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Rabanastre's concept art.

The Cathedral where Ashe and Rasler were married.

Viera in a local tavern.

It's our home. It belongs to us all.


The (Royal City of Rabanastre, 王都ラバナスタ?, lit. Ōto Rabanasuta) is a city in Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is the hometown of Vaan, the hume orphan and the game's main character. Being the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmasca capital, Princess Ashe would also normally make residence here. Rabanastre becomes the most frequently visited city by the player, and could be considered a "homebase".

Sage Knowledge

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Capital of Old Dalmasca, and before that, many other kingdoms stretching back into the storied history of the Galtean Peninsula. Rule by the Dalmascan royal family lasted for several hundred years before the city's fall to the Archadian Empire two years past. Now an Imperial territory. The story of the city's people is the story of three cultures, those of Valendia, Ordalia, and Kerwon, who bore trade goods along the many well-frequented routes leading to her welcoming gates. The town proper of Rabanastre is divided into four sections by the cardinal directions of the compass. The east and west are merchant districts, the streets lined with shops and stalls of every description. In the north, the streets widen into a large piazza facing the palace, and to the South can be found three gates leading beyond the city walls to the Dalmasca desert and Giza Plains. The aerodrome can be found in the western outskirts of town, surrounded by numerous privately operated airship docks. In the northwestern part of town stands a splendid cathedral built in the Galtean style, the bell of which, when rung, sounds through every hearth and home in the city.

Sage Knowledge 39

Lowtown lies, as its name would suggest, beneath the city streets of Rabanastre. Great pillars standing throughout Lowtown support the soaring edifices above. Prior to the war with Archadia, many merchants used Lowtown as a place to store foodstuffs and wares for sale. With the defeat and occupation by Archadia, many of the former residents of upper Rabanastre were relocated here, leading to its gradual transforming into a residential area. No natural light shines on Lowtown, save where there are passages to the streets above, making it perpetually gloomy. Many orphans from the war have adopted Lowtown as their new home.

Sage Knowledge 40

A short walk north from the center of Rabanastre will lead you to the gates of the royal palace. Before the war with Archadia, this magnificent structure was home to the Dalmascan royal family, and barracks to the order of knights that served them. It is currently employed as a living quarters and apartments by the recently appointed consul from Archadia. The palace itself was built several centuries ago and has since been home to many Dalmascan monarchs, King Raminas being the most recent. Numerous additions have been made to the palace over the course of its long history (the Royal City of Rabanastre having several times fallen under the control of foreign powers through invasion), but the overall bearing of its architecture is true to the original Galtean design. Within the palace are secret chambers containing documents and treasures belonging to the royal family. Few who live beyond the palace walls know how they may be found.

Sage Knowledge 41



Final Fantasy XII

Moogle Parade at Rasler and Ashe's wedding.

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Rabanastre is the capital of Kingdom of Dalmasca. Two years prior to the story of Final Fantasy XII the relationships between the competing empires of Archadia and Rozarria had grown strained and Archadia was expected to invade the small nations situated between the borders of the two superpowers. In order to strengthen the national security of both nations Princess Ashelia of Dalmasca was to marry Prince Rasler of Nabradia. The wedding was held in Rabanastre with the prince and princess paraded through the city streets in front of cheering crowds. Soon after, Archadia invaded Nabradia and Prince Rasler joined the Battle of Nalbina Fortress where he was killed. As the Empire moved to assassinate the king of Dalmasca and take over the kingdom Ashe escaped from Rabanastre and went into hiding, and a word was spread that she had committed suicide.

After the Empire took over Dalmasca the life in Rabanastre greatly changed. Imperial soldiers took over the town and many of the old citizens were forced to move underground where they formed a shadow city, known as Lowtown. Vaan and his childhood friend Penelo grew up during these events and after Penelo's parents died in the invasion of Rabanastre, the two started to work for Migelo, who would look after them. The people of Rabanastre hated the Empire but were powerless to do anything about it.

Vayne holds a speech upon becoming the Consul of Rabanastre.

The story opens two years after Dalmasca has been invaded by the Archadian Empire. Vaan spends his days in Rabanastre practicing his hunting skills, dreaming of becoming a sky pirate and stealing from the imperials. A new Consul, Vayne Carudas Solidor, arrives in Rabanastre to be appointed to rule over Dalmasca, and the Royal City of Rabanastre prepares for a grand fete to commemorate the event. Vayne holds a speech to the citizens of Rabanastre and even if the crowd shows their disdain at first, Vayne is able to make an impression on the citizens by praising the late king.

