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Quick Draw is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Quick Draw is a Corsair ability learned at level 40. It shoots a bullet charged with the magical energy of an elemental card. Special items are required. It can be recast every 1 minute.

  • Fire Shot
  • Ice Shot
  • Wind Shot
  • Earth Shot
  • Thunder Shot
  • Water Shot
  • Light Shot
  • Dark Shot

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Quick Draw is an ability that allows its user to cast magic with no cast time after performing a certain action.

  • After performing a normal attack - Ace (Quick Draw (Melee) learned, 15 AP), Seven (level 30, 8 AP), Eight (level 40, 10 AP), Jack (Transience: AG ↓ learned, 12 AP), and Queen (Riposte Slash II learned, 6 AP).
  • For ranged characters, after performing a melee attack - Ace (Melee Attack II learned, 8 AP) Deuce (Melee Attack II learned, 8 AP) and King (level 80, 16 AP).
  • After max-charged attack - Trey (MAX Charge learned, 18 AP), Cater (level 28, 6 AP), and Cinque (level 55, Charge III learned, 12 AP).
  • After a specific normal attack - Nine (Twinspell learned, 12 AP).
  • After four consecutive normal attacks - Sice (Combo Bonus III learned, 10 AP).
  • After a Guarded Finish - Rem (Level 17, Guarded Finish learned, 8 AP).

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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Fast draw, also known as quick draw, is the ability to quickly draw a pistol and fire it accurately on a target. This skill was made popular by romanticized depictions of gunslingers in the Western genre, which in turn were inspired by famous historical gunfights in the American Old West.