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Quinton Flynn

Quinton Joseph Flynn (born October 10, 1964) is an American voice actor. In the Final Fantasy series, he is the voice of the Turk Reno of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and Isaaru of Final Fantasy X.


Game Release Character
Final Fantasy X 2001 Isaaru, Bickson
Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Isaaru
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 2006 Reno
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- 2008 Reno
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete 2009 Reno
Final Fantasy XIII-2 2012 Additional voices
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2014 Additional voices

Related Roles[]


He is best known for his roles of Axel of the joint Disney and Square RPG series Kingdom Hearts, Raiden of the military stealth action series Metal Gear Solid, Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog series, Henry Cooldown of underground alternate history action series No More Heroes, and Orphen in the video game Orphen: Scion of Sorcery.