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Intelligent and incorruptible, her personality is as straightforward as the longsword she wields. Intolerant of injustice, she shows no mercy as she slashes and stabs her enemies into oblivion.

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Queen is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0 who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. She represents the number 12 of Class Zero and wields a sword.




Queen has long black hair with bangs clipped back with a green barrette. She has violet eyes and wears glasses. As a member of Class Zero she wears a black jacket with gold-padded shoulders, a red cape, a short red skirt and knee-high black socks. She wears white panties. Her summer uniform has a black gold-lined vest with red lapels, a white collared short-sleeved shirt with gray stripes at the ends of the sleeves, a black bow-tie, a black skirt with loose black belts, white socks with gray stripes at the top and black gloves. Her formal uniform has a red jacket with black cuffs and black-padded shoulders, a white cape and gloves, a black skirt trimmed with white lace and red socks. Were she to become one, Queen's l'Cie brand would be on her left forearm.

In Final Fantasy Awakening, Queen's hair is bluish-black, similar to Machina's.


A wise young woman of implacable integrity, Queen's personality is as straightforward as the longsword she wields. She is intolerant of all forms of injustice, and her rigid sense of morality has earned her the nickname of "class leader." (She is not class leader, she will have you know.) Queen tends to make harsh comments, but she bears no ill will.

As her name implies, she has a dignified position among her comrades due to her intelligence and sense of justice. She immerses herself in books, and is attentive during Kurasame's class, being one of the few students to have a proper study posture. She is practical and logical and known for saying cruel things to others in the name of being realistic. In actuality, Queen does so in favor of her classmates: being one of the older students she cares for the others as a sisterly figure. Her leader-like mannerisms and behavior lead others to tease her with the nickname "class leader" ("class president" in the Japanese release).


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Final Fantasy Agito[]


Queen is a member of Class First and dons a light blue mantle.

She can be found in the Naval General Operation Staff 2nd Division during the morning and afternoon and at the Fountain Plaza during the morning.

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Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World[]

-The Answer-[]

Ace comes to Izana Kunagiri's rescue along with his fellow classmates Queen and Nine during the Capital Liberation campaign. Izana, a Dominion of Rubrum legionary, passes the COMM system to him. Ace's memories of Izana disappear, removed by the Vermilion Bird Crystal. A COMM from the cadets' adoptive mother Arecia Al-Rashia asks them to destroy the empire's crystal jammer in the Arena. Ace, Queen and Nine meet Machina and Rem, Agito Cadets of other classes of Akademeia, whom they tell to leave since they cannot use magic while under the effect of the crystal jammer. The crystal jammer explodes, but before they can confirm its operator, the White Tiger Secundus l'Cie Qun'mi Tru'e, is dead, she escapes.

Later, Machina and Rem join the class and Queen talks with the two alongside Nine and Ace. The conversation drifts to the topic of Izana, making Ace uncomfortable. On April 21st, Kurasame, the class's commanding officer, briefs Class Zero about a large scale operation to be held at Togoreth and warns them about the possibility of an encounter with a Primus White Tiger l'Cie. Queen teams up with Nine and Ace for the operation, and they face the White Tiger l'Cie Nimbus as Kurasame issues a command to withdraw. Nine winds up dead after attacking Nimbus and Ace, in Nine's defense, stands up against Nimbus and is killed. Kurasame appears and shields Queen. With his aid, he carries Ace and Nine's bodies away from the battle, and the two are later revived by Arecia.

The next mission comes after two weeks with Kurasame showing them a photo of Gabriel, Militesi General Qator Bashtar's MA. He explains MA are dangerous and their mission involves destroying them in Militesi facilities. The main team; Ace, Queen, King, Seven, Cinque, Trey, Cater and Eight; are to attack the empire's magitek development factory with the other three teams of two attacking other facilities as distractions.

A ceasefire is called and when Class Zero gathers at 12th floor of Hotel Armada. Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia is assassinated and the class is framed as scapegoats and try to contact Kurasame to no avail. The cadets escape.

-The Penultimate Truth-[]

As Tempus Finis commences when Orience is united under the Vermilion Bird's banner, Rem becomes the Judge who is to make the Final Decision on the world's fate. Class Zero realizes they might have to become Agito by means of felling her. They venture to Pandæmonium that appears at the point of Tempus Finis, convincing themselves they are not felling Rem, but releasing her.