On the night of the fete, the Resistance storms the Royal Palace with Princess Ashe as part of the Resistance forces, but the Imperial fleet, expecting the attack, stifles the skirmish quickly. Ashe escapes the palace via an underground waterway, but is caught by Vayne and her accomplices are thrown into the Nalbina Dungeons. The days of the new Consul are short-lived, however, and Vayne is soon summoned back to Archades, where he goes on to conspire to become the new emperor.

Bahamut looming above Rabanastre.

As the war between the Resistance forces led by Marquis Ondore and the forces of Archadian Empire, led by Vayne, breaks out, Rabanastre becomes the battleground. Princess Ashe manages to defeat Vayne, but the Imperial flagship Sky Fortress Bahamut loses its power and is in danger of falling on the city of Rabanastre, obliterating it. Ashe's comrade, the sky pirate Balthier, manages to fix the Bahamut's glossair rings just in time, and Bahamut crash-lands outside of the city, becoming a notable landmark in the area.

Vayne defeated, Larsa Solidor becomes the new emperor of Archadia, and settles peace with Princess Ashe. Dalmasca regains its sovereignty, and Ashe becomes the queen, continuing to rule Dalmasca from the Royal Palace in Rabanastre. A year later, Penelo notes in a letter to Larsa that Rabanastre is finally back to the way it was, back when her parents were still alive.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

After losing his new airship at the Glabados Ruins, Vaan returns to Rabanastre. One day a mysterious derelict arrives at the city outskirts and Vaan, Penelo, Kytes and Filo venture inside. The derelict turns out to be the airship Galbana which leads the group into the trip to Lemurés. During their adventures the group runs into Velis, a former member of the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca who once resided in Rabanastre.

After defeating Feolthanos in the Keep of Forgotten Time the sky continent falls to pieces and Galbana flies away to locations unknown. Vaan, Penelo, Kytes and Filo return to Rabanastre, but unwilling to go back to their usual routine Vaan and Penelo sneak out of town during night to set out to new adventures, but are caught by Filo and Kytes.



View from Southgate.

The City of Rabanastre has three gates which lead into the city. Eastgate to Estersand, West Gate (where the Aerodrome is also located) to Westersand, and Southgate to the Giza Plains. The gates are usually open, but during the new Consul's parade they were closed off. One can easily move between the gates via "Moogling".


Aerodrome is situated at the West Gate of Rabanastre. It has Skyferries leading to Nalbina Fortress, Skycity of Bhujerba and Imperial City of Archades. The party's airship, Strahl, is kept at the aerodrome as well when the player is in the town.

Southern Plaza

View from Southern Plaza.

The Southern Plaza is in the cross-junction between the gates and is a popular hang-out spot. People like to come and sit around the fountain watching travelers pass through the gates. Cartographers moogle can be found in the Southern Plaza and during side quests many people of interest can be found around the fountain.

East End

Many shops are found around the business district.

In the East End of Rabanastre, along the main street, are plenty of shops. Magick, weapons, armaments, and even Migelo has a shop around here called Migelo's Sundries.

The Sandsea

Tomaj is the tavern owner.

The Sandsea is a popular tavern and especially among sky pirates. It has a notice board for aspiring hunters and is always booming with business. The tavern owner Tomaj can often be found inside.

Clan Centurio Hall

Montblanc knows about Elite Hunts not available elsewhere.

Clan Centurio is a clan of hunters founded by Montblanc. Only members are allowed inside. Within the hall the clan members train their skills and find out about new rare hunts from Montblanc himself, who can always be found within the hall. As the party progresses clan ranks and further the storyline, clan members will change their mindset about Vaan, from a newcomer to a veteran.

The Muthru Bazaar

View at the bazaar.

The Muthru Bazaar is the liveliest part of town with numerous vendors. The Clan Centurio shop can be found here, open only for members. At the end of the bazaar is a door, which leads to a resistance hideout.


On the streets of Lowtown.

Below Rabanastre lies a shadow city, the Lowtown. After the Empire took over the city many people were forced to move below the street-level and now Lowtown is as booming with activity as the upper town. Old Dalan has his house in Lowtown, and Vaan's friend Kytes can also often be found about. Lowtown has passage to the Garamsythe Waterway. Some rare equipment can be bought at Lowtown's South Sprawl after the events at Giruvegan.


