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The darkness! Don't... don't come any closer...

Queen Karnak

Queen Karnak is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy V. She is the monarch ruling over the city of Karnak, the most technologically advanced state in Bartz's world due to Cid Previa's inventions that let the state harness the power of the fire crystal. The Queen wants to preserve this prosperity at all costs, and thus her relationship with Cid deteriorates.


Queen Karnak in the fire-powered ship.

After Cid Previa invented the crystal amplification devices,[1] Karnak amplified the fire crystal to grant the town great prosperity by making it incredibly cheap for smiths to build weapons and armor. Scholars from the Library of the Ancients protested this due to the dangers involved, causing Queen Karnak to build a wall to keep them out.[2]

When Cid himself realized that this was doing damage to the crystals, he attempted to shut off the amplification machine in Karnak, but was thrown into the dungeons by order of Queen Karnak. The chancellor of Karnak saw the dangers himself, and began to see that the queen was possessed. freeing Cid and the Light Warriors.[1][note 1]

The Light Warriors infiltrated the fire-powered ship to reach Queen Karnak below the crystal room, where they found her possessed by Exdeath. The Light Warriors defeated the queen, in the form of the Liquid Flame. She alluded to Exdeath as she told them that she was being controlled by an evil spirit desiring to "envelop everything in darkness", and that the amplification devices were not the only thing destroying the crystals, with "something evil using their power to resurrect itself".[4] With this, the queen entered a delirious state, and thereafter rested in the second floor of the inn in Karnak.


The SNES, PlayStation, and GBA versions portray the Queen wearing a pink dress with purple straps, pink earrings, green hair, and gold crown.

In the 2013 mobile and Steam version, Queen Karnak sports light brown hair and a blue jewel connecting her straps. She also has blue eyes, a feature that is not seen in the previous versions due to sprites in Final Fantasy V lacking colored eyes.

How much of the Queen's true personality is on display is unknown, as she has fallen prey to supernatural manipulation.[note 1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 It is unknown at what point Queen Karnak became possessed by Exdeath. Exdeath's possession of Garula in Walse Tower did not appear to last long, as the Light Warriors could find Garula looking tame shortly before their arrival.[3] King Alexander Highwind Tycoon's possession could have occurred at any point after he disappeared from the Wind Shrine, but lasted at least as long as it took the Light Warriors to travel from the Library of the Ancients all the way to Ronka Ruins, with several diversions on the way. This means that Queen Karnak could have been possessed the entire time, and may have been possessed when building a wall to keep out the protesters.