Goddess, the pond near Stella's farm. He voiced his fear about a random urge he felt to tear flowers into pieces, much to Chocobo's horror. He later talked with Chocobo about the townspeople regarding him as their savior and believed it meant he needed to act more like one.

After the water at the fountain cleared, Raffaello called Meja, the waitress at Dardola's dining, over from the fountain. She and Chocobo headed over, and as Meja wondered what had happened, Raffaello explained the fountain water became clear again because Meja had regained her memories as the Oracle of Water. He asked Meja and Chocobo to follow him and they made their way to Levia Point where Raffaello used his powers to summon the Shrine of Water, which Meja recognized as Leviathan's shrine. She stood there in shock and wonder as Raffaello eagerly entered.

Raffaello made his way to the Water Crystal and slept inside another cocoon, which again biologically aged him a few years. He experienced frightening dreams of people suffering, grieving, and despairing. Chocobo made his way to the Water Crystal and woke him up. Raffaello emerged from the cocoon looking taller, more handsome, and about Shirma's age biologically. He unenthusiastically greeted Chocobo before they exited the Shrine of Water. They met Meja and Shirma on the way out. After Shirma noted how much Raffaello had grown up and barely recognized him, she noticed that Raffaello seemed a little down and more noticeably depressed and asked him what was wrong. The four headed back, Meja to the cafe, and the other three to Stella's house.

Back at Stella's house, Raffaello voiced his concerns to everyone that he could feel something unknown and frightening was growing inside him every time he aged: another kind of himself that he did not know about, and he was scared of himself. Shirma assured Raffaello could only be himself, but he was not convinced and ran out of the house. Shirma, who had been very worried about Raffaello, rushed after him, but Raffaello ordered her to stay away, believing that she would get hurt if she got too close to him. Raffaello ran off, and as Shirma called after him, an excruciating headache struck her and she collapsed, leaving Raffaello to run off on his own as the sky turned dark.

Later in the night, Chocobo came across a depressed Raffaello by the fountain who opened up about how he despised himself. Though he was grateful that Shirma was always nice to him, he lamented that all he could do was make her suffer. Chocobo agreed with Stella's notion that self-loathing was no good. Though Raffaello agreed with what Chocobo implied, he could not bring himself to like himself the way he was. He began to cry as he lamented on his desire to be more "normal". Chocobo then suddenly threw himself on Raffaello to peck and tickle him, which made Raffaello laugh hysterically in joy. After Chocobo finished, Raffaello realized that Chocobo had wanted him to feel what it was like to experience the valuable feeling of happiness in the moment. Feeling much better, Raffaello stood up, thanked Chocobo, and promised to not cry anymore.

After Chocobo recovered Shirma's memories and day returned, the two went over to the clocktower piazza to place Shirma's staff back as the clock's second arm. When Shirma remarked that time, long since lost, had started ticking again in Lostime, Raffaello came over, saying it was a big step towards their future. When Shirma implored Raffaello to reveal what was about to happen to their world Raffaello described the frightening dreams he had when inside a cocoon. He was scared but had to discover his mission. He opened the clocktower door and entered against Shirma's pleading for him to turn back.

Priest of Darkness.

Once he entered the Shrine of Light, Raffaello assumed his adult form with full memory of who he was. He rested inside the cocoon at the Light Crystal and biologically aged a few more years. When Chocobo came to the Crystal, an adult Raffaello emerged, more handsome than ever, now sporting a pair of wings. He had come to understand his mission: to regain everyone's memories. They were met by Cid and Shirma, and after Shirma barely recognized Raffaello, he said that he had finally become what he had always been. The four headed to the top of the tower where Raffaello began to return Lostime's memories with his feathers, and the townspeople celebrated and began to regard him as their savior. As he returned the people's memories, a mysterious figure approached them: a Black Mage named Croma, who warned the townspeople not to be fooled and declared Raffaello was no savior. Unbeknownst to anyone, even the good Raffaello, the Destroyer grew with every step that Raffaello aged. After Croma reunited with her sister Shirma, the Destroyer took complete control over Raffaello and assumed the form of the Priest of Darkness. He gloated how his plan had come together and summoned the Floating Fortress that was originally the Temple of Darkness, much to Croma's horror.

