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Fade to WhiteEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 45000 gil, 6500 EXP, Path Companion, Path of the Twelve linkpearl, access to class quests.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 18

Journal EntriesEdit

You have arrived at the Waking Sands, meeting place for those who walk the Path of the Twelve. Their leader, a woman who goes by the name of Minfilia, claims to understand the gift you possess. Try using the Echo to prove her assumption.

The Echo allows you insight into a conversation help by Lady Minfilia and Blackburn. It seems there are many like you who have been granted an unexplainable power after witnessing a starshower, and the Path of the Twelve is an organization that offers those people a place, not only to meet, but to use this power to help bring peace to Eorzea. Speak with the other members and decide whether or not you, too, wish to walk to Path.

After informing Lady Minfilia of your decision to join her, she teaches you what she knows about your gift, the Echo. Not only does it let you see into another person's past, but it allows you access to another's thoughts, making it possible for you to understand their words, even without having learned their language. You must now speak with Lady Tataru and have her enter your name in the Path register.

Carefully following Lady Tataru's instructions, you select another of the walkers to serve as your "Path Companion." You will be notified via path linkpearl once the Antecedent has approved your decision.

A message from Lady Tataru informs you that your Path companion has been approved. Hurry to the Waking Sands to be introduced.

You path companion has asked that you continue your conversation at the Quicksand. Hurry to the winesink and have proprietress Momodi prepare you a table.

Together We StandEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 60000 gil, 11000 EXP.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 22

Journal EntriesEdit

A party of sylphs has snuck its way into the Waking Sands and is pleading for help, claiming that their home, Moonspore Grove, is being invaded by imperial soldiers from Garlemald. Lady Minfilia has asked that you and your Path Companion head to the Black Shroud to investigate. Contact [Path Companion Name] before you begin your journey.

You agree to meet [Path Companion Name] in Gridania before continuing on to Moonspore Grove. Travel to the Aetheryte Plaza in the forest city-state and wait for your Path Companion's arrival.

[Path Companion Name] has learned that the location of Moonspore Grove is somewhere to the northeast of Nine Ivies. Once you have made your preparations, travel to the area's camp and rendezvous with your companion so that you may search for the Grove together.

When you arrive in Camp Nine Ivies, you are greeted by several frenetic sylphs claiming that imperial soldiers have already found Moonspore Grove, and it is only a matter of time before they discover the sylph children, known as podlings, who remain hidden in the forest haven. Head north with your companion through the forest to Moonspore Grove while trying to avoid imperial sentinels wandering the area.

You have been entrusted with a podling, and now must spirit it out of the Grove back to Camp Nine Ivies, taking extra care to see that it remains undamaged. Avoid all contact with imperial soldiers if possible, running in the event you are sighted.

You succeed in delivering the podling cradle to the sylphs waiting in Camp Nine Ivies. According to the survivors, not all the podlings were saved from the Empire; this, however, shall not deter the sylphs from remaining in the one place they call home.

As it seems reinforcements have arrived, you may now return to the Waking Sands and report to Lady Minfilia your findings.

Toll of the WardenEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 90000 gil, 19000 EXP, Ashcrown Consortium Linkpearl.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 30

Journal EntriesEdit

Lady Minfilia has asked you visit the Ashcrown Consortium. Hurry to the Peasants Ward in Gridania. Your Path companion is already en route.

Upon your arrival at the Consortium, all the sylphs in the main hall shriek and run outside. Speak with Hedyn at the front door and let him know who you are before someone calls the Holtwatch.

Hedyn escorts you to a room where the Ashcrown Consortium Interlocutors Shanga Meshanga and Troxia, as well as [Path Companion Name], have been patiently awaiting your arrival. After introductions are seen to, the Interlocutors proceed in telling you about the history of Eorzea's crystal trade and how until recently most of the realm's crystals have been obtained by negotiating with beast tribes such as the Amalj'aa and the Ixal. With the advent of being known as the "primals," however, the tribes refuse to part with their supplies. In an attempt to convince the Amalj'aa to restart negotiations, you and <<your path companion>> are to travel to Camp Drybone in eastern Thanalan and meet up with Ashcrown party already in the area.

The moment you arrive in Camp Drybone, you receive a call on your Path linkpearl. Your Path companion has located the Amalj'aa excavation site within a mesa to the southwest of the camp. Travel to the location and rendezvous with [Path Companion Name] before continuing your search for the advance party.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.

You find the Ashcrown party already engaged in negotiations with a band of Amalj'aa and Ixal; though it does not seem that they are making any headway. Speak with the party leader, Nananoby, to see if there is anything you can do to aid in his endeavor.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.

Nananoby claims that the two beast tribes are both on the verge of summoning their "primals," which, if they are successful, would mean the death of all those in the mesa caves. You must stop the summoning using any means necessary, be it by force or persuasion.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.

You succeed in stalling the summoning rituals of both tribes, but before you can convince them to reopen negotiations with the Ashcrown Consortium, a creature whom Nananoby and the sylphs call an "Ascian" appears and frightens off the remaining Amalj'aa and Ixal. Just as you think the day's efforts were for naught, your Path companion spots a large sack of crystals left forgotten by the beastmen. Return with the bag to the Consortium an report to Hedyn your findings.

Forever TakenEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 102000 gil, 26500 EXP.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 34

Journal EntriesEdit

Believing that they can use the items to persuade the Ixal into resuming crystal trade with them, sylphs from the Ashcrown Consortium have petitioned you to gather several unaspected crystals from Silvertear Falls in the forsaken region of Mor Dhona. To learn how exactly you are to come by these elusive items, you may want to speak with some of the consortium employees.

