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Rachel is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. She was Locke's lover who perished in an Imperial raid on Kohlingen. Finding a way to revive her and atone for leaving her when she needed him has been Locke's motivation in life ever since.


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Rachel and Locke exploring.

According to developer statements, Locke became romantically involved with Rachel after his father died. The citizens of Kohlingen saw him as a petty thief, but Rachel treated him well and humored his insistence that he was a treasure hunter. Her father refused to let Locke see her, so Locke resolved to prove himself to him by taking Rachel to find a great treasure.[1][2] While the two were exploring a mountain where the treasure was hidden, a bridge began to collapse as Locke crossed it. Rachel pushed him to safety and fell into the chasm herself, and Locke leapt down after her.

Locke took Rachel home, but when she woke up she had lost her memory. Her father blamed it on Locke and kicked him out of the house; Rachel, having no idea who Locke was, stood by her father and asked him to leave. The heartbroken Locke decided to leave town and let Rachel start a new life without him. However, a short time later the Gestahlian Empire attacked town, and Rachel was killed. Locke returned a year after he left and learned that Rachel's memory had returned as she died and her last words were his name. Locke was wracked with guilt for Rachel's death and felt he never should have left her.

An eccentric old man living on the edge of town took Rachel's body and used a herbal concoction to preserve it. Locke questioned him about rumors of a "legendary treasure" that could revive the dead, but the man had no leads on it. Locke dedicated himself to fighting the Empire and finding the legendary treasure to restore Rachel to life.

Locke after having delivered Phoenix on Rachel's body.

After the world was destroyed, Locke found a lead on the legendary treasure at a star-shaped mountain. The party found him in the cave's deepest chamber where Locke showed them the treasure he had found, the magicite remains of the esper Phoenix. However, the magicite was very old and had deep cracks, and Locke feared it might not be enough. He took the Phoenix to Kohlingen and laid it on Rachel's body. Although there was no immediate reaction, the Magicite soon glowed and shattered, and Rachel opened her eyes.

Imbued with the Phoenix's power, Rachel had been revived, but it was only for a few moments. Rachel thanked Locke for all the happiness he had given her, and told him to let go of his pain and allow himself to love again, knowing there was already somebody else who he had feelings for. Rachel then gave up her power and merged with the Phoenix, reforming its magicite shard and entrusting it to Locke.

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Musical themes[]

The theme associated with Locke and Rachel's relationship is called "Forever Rachel" (永遠に、レイチェル, Eien ni, Reicheru?). The theme plays during Locke's flashback scene with Rachel and the subsequent events involving them. The theme shares some melodic elements with "Locke's Theme".



"Rachel" is a Hebrew name that means "ewe" or "innocent lamb".