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Queen Karnak

Queen Karnak is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy V. She is the monarch ruling over the city of Karnak, the most technologically advanced state in Bartz's World due to Cid Previa's inventions that let the state harness the power of the Fire Crystal. The Queen wants to preserve this prosperity at all costs, and thus her relationship with Cid deteriorates.


The SNES, PS1, and GBA versions portray the Queen wearing a pink dress with purple straps, pink earrings, green hair, and gold crown.

In the mobile and Steam version, Queen Karnak now sports light brown hair and a blue jewel connecting her straps. She also has blue eyes, a feature that is not seen in the previous versions due to sprites in Final Fantasy V lacking colored eyes.

How much of the Queen's true personality is on display is unknown, as she has fallen prey to supernatural manipulation.


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Queen Karnak in the Fire-Powered Ship.

Karnak is an industrial kingdom that obtained its power through the use of Cid Previa's inventions. Cid's machine drains power from the Fire Crystal, the source of power of the Fire-Powered Ship and the catalyst for the city's industrial nature, but after he realized the implications of having the Crystal run on the machine he tried to turn it off. The Queen got furious, and threw Cid into the Karnak Dungeons.

When Bartz's party reaches Karnak, they discover that the Queen has been missing for some time. It is discovered she has been possessed by Exdeath, whose mission is to destroy the Crystals. To try and save the Crystal, the party must infiltrate the fire ship and defeat the Queen, now in the form of Liquid Flame. They succeed, but the Crystal is destroyed thanks to a possessed soldier and the Karnak Castle is destroyed as well. The Queen enters a delirious state and goes to rest in a bed in the second floor of the inn in Karnak.

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