Quests are the staple of Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade and the main form of progression. Quests use up LP in order to advance through various regions, gaining experience points and abilities on the way.

The game has several regions, with more added every few weeks or so. Each region has four areas, each divided into seven smaller sub-areas in turn. There is always a boss battle at the end of sub-areas three and seven, but they are extremely easy, and give a basic reward. Completing each region will unlock a job.

To advance through a quest, simply press the "advance" button on the screen. The player will encounter one of four things: a generic monster, a chocobo, a magic pot, or a moogle. They will kill monsters automatically - there is no battle involved; they are simply a progress placeholder; - chocobos will give the player abilities, magic pots will give them either a Fey Drink or a Hero Drink, and moogles will give them Gate Crystals.

No matter what the player encounter when they go through a quest, they will gain exp. The amount varies by sub-area, and each sub-area says the LP cost and exp range on a summary page before the player start the quest.

At the start of the game, each player has only the very first sub-area region available, and must unlock each one by reaching 100% in the previous.

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