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Rabbit is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Rabbits are herbivorous creatures that propel themselves by hopping with their powerful hind legs and tails. They are known for their distinctively long ears and charming eyes. These small, bipedal creatures of Vana'diel can be found in various environments throughout the Quon continent, and can usually be distinguished by their relative strength and, occasionally, their color. The rabbits of the Quon continent, hares, have brown fur with the snowflake-like spots.

Rabbits are known for their relatively inexpensive drops, and are therefore often used by inexperienced leathercrafters and cooks alike to hone their skills. Newer leathercrafters stack up on hides to make a number of simple items such as Rabbit Mantles. Similarly, younger cooks have pantries full of meat, although tougher and cheaper than other meat, in order to prepare simple foods such as Grilled Hare and practice their technique. Even beginning alchemists join the mix by using hides to make Animal Glue.

There are, however, some advanced uses for these items. In leathercraft, for example, the Nomad's Mantle is a staple for any low-level adventurer's wardrobe. In cooking, Rarab Meatball packs a powerful punch, as does the Windurst Taco. Every once in a while one may even find a turnip or carrot that the rabbit was saving for a snack.


  • Hare - Hares are the species of Rabbits found on the Quon continent.
  • Rarab - Rarabs are the species of Rabbits found on the Mindartia continent.
  • Coney - Coneys are the species of Rabbits found in arctic regions.

Beastmaster Pets[]


  • Bountiful Bunny
  • Celebratory Coney
  • Harbinger Hare
  • Rejoicing Rabbit
  • Revelry Rarab
  • Shasha

Special Abilities[]

  • Dust Cloud: Cone-attack damage and Blind
  • Foot Kick: Single-target damage.
  • Snow Cloud: Cone-attack damage and Paralysis. Used instead of Dust Cloud in snowy areas.
  • Whirl Claws: 5' AoE damage.
  • Wild Carrot: Restores HP to self.