Now that you have collected your share of unaspected crystals, return to the Ashcrown Consortium and present them to Hedyn for inspection.

You return to the Ashcrown Consortium with the unaspected crystals you gathered and hand them over to Hedyn and the sylphs. In passing, the sylphs mention mysterious figures known only as "Paragons," whom they claim were the ones who originally taught the beast tribes how to summon the primals from the aetherial void.

This information might be of use to the Path. Return to the Walking Sands and report what you have found to Lady Minfilia.

When you arrive at the Walking Sands, you find that Lady Minfilia has called together several of the newer members to their brotherhood, and is speaking of an imperial linkpearl being distributed about the realm. According to the message played on this pearl, the beast tribes are the enemies of Eorzea and mean to summon their "eikons" to kill the peoples of the five races. Lady Minfilia continues on to tell the walkers that because of their gift of being able to communicate with the tribes, they, too, will be branded by the Empire as heathens. There is much to consider about your continued role on the Path. Speak with your companion and hear if any new light can be shed on the subject.

After pressing the Antecedent, Lady Minfilia reveals to you and your Path companion that she intends to open up talks with the beast tribes in order to recruit their strength in fighting the Empire.

Lord ErrantEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 114000 gil, 32500 EXP.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 38

Journal EntriesEdit

After a conversation with [Path Companion Name] at the Gold Court, the two of you decide to assist Lady Minfilia in bringing the beast tribes to your side by traveling to the Amalj'aa stronghold in Paglth'an and using the Echo to hold your own negotiations with the tribe elders.

You rendezvous with [Path Companion Name] at the entrance to Paglth'an and learn that two sylphs also intent on holding audience with the Amalj'aa elders are with your Path companion According to the sylphs, one of the Paragons may also be within the stronghold. Proceed into the area to try and find someone who will listen to your request.

You are soon spotted by an Amalj'aa guard and carried off to a cell where your Path companion and several other prisoners are held. Speak with them to learn more of where you are and what the beastmen intend to do with you.

You, your Path companion, and several other prisoners are led to a large clearing where the primal Ifrit is summoned. After being "cleansed" by the demigod's blue flames, the other prisoners now seem to be under the control of the Amalj'aa shamans, who order them to attack you. The prisoners are not your enemy. Try and find some way to stop them without submitting them to excessive harm.

Ifrit is silent throughout your struggle with the prisoners and the Amalj'aa, but when the confrontation ended, he proceeds to ask you several cryptic questions, concluding with the revelation that you, too, have the power to summon primals. Before you can glean anymore information from the deity, however, he orders the Amalj'aa to deliver you back to the gates of Paglth'an. You should return to the Waking Sands and speak with Lady Minfilia on all that you discovered.

Of Men They SingEdit

  • Start NPC: Minfilia - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 126000 gil, 39000 EXP.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 42

Journal EntriesEdit

A strange call for help was caught on the Path linkpearl. Lady Minfilia knows not who it is from, but was able to trace the signal to somewhere in the East Forest of the Black Shroud. Your Path companion is already en route to Camp Nine Ivies, and it is best that you follow.

Upon arriving in Camp Nine Ivies, you find your Path companion speaking with a group of rough-looking soldiers who you later learn to be members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance. It turns out that the distress call placed on the Path linkpearl was actually from one of their scouts who was separated from her fellow soldiers while trying to escape a pack of imperial pursuers. Join your partner in the search for the missing scout and find her before the Empire does.

You are able to locate the missing Resistance member and foil her pursuers, and though severely injured, it looks as if the scout will survive. Return to the Walking Sands and report to Lady Minfilia of your adventures.

Futures PerfectEdit

  • Start NPC: Tataru - Ul'dah (4,4)
  • Reward: 136000 gil, 46000 EXP.
  • Repeatable: No
  • Required Level: 46

Journal EntriesEdit

The Ala Mhigan Resistance is holding audience with Lady Minfilia at the Waking Sands regarding a secret operation they are planning. Your Path companion is eager to join the Resistance and has asked you to join as well. Speak with the other Resistance members and Lady Minfilia before making your final decision.

The Ala Mhigan Resistance has devised to steal an imperial airship in the lightly patrolled area of Mor Dhona and use the vessel to reclaim their city-state from the Empire. According to Lady Minfilia, however, other Resistance parties have attempted similar plans in the past, and all have met with failure. You have a choice to make -- whether to flee or to fight.

Though Lady Minfilia gave a convincing argument for practicing caution, your Path companion's mind was already made up before the Antecedent uttered her first word. Now, your partner has rushed off to Silvertear Falls to assist the Resistance in their reckless operation. Hurry to Camp Revenant's Toll in northern Mor Dhona before it is too late.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.

When you arrive at Camp Revenant's Toll, you encounter a party of imperial soldiers; though before the battle with the enemy is decided, they are called away. If you follow them, you may find where their airship has landed, and perhaps your Path companion will be there as well.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.

You reunite with your Path companion, only to find that all of the other Resistance members have been slain by a single man -- the imperial legatus. He is about to send both of you to the afterlife, when you are saved by none other than the mysterious traveler you met upon arriving in Eorzea. After a terrible explosion, you awake to find yourself in a cave with several children. Is this the present... or the past?

You can only watch as an imperial soldier slowly penetrates the minds of the captive children, ultimately transforming them into thralls of the Empire. Before you can find what becomes of the children, however, you awaken once again to the sound of your Path companion's voice. This time, you are near Camp Revenant's Toll and the mysterious traveler is there to warn you that you are not yet ready to fight the Empire.

You feel as if an important chapter in your tale has come to an end. Journey back to the Waking Sands and inform Lady Minfilia of all you saw.

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