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Lightning quickmoving on the worldmap.

Quickmove is a gameplay element in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. It is performed by pressing Triangle when a yellow arrow appears in battle, and allows quick and convenient movement around a stage.

There are three types of Quickmove movements:

  • Wall Run - the character will run up along the wall. The analog stick can be used to make the character turn to run to the sides or back down. The character will stop when they hit a wall but will continue over the edge of a wall to the next wall if there is one. If there is not an adjoining wall when the character reaches the edge, they leap off.
  • Flying Leap - the character will jump across a wide gap in the arena. They jump in a straight line between platforms, the destination, if there are multiple platforms nearby, is determined by the character's position.
  • Grind - the character grinds along a beam of energy, outcropping of ground, or some other terrain feature. The grind path follows a set path along the stage and the character will follow that path to the end and leap off. Using the analog stick can turn the character around.

When performing all Quickmove actions, the player is considered to be in the air for purposes of determining position, and they may jump, block, dash or attack at any time, interrupting their movement. If two characters collide during a Flying Leap or Grind, they bounce off of each other as if they had been blocked. Blocking will stagger an opponent moving with Quickmove. When moving using Quickmove a character gains the Dash Damage Priority, causing them to reflect Ranged Low priority attacks.

There are certain accessories that rely on Quickmoving, like the special accessory Desert Boots, that boost Bravery for 2% while Quickmoving.

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, beams of energy on the world map allow the Grind Quickmove to be used to cross them.