Lowtown is the only area in Rabanastre where the player may find treasures. Unlike treasures in most other locations, Lowtown treasures are stored in urns covered in blue cloth. The treasure outside Old Dalan's house is a forbidden chest that, once claimed, prevents the player from obtaining the Zodiac Spear, the game's most powerful weapon, in Necrohol of Nabudis. This mechanic was removed in the Zodiac Job System version.

The other treasures are nothing special, mainly containing Potions. With Diamond Armlet equipped the treasures are mainly Knots of Rust, with the rare treasure being Ether or Hi-Ether.


Citizens of Rabanastre.

The majority of Rabanastre's residents are humes. There are also large numbers of bangaa, moogles, and seeq. The city also contains a small population of viera and at least two nu mou.

Notable Citizens

  • Vaan, a local thief, and protagonist to Final Fantasy XII.
  • Penelo, Vaan's childhood friend.
  • Migelo, a local vendor, owns an item shop Migelo's Sundries.
  • Montblanc, moogle who leads Clan Centurio.
  • Old Dalan, wise old man living in the Lowtown, friend of Vaan's.
  • Kytes, Vaan's friend. Also works for Migelo.
  • Filo, Kytes's friend.
  • Tomaj, owner of the local tavern, the Sandsea.
  • Ktjn, viera by the Muthru Bazaar (sidequest).
  • Krjn, Ktjn's sister, member of Clan Centurio.
  • Weather Eye, seeq at Southgate who knows when the weather at Giza Plains will change.

Moogling City Teleports

The Southgate Moogling Post seen behind Vaan.

In the city, there are five moogles that will warp the party to certain locations within city borders. It's free and a way to get around easily. It becomes available after Vaan escapes from the Barheim Passage.

The five Moogling locations are:

  • Eastgate
  • Muthru Bazaar
  • Southgate
  • The Sandsea (just outside it)
  • Westgate


Final Fantasy XII


Ktjn in Rabanastre.

Ktjn is a viera found sitting on the steps leading to Muthru Bazaar after the events in the Barheim Passage. She asks the party questions and depending on the given answers she will decide what to do with her life and depending on her choice, will reward the party with items.

Viera Matchmaking

Wandering Viera wants to find love.

The quest becomes available after talking with the Garif Elder in Jahara. Wandering Viera can be spotted in Rabanastre's Southgate who'll mention she's looking for a lover. Vaan must follow her and talk to the Lovestruck Man by the fountain, then go to Yamoora's Gambits and talk to the viera again.

Afterward she can be found in the Sandsea's upper level. She asks for Vaan's help and it is possible to pair the viera with either the Lovestruck Man or with Lord Vain in the Yamoora's Gambits to get a Loxley Bow. However, if the player chooses the Lovestruck Man they will also get two Hi-Potions, making it the better option.

Medallion Fragments

After the events in Mt. Bur-Omisace the player can visit Old Dalan to find a Nu Mou who is looking for a medallion. The player can then help him by finding the different medallion fragments from around the city.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


Main Missions

After two main storyline missions, Rabanastre can never be visited by the party again.

Mission 03: Eve of Adventure

Treasure is all well and good for sky pirates, but it means little enough without an airship. And so Vaan and Penelo resume life as usual... until the unusual happens.

In-game description

Vaan, Filo, and Kytes make a midnight run for the derelict. While passing through the square, they encounter several strange monsters, the Yarhi. This mission serves as an explanation of the Melee-Ranged-Flying unit type relationship.

Map Rabanastre1 RW.PNG

Mission 04: The Coveted Derelict

A derelict airship lands outside the gates of Rabanastre - a temptation no self-respecting sky pirate can resist. After a brief skirmish at the city's edge, Vaan plots a way past the watch.

In-game description

At the Rabanastre Southgate, the trio catches sight of the derelict and must cross a small section of plains to reach it. This mission serves as a lesson in using abilities and Gambits.

Map Rabanastre2 RW.PNG
  • Sylph
  • Garchimacera
  • Alraune

Secret Ending

If the player completes all missions they will fight the final boss at level 99 and get an extra scene to the ending where Vaan and Penelo sneak out of Rabanastre together, suggesting a romantic connection between the two.


Note: The items available for purchase change throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.

