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Quistis is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Quistis Trepe originating from Final Fantasy VIII. Squall is one of the two character representatives of that game, the other being Squall.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Kristina Pesic / Miyuki Sawashiro
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Lass in glasses / Secret agent / Cautious and calculating / Generous enough to give away a fastcraft / Not generous enough to include a parachute
A Cunning Strategist
Quistis is a wily and worldly woman who knows just what's needed to grease the wheels of the political machine. When it came time to investigate Icicle Ridge, she immediately readied a juicy bribe for the thane—the fastcraft—but quickly shifted strategies in light of new information. While you might think her capricious for this, that is most certainly not the case. Quistis merely reallocated her resources to where they would do the most good. Once she learned Reynn and Lann were the Jiants from the Hills, she considered the prophecies and decided that helping the twins progress was a more productive course of action.
SeeD's Leader
Quistis is SeeD's leader. Her organization controls Balamb Garden and the airships—highly advanced technology that is beyond the ken of even Grymoire's brightest minds. Funny, then, that even with all that at her disposal, one of her greatest passions is said to be a card game.
The Wiser Choice
When Quistis went up against Faris, she had no idea who she was dealing with. Faris's kupirate crew was one thing. But when Syldra appeared, Quistis knew she was done for. Thus she challenged Faris to fisticuffs not because she thought she could win, but because taking a few punches seemed a lot better than, you know, dying.
Squall's Influence?
Quistis is too busy running SeeD to step out onto the front lines. Is that why she wears glasses? Because she doesn't have to worry about breaking them?
Then again, in some A-Worlds, she doesn't wear glasses... Maybe she only does that when Squall is around. Or maybe that's just, uh, spec-ulation.
First World of Origin:

Intervention Quests[]

Quistis appears in the following Intervention Quests.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Quistis when talking to her in Balamb Garden.

  • You know, at one point I wanted to become an instructor.
    I never thought fate would lead me to this Garden, let alone that I'd be fighting with the League of S to save the world.
    Life is always full of surprises, am I right?
  • Sorry, you two. There have been some...developments that make it even harder for me to give you full run of the place.
  • Good luck.
  • The machines you encountered in Midgar, under Figaro Castle? Those were originally discovered here in Balamb Garden.
    We thought the machines might help Shinra deal with the Mirages while they investigated.
    Of course, we would never have lent them out knowing what we know now.
    But! What's done is done. We can't take it back. We can only try not to make the same mistakes again.
  • So, how's it going?
  • Could it be possible that every technologically advanced facility in the world is in reality some kind of ancient Mirage?
  • The manual will tell you how to operate the airship.
  • We need to ensure the safety of our world.



In Latin, 'quistis' is the 2nd person pl. perfect form of the verb 'quire' (to be able), translated as 'You (pl.) were able'.