The Destroyer manifested himself through Raffaello and began his torment of the townspeople by using his evil feathers to bring back their terrifying memories. Croma challenged Raffaello, though Shirma begged her to stop, arguing it was impossible for Raffaello to be the Destroyer since he was born a baby. Croma countered saying that the Destroyer's guise of an innocent child was part of his plan to throw off suspicion, and argued that the Destroyer had used Chocobo and Cid for his own gain and even orchestrated their arrival to Lostime. The Destroyer complimented Croma for having foreseen this and explained to Cid that the crystal he had been seeking, Timeless Power, was the crystal that created his Floating Fortress. He mocked Cid for having fallen for his trap and because Cid was the grandson of the man who had fallen for the same trap fifty years ago. Croma dueled Raffaello who blocked her attacks, and neither could gain an advantage over the other. Croma threw him off slightly with a Meteor attack, but the Destroyer knew her weakness and attacked Shirma, knowing Croma would have no choice but to sacrifice herself to protect her sister. Croma took the fatal blow meant for Shirma, collapsing to the ground. The Destroyer watched mildly amused as Shirma screamed in devastation, gaining strength through her despair. He thanked an angry Chocobo for waking him up. After turning Croma into energy and absorbing her, Raffaello retreated into the fortress to complete his resurrection.

However, the good Raffaello was still alive and attempted to fight off the Destroyer's hold over him from the inside to save Croma, buying her time until Chocobo would arrive. When the Destroyer retreated to the Floating Fortress, the good Raffaello left cryptic messages for Chocobo explaining he had known there was a darkness inside him, and apologizing for their inevitable fight that was to come. When Chocobo met the Destroyer, Raffaello tried to tell him to stay away, but the Destroyer regained control and declared they would settle the fight. In one last effort to regain control, Raffaello told Chocobo to run away, but he did not back down. The Destroyer fought Chocobo from Raffaello's body. Eventually, Chocobo dealt enough damage to force the Destroyer to leave Raffaello's body and fight Chocobo himself. Once the Destroyer was vanquished, Raffaello was free of his former self and became a human child once again. Croma survived thanks to Raffaello, and they both boarded the airship that Chocobo had used to fly to the Floating Fortress. Soon after, the Floating Fortress exploded, sending Chocobo flying to the ground, but Raffaello managed to save Chocobo with the airship, landing it in Seaside Park. Raffaello then exited out of the airship to meet Cid, Stella, Mayor Gale and the Oracles alongside Chocobo. He stayed quiet as Chocobo and Croma relayed to the others the events of what had happened. After bearing witness to Mayor Gale's speech, Raffaello warmly thanked Chocobo.

Soon after the town was renamed Foundtime, Raffaello met with Croma, Chocobo, Cid, Stella, and Shirma in Seaside Park. He wanted to face his destiny and find himself, and he said that he needed to embark on a new path. He bid his farewells and thanked everyone, though when he turned to say goodbye to Shirma, he showed a slight sadness as he said goodbye to the girl that he knew had always loved him. He then departed on the airship to atone for his actions.

After clearing Chocobo's Memories, a letter from Raffaello arrived in the mailbox. He wrote that he was in a town called Talkas and that he would board a train to parts unknown to begin his journey.

Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha[]

Chocotales2 raffy.jpg

Raffaello appears going simply by Raffy. Being the protagonist in the third story, Raffy is an airship pilot from Luddock who lives with his twin sister Elly. Having no confidence in himself but wanting to fly like his mother, Raffy joins the Roman Cup airship contest in hopes of winning.


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

When not possessed by the Destroyer, Raffaello is a selfless and kind-hearted boy. He is similar to Shirma in temperament, as he is a happy boy who dearly loves and respects the people around him as he gained more knowledge of the people of Lostime, though he does not worry as much as Shirma, and does not appear to be as emotional as her when he was biologically younger than her. Raffaello is also a curious boy, as he was eager to see more of the world when he was biologically young and was excited to venture out and explore town, and he was also excited to explore the Fire and Water Shrines. When he was a baby, he also delved into the whirlpool of memories of people who had lost their memories, as he had some knowledge of his powers, eager to explore and discover what he had the potential to do. As a young boy, Raffaello was energetic, playful, and happy.

