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Queen Arbor is a non-player character from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. She is the queen of the city of Arbor, who dislikes humans.

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Queen Armor has long silver hair with a large pink flower on the right side and green eyes. She wears a long white dress with pink trim, a pink flower in the center and green shoes.

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The party meets Queen Arbor for the first time after curing Brandt of his vegetative state, there she refuses to help Brandt and Aire return to their human forms. When Torte report that Arbaroc has gone on a rampage, she agrees to help if they bring Arbaroc back to his senses. After the party succeeds in defeating Arbaroc, the party returns and reports to Queen Arbor.

She understands and gives Brandt and Aire the Transformation Staff, which allows the two to shift between animal or human form at will. Queen Arbor then hears of the situation in Horne, but she explains that she cannot break Louhi's spell. She tells Brandt and Aire to head out to Spelvia, figuring that the hero Rolan may have a cure for Horne.

After the party is sent back in time, they meet Queen Arbor after Torte released the demon, Belphegor. Queen Arbor transformed Torte into a mouse as punishment and explains to the party the Belphegor plans to set off the volcano on Mount Gulg. After the party defeats Belphegor, Queen Arbor thanks the party and returns Torte into his human form. She explains that she aims to make peace with humans and gives the party the Lux spell.

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Arbor is Latin for "tree". An arbor is also an axle on which something revolves.

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