Rem sends the Rursan Reavers at them and reminds the cadets have come to the temple independent of Arecia, and thus cannot be revived. Queen takes a hit in Machina's stead and is severely wounded. The cadets surround her as they fight the Rursus off to protect her. After the Rursus finally lie still Queen dies, telling the cadets she is scared of dying and disappearing from everyone's memories. Nine tries to encourage her, while Ace holds her hand and soothes her, telling her they will remember her as they lived ten years together. As everyone crowds around her the girls, including Seven and Sice, cry. As the last of the memories of Queen disappear, they only know the corpse of the girl in front of them was their comrade from the color of the cape she is wearing.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Oh, please. Don't worry about that. Stupidity isn't communicable by air. I wouldn't stay near Nine if it were.


Queen as a child with Nine, from the manga.

Dr. Al-Rashia recognized Queen's intellect and adopted the eight-year-old girl and moved her to a center outside Akademeia to train her as a prospective Agito Cadet. Queen demonstrated a particular prowess for casting lightning spells and also trained in the ways of the sword. She joined Class Zero, a group of students adopted by Arecia that fights the invasion by the Militesi Empire. As part of the "Operation Apostle," she and her comrades seek to become the Agito, a messiah prophesied in ancient mythology to appear at the time of Tempus Finis, an apocalyptic calamity.

Queen urging Ace to fight.

When Milites begins its attack on Rubrum, Arecia's cadets are the only ones able to withstand the effect of the imperials' crystal jammer and thus are deployed to take it down. During the capital liberation Queen finds Ace with a dying dominion legionary Izana, consoling him while telling him not to heal Izana, as the man is beyond recovery and he needs to reserve his strength for the group of Militesi soldiers she predicts will arrive shortly. In contradiction to her inaction at the time, when she later stands up to Machina for thinking they willingly left his brother to die while chiding him for acting like a hero, Queen reveals she had remorse for Izana and that she would have saved him if he had suffered only minor injuries.

Queen and the other cadets tutored by Arecia destroy the empire's crystal jammers and Akademeia is liberated. Impressed by the cadets' prowess Chancellor Khalia Chival VI has them officially admitted with Machina and Rem also joining. Queen is skeptical of the two newcomers, half-believing they had been set up as their "chaperones" and expecting them to prove their worth on the battlefield.

Class Zero is deployed to help take back the areas the empire had occupied. After the mission to liberate McTighe, Queen laments she takes great pains to maintain composure at all times, but while in a precarious situation on the battlefield she can lose sight of herself and "go berserk", revealing she once awoke at the infirmary after an especially bad spell. When she "goes berserk" she cannot remember anything of it afterward and asks the others to watch over her should she lose control again.

Queen, Nine and Sice face Gabriel.

In Togoreth Stronghold Queen, Sice and Nine take on General Qator Bashtar and his prototype magitek armor, Gabriel. When the White Tiger Primus l'Cie Nimbus arrives, Class Zero is called to withdraw as the Vermilion Bird Crystal deploys Zhuyu Voghfau Byot to take him on.

Afterward Queen and Nine spend time at the Akademeia library and meet Quon Yobatz, a fellow Agito Cadet who berates Nine. Queen tries to make him feel better by saying stupidity doesn't rub off on others or otherwise she would not spend time with him.

After the cadets help liberate Iscah Sice hangs out with Queen in Central Command and sarcastically comments how Marshal Cid Aulstyne "conveniently" took the Militesi reins after the emperor "mysteriously" disappeared. They watch a recording of Cid addressing the populace, claiming the empire will become Agito and lead Orience to a new future. Queen speculates Cid is only using the term for an excuse to invade the other nations.

When the cadets are sent to sabotage the imperial magitek armor program they get orders to cease fire due to a newly wrought armistice mid-mission. Kurasame Susaya, the cadets' commanding officer, travels to the imperial capital as Chancellor Khalia Chival VI's aide and negotiates for the cadets' safety, and afterward explains the situation to them: the empire had proposed peace before the cadets' mission was underway, but they could not contact them in time to halt it. The cadets disagree with the treaty, positing that the empire has no right to ask for peace for being the initial aggressor.

Queen and Deuce spot someone suspicious.

They meet Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia, and Cinque is so shocked she almost cries out but Queen rushes to calm her down. The queen explains that peace is the Will of the Crystals, and that the cadets' opposition would only lead to Tempus Finis. The cadets, especially Machina, struggle accepting that what they have been fighting for is against the Crystal's will. Andoria whispers something only Machina can hear and after she leaves, Queen asks him what she said, but Machina shakes his head and says it was something about "making a choice" but that it didn't make much sense. Afterward Queen explores the Militesi capital Ingram with Deuce, and the two spot a Dominion Intel member, becoming suspicious.

