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I am collecting star-shaped coins called Stellazzio.

Queen Stella

Queen Stella is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy IX. Though she occasionally quacks like a duck, Queen Stella's character design is based on the appearance of a Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Despite her name, she is unlikely of royal blood, though she is a noblewoman in the city of Treno. She is called "Queen" because all Treno mansion owners (Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King) are pieces in the game of chess.

Stella plays a role in the sidequest for the crafted coins of the artist Stellazzio.


There is a total of thirteen Stellazzio coins, the last of which can only be found after having given the other twelve to Queen Stella, and then asking for them back. Each coin contains a part of a story, which reveals the location of the thirteenth Stellazzio coin. Each time a coin is delivered, Queen Stella gives the party a reward. Oddly, when receiving a coin, she expresses her joy by quacking multiple times, as a duck would.

Stella is also an adept Tetra Master player and can be challenged. Her card collection is relatively rare and her assistant also has a similar deck.



Stella is Latin and Italian for "star".