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Quests are a series of objectives in Final Fantasy XV. They provide rewards to the party, and Main Quests can advance the story further. All quests are accessible from the menu, and one quest can be activated at a time. A chapter select feature was added with patch 1.15 and becomes available after completing the game. Some features carry over from the main game, but quest and hunt progress will reset.

Main Quest[]

Map icon.

Main Quests are color coded orange. These quests are taken in a strictly linear progression to advance the story, and are much longer than other types of quest.


Tours are similar to sidequests and are color coded blue, but function differently and only one can be taken at a time. A Tour is triggered when resting at a specific camp, and involves Noctis touring with one other party member the following morning if he accepts their request.

Case of the Stolen SpecsCleigneCamp in Pectriche Haven20 AP
Liege of the LakeCleigneCamp in Capitis Haven20 AP
A Flower for IrisCleigneCamp in Lambath Haven20 AP
Strike a Run Pose!CleigneCamp in Spelcray Haven20 AP
The Chopping BlockDuscaeCamp in Fallaughns Haven20 AP
Up Close and PersonalDuscaeCamp in Pullmoor Haven20 AP
Rise and Shine and RunLeideCamp in Lachyrte Haven20 AP
Stirred, Not ShakenLeideCamp in Cotisse Haven20 AP
The Hallowed Hill of HammerheadLeideCamp in Palmaugh Haven20 AP


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New side quest map icon.

Sidequests are color coded blue. They come in many forms, are optional, and are primarily used to earn rewards in terms of EXP and equipment. The named NPCs the player meets become quest-givers with various tasks to complete. When wandering around the field, the player may hear a hunter calling for help and they must find them. When driving, the player may run into broken down cars whose drivers they can help.

Prompto at times spots something worth photographing, triggering a photo op quest. There are also various tours the player can do that trigger when staying at certain campgrounds with a full party. Many dungeons on the open world are optional, often with a royal arm found at the end.

In post game, the player can undertake the Menace Beneath Lucis quest where the player must tackle deep dungeons full of ferocious daemons. Another post-game-exclusive quest chain is Randolph's hunts for special items that can be traded with him for powerful weapons.

The Scraps of Mystery quest sends the player scouring the overworld for treasure.

Some new quests were added in patches, including the hunt for Melusine, a level 99 daemon, and quests at Cartanica in Ch.10. Certain quests are only available in the Windows and Royal Editions.


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Hard hunt map icon.

Hunts are similar to sidequests, but more specific. They are color coded yellow (easy ~ medium) or red (hard). Initially, only one hunt could be taken at a time from a tipster in an outpost or a town, but a later patch allowed multiple hunts to be active at once. They require the party to kill a creature (or group of creatures) to earn a reward in gil, EXP and often an item.