Raffaello was not without insecurities however, as he had some doubts about the type of person he was. He voiced his concerns to Chocobo when he had the spontaneous urge to tear a flower into pieces, which scared him into thinking that there might have been a dark side to him, though it was not completely his fault, and this was not an indicator of anything that was inherently wrong with him. When Raffaello grew biologically older, about Shirma's age and a early teenager, he went through the phases of depression, self-loathing, and low self esteem that were characteristic of growing up. However, this was not a normal sign of aging depression either, as Raffaello went through this phase because he could feel something else scary and unknown growing inside of him. He loathed himself because he believed he could only cause the people he loved, especially Shirma, suffering. He isolated himself believing that doing so could protect them from being hurt from him, again showing his selflessness, but also his lack of confidence in himself and self-esteem. However, his curiosity ultimately prevailed when, despite being scared of what was to come, he entered the clocktower to discover his mission.

When the Destroyer manifested and possessed Raffaello, he lost all traces of his original personality, and even Mayor Gale said that it was barely intact before the Destroyer would completely possess him and complete its transformation. When Chocobo came to face him, the good Raffaello desperately tried to speak to Chocobo and tell him to run, showing that he did not want to hurt his loved ones and that a trace of his pure heart was still there. He also tried to fight the Destroyer's efforts to devour Croma, buying her some time to survive, which again showed his selflessness and his good will.

After the Destroyer was defeated, Raffaello was finally free of his insecurities and self-doubt; his dark side had been completely defeated. He no longer had any signs of depression or self-loathing, though he remained shy and quiet as he was when he was biologically Shirma's age. He showed the same love and respect for the people around him as he had earlier, but he still chose to take responsibility for the events that transpired, though not out of any contempt for himself. Despite his love for Shirma, Chocobo, and other people he had grown close to, he knew that he had to atone for his sins and find himself, and thus he departed on the airship away from Lostime to set out on a new journey.


Raffaello's abilities are rather ambiguous, but when he was a baby, he had the power to open and delve into the whirlpool of memories and help other people regain their memories. He stopped doing this when he grew up, but he retained the power to unlock the crystal shrines. He managed to blast open the Fuego Mines, summon Leviathan's Shrine, and open the Clocktower doors. Whenever he did so, his hands and arms would glow.

Being possessed by the Destroyer gave him certain powers that he was forced to use against Chocobo due to being possessed. He was able to use Air Blade and Aero Blade, two special physical attacks that dealt slight damage. He was also able to navigate around the battlefield to catch up to or get away from Chocobo quickly using a High Speed ability. He could use a Magic Blade that dealt more damage to Chocobo than the Air or Aero Blades. He was also able to hurl a Black Cloud that could prevent Chocobo from using the SP trap.


Raffaello is voiced by Ai Kawashima in the Wii version and Miyuki Sawashiro in the DS version of the Japanese Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. He shares his DS voice actor with Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0, Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII as she appears in World of Final Fantasy, Minfilia from Final Fantasy XIV, and Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV. In Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!, Raffaello is voiced by Yuko Sanpei in the Japanese audio.

In English version of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, he is voiced by Ted Sroka. In Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!, his younger and older forms are voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker and Khoi Dao, respectively.

Other appearances[]

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Raffaello R4 Ability.jpg

Raffaello appears in his Priest of Darkness incarnation as a Rarity 4 Star Ability card.

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Virtual World[]

The Raffaello Avatar.

Users in Square Enix Members Virtual World community can make their Avatar appear as Raffaello.



Raffaello is an alternate spelling of Raphael. Raphael is an archangel of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, who in the Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth major angel; in Muslim tradition, he is known as Israfil.

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, known as Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance whose work is admired for its clarity of form and ease of composition and for its visual achievement of the Neoplatonic ideal of human grandeur. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.