Rachel is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. She was Locke's lover who lived in Kohlingen, and is still his motivation to keep on surviving, and behind his need to rescue women in trouble. Rachel had long blue hair and blue eyes, and wore a white shirt, blue shorts and golden earrings. Rachel loved Locke to a self-sacrificing degree and was grateful for him for always making her happy, wanting him to have the same happiness in return.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Rachel and Locke on Mt. Kolts.

Rachel was Locke's girlfriend in Kohlingen. He took Rachel to Mt. Kolts, looking for what would become her engagement ring. Upon crossing a rickety bridge it began to collapse, but Rachel pushed him to safety and took the fall. Locke brought her back to Kohlingen, but she had lost her memory. Her father blamed it on Locke, and he kicked him out of their house. Rachel agreed to her father's decision as she had no memory of Locke and their relationship, and only saw him as someone upsetting her parents. The Kohlingen residents were angry at him, leading Locke to leave the town. Rachel was killed a year later in a raid by the empire, but her memory was restored and her last words were: "If a man called Locke should ever return, please tell him that I love him."

Locke after having delivered Phoenix on Rachel's body.

Locke heard about the attack and returned to Kohlingen only to find he was too late. Determined to do something, he took Rachel's body to an herbologist in Kohlingen who preserved her so Locke could search for a way to bring her back to life. His feelings of guilt continued to haunt him, leading him to try to protect every woman in need he came across. After the world is destroyed, Locke hears of the legendary esper, Phoenix, that can revive the dead.

Locke finds it in Phoenix Cave and returns to Kohlingen to use the Phoenix on Rachel. The cracked magicite shard only revives her for a few moments, but she helps Locke overcome his guilt, tells him to "give his love to the one who now dwells in his heart" and dies again.

I have to go now... ...But thank you so much for all the happiness you've given me... Please, let go of chains that bind your heart... I release you... Give your love to the one who now dwells in your heart... Love her... as you loved me... Phoenix... Be reborn! And give your power... to Locke!!

Rachel's last words

Her spirit merges with the Phoenix magicite and restores the magicite to its original splendor. Locke feels exculpated and is finally able to move on.

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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

The theme associated with Locke and Rachel's relationship is called "Forever Rachel" (永遠に、レイチェル, Eien ni, Reicheru?). The theme plays during Locke's flashback scene with Rachel and the subsequent events involving them. The theme shares some melodic elements with "Locke's Theme".

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Rachel" is a Hebrew name that means "ewe" or "innocent lamb".

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