Amal's Weaponry

Weapon Cost
Broadsword 400 gil
Dagger 200 gil
Shortbow 500 gil
Altair 500 gil
Longsword 700 gil
Mage Masher 700 gil
Silver Bow 1,000 gil
Iron Sword 1,200 gil
Oak Staff 400 gil
Javelin 1,400 gil
Assassin's Dagger 1,400 gil
Capella 1,400 gil
Oaken Pole 1,300 gil
Aevis Killer 1,500 gil
Zwill Blade 1,700 gil
Cherry Staff 800 gil
Killer Bow 2,000 gil
Spear 2,200 gil
Handaxe 2,200 gil
Chopper 2,200 gil
Cypress Pole 2,000 gil
Mace 1,800 gil
Ancient Sword 2,400 gil
Vega 2,400 gil
Longbow 3,000 gil
Wizard's Staff 1500 gil
Rod 1,500 gil
Iron Hammer 3,300 gil
Bronze Mace 3,000 gil
Blood Sword 5,000 gil
Partisan 3,500 gil
Main Gauche 3,500 gil
Battle Bamboo 3,200 gil
Kotetsu 3,800 gil
Bowgun 3,800 gil
Sirius 4,000 gil
Elfin Bow 4,200 gil
Weapon Cost
Broadaxe 4,200 gil
Serpent Rod 2,100 gil
Lohengrin 4,500 gil
Heavy Lance 4,800 gil
Osafune 4,800 gil
Gladius 4,800 gil
Musk Stick 4,300 gil
Gilt Measure 4,000 gil
Bhuj 4,100 gil
Flame Staff 2,400 gil
Storm Staff 2,400 gil
Glacial Staff 2,400 gil
Flametongue 5,200 gil
Loxley Bow 5,200 gil
War Hammer 5,200 gil
Crossbow 5,200 gil
Healing Rod 3,000 gil
Betelgeuse 5,400 gil
Kogarasumaru 5,600 gil
Ashura 5,600 gil
Miter 5,000 gil
Storm Spear 5,800 gil
Iron Pole 5,300 gil
Hornito 5,800 gil
Arc Scale 5,500 gil
Demonsbane 6,000 gil
Giant Stonebow 6,000 gil
Slasher 6,000 gil
Avenger 6,000 gil
Magoroku 6,600 gil
Paramina Crossbow 6,600 gil
Gaia Rod 3,300 gil
Icebrand 7,000 gil
Ras Algethi 7,000 gil
Sakura-saezuri 7,000 gil
Golden Staff 3,500 gil

Panamis's Protectives

Armor Cost
Leather Cap 100 gil
Leather Clothing 100 gil
Cotton Cap 100 gil
Cotton Shirt 100 gil
Headgear 200 gil
Chromed Leathers 200 gil
Magick Curch 200 gil
Light Woven Shirt 300 gil
Leather Helm 500 gil
Leather Armor 500 gil
Escutcheon 300 gil
Headguard 300 gil
Leather Breastplate 300 gil
Pointy Hat 300 gil
Silken Shirt 300 gil
Bronze Helm 700 gil
Bronze Armor 700 gil
Leather Shield 600 gil
Leather Headgear 500 gil
Bronze Chestplate 500 gil
Topkapi Hat 500 gil
Kilimweave Shirt 500 gil
Sallet 1,000 gil
Scale Armor 1,000 gil
Buckler 1,000 gil
Horned Hat 700 gil
Ringmail 700 gil
Calot Hat 700 gil
Shepherd's Bolero 700 gil
Iron Helm 1,400 gil
Iron Armor 1,400 gil
Bronze Shield 1,200 gil
Balaclava 1,000 gil
Windbreaker 1,000 gil
Wizard's Hat 1,000 gil
Wizard's Robes 1,000 gil
Barbut 1,900 gil
Linen Cuirass 1,900 gil
Armor Cost
Round Shield 1,600 gil
Soldier's Cap 1,400 gil
Heavy Coat 1,400 gil
Lambent Hat 1,400 gil
Chanter's Djellaba 1,400 gil
Winged Helm 2,500 gil
Chainmail 2,500 gil
Green Beret 1,900 gil
Survival Vest 1,900 gil
Feathered Cap 1,900 gil
Traveler's Vestment 1,900 gil
Golden Helm 3,200 gil
Golden Armor 3,200 gil
Golden Shield 2,100 gil
Red Cap 2,500 gil
Brigandine 2,500 gil
Mage's Hat 2,500 gil
Mage's Habit 2,500 gil
Burgonet 4,000 gil
Shielded Armor 4,000 gil
Ice Shield 2,500 gil
Headband 3,200 gil
Jujitsu Gi 3,200 gil
Lamia's Tiara 3,200 gil
Enchanter's Habit 3,200 gil
Pirate Hat 4,000 gil
Viking Coat 4,000 gil
Sorcerer's Hat 4,000 gil
Sorcerer's Habit 4,000 gil
Close Helmet 4,900 gil
Demon Mail 4,900 gil
Flame Shield 3,200 gil
Goggle Mask 4,900 gil
Metal Jerkin 4,900 gil
Black Cowl 4,900 gil
Black Garb 4,900 gil
Bone Helm 5,900 gil
Diamond Shield 3,900 gil

