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The following article covers a subject from a previous version of Acolyte Archives that has since been removed.

The Quest system was a gameplay feature of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, in force from the release of the full game on June 6, 2015 through February 18, 2016 (UTC), allowing players to earn rewards by completing objectives. This feature was succeeded by Cid's Missions, which ran from February 18, 2016 to May 30, 2018.


The Quest system was, for the majority of its existence, a kind of tutorial on how to advance in Record Keeper, with each quest representing a task that the player should complete in the course of normal play. Upon completion of the task, the player then received its associated reward item. Completion of certain Quests also unlocked other Quests related directly to them.

Certain Realm-related Quests, when accepted, also awarded optional Hero Records that may have been missed in previous events. If they were already acquired, the associated Hero Records would convert into Growth Eggs.

To access a Quest, the player had to start in the Main Hall and press the Quest button to call the list of Quests. Tapping the Info button on a Quest presented the player with a full overview of its objective. Tapping Accept would queue the Quest for completion. Up to five Quests could be queued at one time.

In total, there were 176 selectable Quests in the main game, plus approximately 20 Event Quests issued over the life of the feature.

Types of Quests[]

  • Leveling Quest (36 total)
    • Level at least one Hero from each Realm through the basic system at levels 10, 30, and 50.
  • Upgrade Quest (4 total)
    • These quests were practice leveling equipment
  • Combination Quest (4 total)
    • These quests were practice combining equipment
  • Dungeon Quest
    • By accepting a Dungeon Quest, the player could obtain an extra item upon clearing the indicated dungeon.
  • Ability Quest
    • A practice exercise in creating Abilities
  • Honing Quest
    • These quests usually followed Ability Quests. Focused on improving Abilities
  • Bonus Quest
    • Awarded a new Hero character (see below)
  • Event Quest
    • These quests were very rare, given only during events. Most involved completing an event dungeon under special conditions, such as a party of only three units.

List of characters awarded in Quests[]

Characters awarded in Quests, by Realm
Realm Character Location Acquired (Difficulty)
Final Fantasy IV Cecil (Dark Knight) Fabul Castle (Elite)
Cecil (Paladin) Baron Castle (Elite)
Tellah Underground Waterway (Elite)
Edward Antlion's Den (Elite)
Final Fantasy V Lenna North Mountain (Elite)
Gilgamesh Wind Shrine (Elite)
Krile Walse Castle (Classic)
Final Fantasy VI Terra Esper Valley (Elite)
Edgar Figaro Castle (Elite)
Sabin Mt. Kolts (Elite)
Shadow Phantom Train (Classic)
Cyan Imperial Camp (Classic)
Celes South Figaro Cave (Classic)
Setzer Opera House (Elite)
Mog Abandoned Mineshaft (Elite)
Final Fantasy VII Barret Corel Prison (Classic)
Tifa Gongaga (Elite)
Aerith Temple of the Ancients (Classic)
Sephiroth Midgar Highway (Elite)
Zack Nibelheim (Classic)
Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Balamb Garden 1 (Elite)
Quistis Dollet (Classic)
Selphie Balamb Garden 1 (Classic)
Final Fantasy IX Garnet M.S. Prima Vista (Elite)
Eiko Village of Dali (Elite)
Amarant Gizamaluke's Grotto (Elite)
Final Fantasy X Tidus S.S. Liki (Elite)
Yuna Besaid (Elite)
Auron Luca (Classic)
Lulu Kilika Woods (Classic)
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Hanging Edge (Classic)
Sazh Sunleth Waterscape (Classic)
Vanille Lake Bresha 1 (Classic)
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