Queen Andoria is assassinated and the cadets are blamed for it. The class is ambushed at Hotel Armada and the cadets fight through the city to make their escape while unable to contact Central Command. Queen points out it being odd they had been given leave in Ingram rather than have them repatriated, and tells others how she and Deuce spotted a Dominion Intel member from Section Four in the city. Machina is upset at the possibility they had been left on their own on purpose. During their trek through the train tunnels Rem gets dizzy and tries to hide it. Queen says they can't stop for one person, angering Machina, but Trey defends her saying Queen only wants for them to find a safer place.

Queen argues with Machina.

They face off against Celestia, Queen Andoria's aide, who, at first, holds them culpable for the regicide, but is convinced otherwise and helps the cadets escape the city to a deserted house in the Old Lorica Region. Queen argues with Machina holding the rest of Class Zero culpable for his brother Izana's death, telling him to get over it as they have more urgent matters to tend to: they still can't contact Central Command. A frustrated Machina marches off to the woods. Though she denies it when asked, Queen keeps worrying about him. Machina finally returns in the morning, and the cadets can move on as Deuce exclaims the COMM is working again and she has reached the dominion.

Kurasame organizes for the cadets to be rescued by airship and back in Akademeia tells them there will likely be an investigation, and implies the cadets switched off their COMM to avoid being contacted. The cadets find the accusations ridiculous. Nine and Queen run into Quon at the library, and Nine is angered Quon ignores him. Queen tries to change the subject by asking what Quon is reading, and it turns out he is going through a 100-book long series on magic research for the sixth time.

After the cadets return from a mission to reclaim Eibon, they assemble in the classroom to hear their next orders from Kurasame, but Machina has gone missing. Kurasame explains to the rest the upcoming battle plan against the joint Militesi-Concordian forces, as the new King of Concordia has allied with the empire. Class Zero is to be sent with Lord Zhuyu to fight off the Concordian dragons with an airship fleet, while Kurasame will accompany the rest of Rubrum's legionaries, as well as Akademeia cadets and trainees, to the Militesi border for the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna to summon a Verboten Eidolon.

The cadets help Rubrum secure victory on the eastern front by defeating Shinryu Celestia. The western front is falling back and Class Zero is recalled as reinforcements to destroy the empire's crystal jammer allowing for Lady Caetuna to summon Alexander for which Kurasame and the other cadets give their lives to complete the summoning. Alexander obliterates the Militesi forces, and Caetuna enters crystal stasis. Class Zero visits the numerous new graves in the Akademeia cemetery but cannot comprehend the losses as all memories of Kurasame as well as the others perished have been removed from them by the Vermilion Bird Crystal. Queen implores the others to look on to the future.

Queen confronts Quon.

After the dominion invades Concordia, the cadets find Quon outside their classroom, eager to join Class Zero. Queen and Nine are surprised and ask why he wants to join. Quon's research has let him in on the knowledge that Class Zero is the only class in Akademeia who harvest phantoma, the mystical life energy, or "souls" of all living beings. Nine and Queen are shocked Quon is privy to such confidential information, but Queen lets him join as long as he remains under "her supervision," warning him that joining Class Zero could cost him his life.

As the final showdown against the empire and Cid Aulstyne begins, the class is sent to help conquer the imperial capital. As Class Zero is to be deployed Machina disappears. The others go without him and best General Qator Bashtar in his new and improved MA. The empire falls and Orience is united under the Vermilion Bird banner. However, as the cadets return to Akademeia they find its cadets and legionaries slain by Rursan Reavers and the dominion commanders gone: Tempus Finis has begun.

Other cadets reveal the once code crimson missions, which Class Zero partook, making the remaining cadets turn against them, blaming them for the ensuing apocalypse. Rem's illness reaches its final stages and she collapses. Queen begins panicking and Jack points out this is the first he's seen her lose her nerve. Arecia explains the cadets have lived their lives according to the Will of Crystals recorded in the Akashic Records, but now that the "souls have been released" they can write their own ending, as humans have the power to decide how they live or die, hinting at a vital decision the cadets would soon need to make.

Queen surmises the reason Cid is headed for Pandæmonium.

Ace and Queen meet up with Naghi Minatsuchi in the command center and learn the chancellor and the Central Command and the Consortium of Eight are gone, leaving the dominion leaderless and the class without orders. After hearing Cid Aulstyne headed to the sanctuary where the Rursus emerged from, Queen, Trey and the others recall the words written in the Nameless Tome, the epic extolling the myths and legends of Orience, and surmise Cid plans to become Agito.

