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Raem is the penultimate boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

He will fire pairs of homing bubbles which duplicate the effects of Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara as a ranged attack, and will body slam anyone who gets too close (this can be aggravating, as the body slam attack interrupts most Focus attacks). He can also extend the necks of his "wings" in order to strike a foe at mid-range for heavy damage. When his health has been lowered enough, he will begin to use a devastating laser attack from the tips of his wings that creates a massive explosion after the beams meet.

Support Monsters Edit

As soon as the battle starts, Raem will summon a pair of minions (one red and one blue). These will respawn constantly throughout the fight whenever they are both dead, so leaving one alive would be a good idea.

The best minion to let live is the blue minion. The blue minion has a fault in its programming: it misjudges its attack range, thus missing every single time it attempts to attack you. However, the red minion will not miss. Kill the red one, leave the blue one, and make Raem suffer.

Strategy Edit

Raem has 350 Hit points in this phase of the battle, is extremely resistant to all three Black Magic spells, and is immune to the effects of Slow, Stop, Gravity, and, unlike most other bosses, Holy.

Once Raem has been reduced to 175 Hit points, he will start to use a laser beam attack, believed to be Ultima, with an explosion effect that inflicts massive damage. This attack is very difficult to avoid; Selkie or Yuke characters can escape the damage with their Defend abilities, although this requires split-second timing for the Selkies.

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