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Allows the target two actions each turn by stopping time for everyone else.


Quick is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It allows the caster to take two entirely free turns with no interruptions. The spell is extremely potent, but has a prohibitively high MP cost. The spell is taught by magicite.


The spell is learned from Raiden with the rate of x1 and Gilgamesh with the rate of x1.


Quick grants two, free, uninterrupted turns, effectively doubling a character's actions that turn when used. The biggest drawback is its prohibitive MP cost. As such, the spell is best used with the Celestriad, which reduces each spell cost to 1 MP.

Quick is ideal when used with the Soul of Thamasa, which grants Dualcast, allowing a character to cast five spells a turn (first cast a spell, then use Quick). With Soul of Thamasa and Celestriad together, this will only cost 5 MP total. Alternatively, and by combining the spell with Genji Gloves and the Master's Scroll, it is possible to attack sixteen times in a turn, at the cost of 99 MP.

Cyan can use Quick to charge his Bushido attacks without enemies attacking. Enemies with more than 65,535 HP can still counterattack between turns during Quick if their HP drops beyond a certain mark.