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Serah prepares to shoot an arrow at Atlas.

Quick time event, commonly abbreviated as QTE, is a recurring type of scene in Final Fantasy series where player is tasked with pressing a button on time or otherwise a penalty will ensue.


Final Fantasy VI[]

Sabin's Blitzes requires an order of buttons to be input in order for a blitz to be performed, but there's no time limit for inputting the correct order. If an order is not the correct one, Sabin's turn is wasted.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Several minigames which take place in Junon are quick time events, and they take place at different points in the story. Upon the players' initial arrival, Cloud Strife must perform CPR on Priscilla, which involves pressing Circle on controller or [OK] on PC when the lung meter fills to breathe certain air in. Following this, at the same point in the story, quick time events occur when Cloud dresses as a Shinra trooper, and must press on-screen buttons to match the actions of surrounding soldiers in order to impress Rufus Shinra.

At a later point in the story, when returning to Junon, an event occurs when playing as Tifa, in a slap fight with Scarlet. The player must press the Circle or [OK] on PC in order to slap Scarlet and win the fight.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Squall's Renzokuken Limit Break requires the player to time their R1 button presses to time in when a line indicator is passing through a specially standing out rectangular area near the left side of the gauge.

Zell's Duel Limit Break requires the player to quickly input an order of buttons before time runs out. If the input is correct, Zell performs one of his attacks.

Final Fantasy IX[]

In the game's beginning, Zidane and Blank engage is a sword fight where the player is tasked with pressing a correct button with the symbol displayed above Zidane's head.

Final Fantasy X[]

Auron's input window in the PS2 version.

Tidus's Swordplay Overdrive requires timing of pressing the X in a small fraction of time within a small window to deal increased damage.

Auron's Bushido Overdrive requires inputting a chain of buttons within small fraction of time in order to raise dealt damage. Correctly inputting full chain of buttons, may result in adding new properties to the Bushido skills.

Lulu's Fury Overdrive requires the player to rotate the right analog stick clockwise (Playstation-Rstick-Clockwise.png) in order to raise number of hits of a selected spell.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

A series of three different quick time events minigames take place during the optional mission, "A Fallen Genius?", in Chapters Two and Three on Thunder Plains. The QTE minigames are used to calibrate Lightning Rod Towers across Thunder Plains. There are three different minigames corresponding to each party member. There are ten towers that need calibrating: four for Yuna, and three for Rikku and Paine. The minigames increase in difficulty for the towers to the north.


Yuna calibrates a tower.

Between two to six symbols appear on the screen and the player must remember the order in which they appear. The symbols will then disappear and then the player must then input the symbols by pressing the corresponding buttons on the game controller in the order shown, from left to right.

As the game progresses the buttons remain on the screen for shorter periods of time, and for one of the towers the player must input the buttons in reverse order. Inputting a wrong button or failing to input the combination within the allotted time results in a miss. If the player makes three mistakes, the tower remains uncalibrated.


Rikku calibrates a tower.

A symbol appears on the screen and the player is required to quickly press the corresponding button on the game controller. If more than one symbol appears, the player must press the corresponding buttons simultaneously.

Pressing the wrong button(s) or failing to press the correct button(s) before they disappear from the screen will result in a miss. The symbols remain on the screen for shorter periods of time as the minigame progresses. If the player makes three mistakes, the tower remains uncalibrated.


Paine calibrates a tower.

Three buttons fall down from the top of the screen. When they reach halfway one of the buttons will sparkle. The player must press the button that corresponds to the sparking symbol before the symbols fall to the bottom of the screen. As the minigame progresses the symbols fall down the screen faster.

Pressing the wrong button or failing to press the correct button before the symbols reach the bottom of the screen results in a miss. If the player makes three misses, the tower remains uncalibrated.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Lightning performing a Gestalt Mode ability.

In Gestalt Mode, each Eidolon assumes a different form and their associated l'Cie acts as its "driver" and has the ability to perform certain abilities assigned to each Eidolon's Gestalt Mode. There is an action point and time limit for performing Gestalt Mode abilities, akin to a quick time event.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Cinematic Action

The prologue chapter and several storyline bosses contain scripted QTE events, known as Cinematic Actions in the game. During each Cinematic Action, the player is tasked with timing multiple controller inputs, which includes pressing a specific button, moving the analog stick in a certain direction, and rapidly tapping a button enough times. By successfully inputting each action, it is possible to achieve "Cinematic Action: Perfect" at the end of the QTE, and an exclusive reward on the Battle Results screen.

Feral Link

Yakshini performs Fanatical Dance.

Recruitable monsters can perform special QTE during execution of their Feral Links (abilities exclusive to monsters). The Feral Link system has a Synchronization rate built in; the higher the Synchronization rate, the better the effects of the used ability, and the chances of recruiting a monster are raised as well. Some monsters can achieve higher Synchronization rates than others, like Twilight Odin and PuPu.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Quick time events appear as Active Time Maneuvers in certain duties, typically during the big signature attacks of boss fights. They give a fair amount of warning to the player when they occur, and are primarily composed of rapid button mashing to fill a gauge before the time limit expires. Failure to complete them often results in instant death.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

All EX Bursts have some kind of button input incorporated into them.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

All returning characters', as well as newly introduced ones', EX Bursts have quick time events incorporated into them.