The Queen of the Ancient Castle, known in-game as simply Queen, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy VI. She was the ruler of the Ancient Castle during the time of the War of the Magi.

Story[edit | edit source]

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1000 years ago, the Queen ruled the Ancient Castle and was in love with the esper Odin. Because of their different races, the love was seen as forbidden and she kept her feelings to herself. When the castle came under siege, Odin was the last esper remaining to defend them. Writing in her diary, the Queen decided she would confess her feelings to Odin when the siege ended. However, Odin was petrified by a powerful magus and the castle was overrun, and the Queen was turned to stone while taking refuge in a secret chamber of the castle. Eventually the castle was buried in a massive underground cavern.

After the cataclysm, the tunneling path of Figaro Castle became altered so that it passed by a cave system connecting to the castle, and the party explored it when the Figaro engineer noticed something was in their way. In the castle they found the Queen's diary and stone remains. When they examined them, the stone shed a tear that infused the magicite remains of Odin with new power, transforming it into the magicite Raiden.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Queen uses a grey-scale sprite of Celes in her opera gown.
  • She is referred to as a princess instead of a queen in the Japanese version.
  • If Terra is in the party when they read the Queen's diary, there is a small optional scene where she reflects on the forbidden love between a human and an esper mirroring that of her parents.
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