Yugri's Magicks

Spell Cost
Cure 200 gil
Poisona 200 gil
Blindna 200 gil
Vox 300 gil
Stona 800 gil
Raise 1,900 gil
Cura 1,500 gil
Regen 1,900 gil
Esuna 2,800 gil
Curaga 3,200 gil
Dispel 4,500 gil
Fire 200 gil
Thunder 200 gil
Blizzard 200 gil
Water 800 gil
Aero 1,200 gil
Fira 3,000 gil
Thundara 3,000 gil
Blizzara 3,000 gil
Bio 4,900 gil
Slow 200 gil
Immobilize 600 gil
Disable 600 gil
Break 900 gil
Reflect 800 gil
Spell Cost
Warp 1,700 gil
Bleed 1,100 gil
Balance 1,500 gil
Float 2,800 gil
Haste 3,400 gil
Countdown 3,100 gil
Stop 3,700 gil
Blind 200 gil
Protect 200 gil
Poison 500 gil
Shell 300 gil
Silence 400 gil
Sleep 700 gil
Oil 600 gil
Toxify 4,100 gil
Dark 500 gil
Berserk 1,000 gil
Confuse 1,400 gil
Decoy 2,500 gil
Gravity 2,800 gil
Drain 3,200 gil
Vanish 4,900 gil
Death 5,200 gil
Vanishga 8,700 gil

Batahn's Technicks

Technick Cost
Steal 1,600 gil
Libra 500 gil
First Aid 700 gil
Poach 7,000 gil
Charge 1,700 gil
Horology 2,000 gil
Souleater 6,400 gil
Traveler 6,700 gil
Numerology 2,048 gil
Shear 3,600 gil
Achilles 800 gil
Gil Toss 2,000 gil
Charm 5,000 gil
Sight Unseeing 6,800 gil
Infuse 2,000 gil
Addle 3,500 gil
Bonecrusher 700 gil

Migelo's Sundries

Item Cost
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil
Hi-Potion 210 gil
Bacchus's Wine 120 gil
Smelling Salts 50 gil
Remedy 400 gil
Chronos Tear 50 gil

Clan Provisioner

The items sold at the Clan Centurio's Clan Provisioner depend on the Clan Rank the party has reached. The minimum required rank displayed in parenthesis.

Wares Cost
Cat-ear Hood (High Guardian) 30,000 gil
Nihopalaoa (Headhunter) 30,000 gil
Bubble Belt (Riskbreaker) 5,000 gil
Knot of Rust (Knight of Round) 6 gil
Warp Mote (Paragon of Justice) 100 gil
Dark Matter (Order of Ambrosia) 2 gil
Bravery (Riskbreaker) 5,800 gil
Faith (Brave Companion) 5,800 gil
Bubble (Ward of Justice) 3,300 gil
Reverse (Headhunter) 7,600 gil
Teleport Stone (Vanguard) 200 gil
Gysahl Greens (Rear Guard) 108 gil

Traveling Merchants

Lowtown, North Sprawl

Wares Cost
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil

Lowtown, South Sprawl

Wares Cost
Renewing Morion (After Giruvegan) 16,000 gil
Mirage Vest (After Giruvegan) 16,000 gil
Jackboots 600 gil
Black Belt 600 gil
Golden Amulet 4,500 gil
Potion 70 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil



Rabanastre Main Level.


Rabanastre Lowtown.

Music Themes

Template:Listen Unlike other locations, the city of Rabanastre has two different musical themes. On the main upper city, the song ("The Royal City of Rabanastre", 王都のロイヤルシティ?, lit. Ōto no Roiyaru Shiti) (also known as "City Ward Upper Level") plays. Within the city's Lowtown plays ("Rabanastre Downtown", 王都のダウンタウン?, lit. Ōto no Dauntaun).

Other appearances

Final Fantasy XIV

One of the original servers in Final Fantasy XIV was named Rabanastre. It was merged with the Cornelia server into the Durandal server.



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