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Ququruka Tataruka is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. A scholar of the forbidden arts of Black Magic, he had spent a century incarcerated for his sins.


Early life[]

Young Ququruka studying black magic.

In his youth, Ququruka was an accomplished thaumaturge who, in his insatiable thirst for arcane knowledge, turned his hand to the forbidden art of black magic. His research was painstakingly slow until he encountered three beastmen who shared his all-consuming obsession. Combining their efforts, they pieces together broken secrets and prepared a ritual by which black magic could be fully restored to the world. In his prideful arrogance, however, Ququruka altered the rite with his own incantations. His meddling disrupted their tenuous command over the chaotic aether, unleashing energies that tore his beastman friends apart, and reformed them into a singular abomination called Barbatos.

Overcome by horror and remorse, Ququruka returned to Ul'dah, and convinced the authorities to confine him to the Marasaja Pit—the sultanate's deepest of dungeons. There would he lose himself in meditation for a hundred years, until one worthy of donning the black appeared—a successor who could undo the dark deeds he had committed in the name of glory.[1]

During her visits to the Marasaja Pit, the priestess Lalai Lai was attracted to Ququruka's magic. Lalai began to meet Ququruka in his confinement and gradually became a disciple in the art of black magic.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Ququruka summoning Barbatos.

Ququruka had arranged for all the events, having the Warrior of Light take the Gem of Shatotto and seal away Voidgates. However, it's later learned his true goal was to aid his friends, whom where accidentally fused into Barbatos due to his careless mishandling of forbidden magic. Before he dies, he explains his story and bequeaths the Wizard's Robe to the player.



Ququruka Tataruka is a 132 year old dunesfolk lalafell


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