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Radz-at-Han (ラザハン, Razahan?) is a currently inaccessible city-state in Final Fantasy XIV. It is known as the Near-Eastern city-state, as it is on the island of Thavnair across the Jade Sea currently beyond playable boundaries. It may become accessible in a later expansion to the game. Radz-at-Han has maintained its independence due to a non-inteference treaty with Garlemald. It is noted by some, however that the treaty was only formed so Garlemald can obtain items via Thavnair.

Giantsgall[edit | edit source]

The Brugaire Consortium has begun sourcing arms from Radz-at-Han as free rewards for participating in Skirmish. These arms are forged of a "peculiar stone" known as Giantsgall, which is only found on the island of Thavnair.

Giantsgall was named for a Far Eastern legend of a hero who slew a giant on Thavnair. The giant's blood soaked the island and granted the stone its strength.

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