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Quelb, also known as Kelb, is a town in Final Fantasy V, populated by the lycanthropic werewolf race. It is accessible on both Galuf's world and the merged world. The town is home to the Dawn Warrior Kelger Vlondett, and is just north of the Castle of Bal.


Kelger's house in Quelb.

The history of Quelb prior to Final Fantasy V is unknown. No native werewolves are found on Bartz's world, suggesting that all werewolves were moved to Galuf's world after Planet R was split in two. Werewolves have a small presence outside of the village.

During Final Fantasy V, a werewolf from the village named Tsuze visited Bartz's world after traveling by meteorite to protect the fire crystal.[1] Tsuze recognized Galuf—who failed to remember him due to his amnesia—and helped them escape the fire crystal's explosion, but passed away in the process.[2]

On their way to Drakenvale, Bartz Klauser and his friends passed through Quelb. Reaching the gates of the seemingly deserted town, Galuf Halm Baldesion suggested visiting to Kelger, a Dawn Warrior who had fought Exdeath alongside him 30 years ago. Entering his manor, the party was ambushed by Kelger and some of the townsfolk. Even after realizing the intruders were friends, Kelger challenged Bartz on a one-on-one fight and uses his Lupine Attack, being heavily injured in the process.[3]

Bartz revealed he used a technique taught to him by his father, Dorgann Klauser, who was also a Dawn Warrior. Surprised, Galuf and Kelger discussed this revelation, and the latter allowed the townsfolk to open the gates to Drakenvale so that the party could retrieve the Dragon Grass to heal the remaining wind drake so as to fly into Castle Exdeath.[3] Later, after the other Dawn Warriors had passed, Kelger used the last of his energy to remove the illusion from Castle Exdeath.


Quelb is located north of Bal, in between a valley separating Bal from a vast forest where Drakenvale is located further north. The village has a gate at the very end blocking off the path north through the valley. The valley around the town is present both in Galuf's world and the merged world, though the mountains in the merged world take a different appearance.

Quelb is a fairly sparse town in comparison to human towns seen in both worlds. Only one house, Kelger's house, is seen, along with an inn that serves the town's finest dishes,[1] and a few shops. The town also has a small well for water, and is home to many sheep.



Armor Shop
Name Cost
Golden Shield 3,000 gil
Golden Helm 3,500 gil
Green Beret 2,500 gil
Gaia Gear 2,000 gil
Wizard's Hat 1,500 gil
Golden Armor 4,000 gil
Ninja Suit 3,000 gil
Gauntlets 3,000 gil
Name Cost
Twist Headband 3,500 gil
Power Sash 4,500 gil
Power Armlet 2,500 gil
Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Orichalcum Dirk 3,400 gil
War Hammer 6,400 gil
Ashura 5,800 gil
Sleep Blade 5,600 gil
Wind Spear 5,400 gil
Dark Bow 3,800 gil
Dream Harp 1,600 gil
Chain Whip 3,300 gil
Name Cost
Kodachi 5,100 gil
Killer Bow 5,000 gil
Poison Rod 1,500 gil
Shuriken 2,500 gil
Fire Scroll 200 gil
Water Scroll 200 gil
Lightning Scroll 200 gil
Item Shop
Name Cost
Potion 40 gil
Hi-Potion 360 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Antidote 30 gil
Eye Drops 20 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Mallet 50 gil
Gold Needle 150 gil
Holy Water 150 gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 gil
Tent 250 gil
Cottage 600 gil
Power Drink 110 gil
Goliath Tonic 110 gil
Iron Draft 110 gil
Speed Shake 110 gil
Hero Cocktail 110 gil
Magic Shop
Name Cost
Black-ffv-icon.png Drain 3,000 gil
Black-ffv-icon.png Bio 3,000 gil
Black-ffv-icon.png Break 3,000 gil
White-ffv-icon.png Esuna 3,000 gil
White-ffv-icon.png Blink 3,000 gil
White-ffv-icon.png Shell 3,000 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Slowga 3,000 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Return 3,000 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Comet 3,000 gil


Name Location
Requiem Dancing werewolves near the gate.
Kornago Gourd Catch a Kornago and give it to the Old Man of the well as well as 10,000 gil.


Outside (Galuf's world)
Outside (merged world)


The main quest is to pass through Quelb on the way to Drakenvale. This simply requires entering Quelb's house for a scene, after which the party can proceed.

In the inn there is a wolf who serves a meal to the party, which recovers their HP and MP, and for dessert, he gives out 8 Potions for free. However, each time the meal is served, the number of sheep grazing in the village decreases by one. As there are initially three sheep in the village, the party can only use this free service three times.

Musical themes[]

"Harvest" from Final Fantasy V

"Harvest" is the background theme for the town of Quelb. It is also the background theme for Carwen and Istory.



Kelb (كلب) is the Arabic word for dog.