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Quick Battle Party selection screen in Dissidia 012.

Quick Battle is a gameplay mode in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. It allows the player to play one round against the computer with complete customization of battle rules. It is best used for leveling up, as well as practicing. In Dissidia 012, the player also has the option to do Quick Battles with a party, so multiple characters earn EXP.

Quick battle allows the player to play as any character the player has unlocked, against any unlocked character. The battle can be set to take place on any unlocked arena. The opponent's level can be adjusted up to the level of the character currently in use, unless the CPU Level Cap increases have been purchased from the PP Catalog. The player can also choose from nine levels of difficulty, and how the CPU will behave in battle, as well any judgment system the player has purchased. In Dissidia 012, the player can also select any Original Rules. Any choices can also be left to be chosen at random.

One cannot select the opponent's costume. It always uses the default unless it is a mirror match. In Dissidia 012, the opponent's Assist character is chosen randomly.