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It seems my gunblade has caught your eye. You may have seen Garleans wielding something similar, but this is the genuine article.

Radovan to the Warrior of Light

Radovan, also known as Radovan the Undaunted, is a Hrothgar non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He appears in the Gunbreaker questline as the job mentor.


Early life[]

Radovan was forced to serve the Garlean Empire as a military conscript as his family was being held hostage.[1] While off in another province Radovan disobeyed a direct order and was thrown in a Garlean gaol. Like many of the inmates he was fitted with a magitek shock collar that the wardens could use anytime they pleased.[2] After sometime in confinement Vitus quo Messalla, leader of the Alaudae, approached Radovan and offered him a chance to be free if he worked under him. Unwilling to serve Garlemald again Radovan refused and was tortured, leaving him with an intermittent paralysis.

Over the course of ten years Radovan dug a few inches every night but headed the wrong way and ended up in Sophie's cell. After he broke through her wall it caused a commotion in the gaol and the two used the racket to escape. After being freed Radovan planned on returning to his family only to find that Bozja Citadel had been destroyed in the early stages of project Meteor. Unable to deal with his grief Radovan planned to end his life, but Sophie stopped him. With a newfound purpose Sophie and Radovan fled Garlean territory and into Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Radovan and Sophie assisting an Ul'dahn client.

When the Warrior of Light searched for a gang of bandits, he found them attacking Radovan and Sophie in the East Shroud. After fending them off the two introduced themselves to the Warrior and Radovan asked if they would like to become a Gunbreaker. The three traveled to Gridania where Radovan and Sophie could register as adventurers. After finishing a job protecting a talented singer, the two traveled to Ul'dah where they rescued a boy from slave traders, and then onto Limsa Lominsa to escort a prisoner.

Ending up in Ishgard the group was tasked with escorting a scientist who would help Garlond Ironworks create ceruleum heaters. Since the escortee was a Garlean defector, he was being hunted down by the Alaudae, a group of criminal consripts who fight in the hopes of a reduced sentence. Radovan asked Sophie to stay behind as it would be difficult protecting both her and the scientist, but stormed off under belief she was being accused of being a burden. Afterward, Radovan admitted that it was a ploy to have her stay out of harm's way, as he considered her family.

The three traveled to the Observatorium where the scientist would arrive by airship. Upon meeting the scientist Cato Mammula, Radovan was surprised only for the group to question his reaction. He played it off as nothing but was lost in thought. After leaving the tower, Alaudae attacked them where Radovan protected Cato. Reese was injured and could no longer assist protecting the engineer, leaving it up to Radovan. He set off to take Cato to Ishgard alone, but secretely planned to take him to a remote location. The Warrior of Light tracked him down where he planned to execute the scientist for assisting in the Meteor Project that destroyed his homeland. The Warrior of Light convinced him not to kill him and Radovan walked off.

Radovan blocks the lethal blow.

After Sophie and the Warrior took Cato to Ishgard, they accepted a job from an anonymous person in Coerthas Western Highlands. Once they meet up with him, they were captured in magitek restraints and the anonymous person was revealed to be Vitus himself, who was going to execute the Warrior of Light right then and there. Before he could, Radovan blocked the blow with his sword and freed his comrades. Vitus ordered his soldiers to attack the group, but Radovan used a device to shock the soldiers, a device he had asked Cato to make that worked with their magitek collars. The commander gloated before killing his own men and declared he woukd face them on his own.

Vitus gained the upper hand by knocking all of them to their knees and preparing his next attack. With no other options Radovan requested Sophie's assistance in forming a barrier, and with her assistance he used Final Bastion to protect the party, and allowsed the Warrior of Light to finish Vitus on their own.

After the battle Radovan revealed that he knew the Alaudae were going to attack the Warrior instead of Cato, as he had seen them watching from afar when he had pretended to want to kill Cato. He had asked the scientist to construct the device to stop the Alaudae, and reveals that he didn't want to kill Cato, only wanted him to admit to his crimes. The party returned to Ishgard and thanked Cato while congratulating the Warrior for being an outstanding Gunbreaker bu tthat they would have little to gain from joining Radovan and Sophie on assignments. He had the Warrior escort them to Revenant's Toll in hopes of attracting more adventurers into the art.

Radovan meets Rostik.

After the Warrior of Light's adventure in the First, Radovan told the pair of their friend Thancred who became a Gunbreaker. This surprised Radovan who believes that others must've survived and began searching for his comrade. After retracing their steps, they reached Ishgard where Reese told the group he was with Cato outside of Camp Dragonhead. Afraid that his comrade was going to kill the engineer, the group headsed to Providence Point to stop him. Cato revealed to the group that he was not in danger and Rostik was looking for his aid in rebuilding Bozja Citadel. Rostik stated that he, too, had put the past behind him and asked Radovan to join him in rebuilding his homeland. Sophie was saddened and turned away, but after Radovan declined saying he would not abandon family, Sophie smiled. Radovan reminded Rostik of Thancred and laughed, before bidding the group farewell.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

During the events of the Ilsabard contingent, Hoary Boulder approached Radovan and Sophie needing help defending Ixal from the imperials who had emerged from one of Telophoroi's towers. During the mission, the tower suddenly disappeared. Radovan later discovered that the disappearance was thanks to the actions of the Warrior of Light in Garlemald, and also learned that Rostik had overcome his hatred for the Empire and participated in the contingent to save the Garlean population. Radovan wondered what would happen to the territories formerly occupied by the Empire, and deemed that whatever happened, he and Sophie would strive improve relations between them and Eorzea.[3]



Radovan is a male helion Hrothgar with light brown hair and a scar on the right side of his mouth. He is outfitted with Bodyguard armor, and wields the Weathered Lion Heart in battle.


Radovan is a smart man, as he once served as a bodyguard in Ilsabard he can deduce any possible threats before a mission, and finds the best way to protect his charges. He is observative and tends to overshare his homelands history, much to Sophie's boredom. Since he has been through thick and thin with his partner, he considers her to be family.


Radovan appears in the solo duties Hired Gunblades and Steel against Steel. In battle he will use typical Gunbreaker abilities while also using Provoke and Shirk. In his fight against Vitus, he will use a unique Gunbreaker Limit Break called Final Bastion that protects the party from harm.


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