Queen calls everyone to the Altocrystarium room where she tells them about the Judge who resides in the newly appeared sanctuary, Pandæmonium, to make the Final Decision: if there is no Agito, Orience will be destroyed by the Rursus. The cadets plan to infiltrate the sanctuary to speak to the Judge while knowing that without Arecia they will not be revived if they fall in battle. Queen regrets she never sorted things out with Machina, calling the whole class "a bunch of fools."

The cadets are taken to Pandæmonium by Celestia who loses her humanity and turns into Shinryu Celestia for having defied the Focus given to her by the Azure Dragon Crystal after imploring the cadets to choose wisely. Cinque asks what happened to her and Queen replies Celestia is no longer of this world. The cadets make their way through Pandæmonium guided by Cid's voice who places various obstacles on their path.

The Vermilion Bird Crystal asks the cadets to become l'Cie, but if they accept they are slain by the Rursus and Arecia deems it yet another failed experiment and restarts the spiral, and Orience and, eventually, Class Zero, are reborn. If they choose to remain mortal, the Vermilion Bird brands Rem, still slumped in Arecia's office back in Akademeia, in their stead, and sends her to intercept a White Tiger l'Cie it had sensed in Pandæmonium, wanting one of the Vermilion Bird to become Agito. As Rem engages the l'Cie she is impaled by his rapier, and it turns out the l'Cie was Machina who had willingly inherited Qun'mi's Focus to become strong enough to protect Rem. As Rem dies, both enter crystal stasis, the cadets mourning the sight when they happen upon their crystal.

Queen consoles Cinque.

The cadets face off against Cid who has become the Rursan Arbiter, possessed by the fal'Cie Gala. He deems Class Zero unfit to be Agito, and thus sets out to destroy Orience. Machina and Rem's crystal bestows the cadets with their power allowing them to prevail, but like the rest of Class Zero, Queen meets her end after they vanquish the Judge. As she and her classmates are on the verge of death, Queen consoles a sobbing Cinque, and they plan for all the things they would have done in a world free of war. Cater suggests they go on a trip and Queen starts making a travel plan, Jack amused she is always micromanaging.

The mysterious Tiz and Joker, who had been observing the class's progress, ask for Arecia to listen to the class's wishes from beyond the grave. By listening to their souls Arecia learns the class loves her, but have made their own decision on how they met their end and do not wish to be revived. Arecia releases Machina and Rem from crystal stasis and instead of restarting the spiral, departs from Orience, abandoning the experiment to find Etro's gate with the Agito. The Crystals of Orience fade and people are allowed to remember the dead, Machina and Rem cherishing the memories of Class Zero.

Queen with Cinque and Deuce.

In the alternate ending where Arecia removed the Crystals from Orience's history, Queen is more easygoing and relaxed as she befriends Cinque and Deuce. The trio, wearing their summer outfits, returns from a game of lacrosse while engaging in a conversation. Queen mentions she saw Ace with Mutsuki, and the three gossip about a possible romance between the two as they pass King, Trey, and Jack.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Queen in battle (HD).

Leave it to me.

When switching to Queen as the leader

Queen wields a sword and has great movement speed. Her regular attack is a combination of slashes and lunges that finishes with a jumping attack. Queen is perhaps the most balanced character among the party, as while boasting an above average Strength, she doesn't excel in any particular area. She is flexible as she can adapt to any role to better assist her teammates. As such, she is suitable for beginners.

Final Fantasy Awakening[]

Queen uses a fencing battle style and attacks opponents at close range. She can heal everyone and break her opponents' defense as part of her strongest skill. She appears a little stronger than Cater when healing their allies but is succeeded by Deuce who can restore everyone's HP. Queen is considered a weak character, but is stronger as a boss when teamed up with Ace, as her healing abilities from her strongest skill is increased from 5 to 9%, making it difficult to damage her. She can wipe out the player due to breaking their defenses.

Other appearances[]

Queen has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Queen has made key guest appearances in the following non-Final Fantasy games:

Behind the scenes[]

Queen is one of the few playable characters in the series to wear glasses; the first was Tellah from Final Fantasy IV. Others include Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII and Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV. Her appearance, character, and choice of weapon are similar to the Maiden of Water, Fontina, from the sequel Square Enix made and Tetsuya Nomura illustrated Musashiden game, Samurai Legend Musashi.

According to the Type-0 novel, Queen wishes to continue her studies and become a teacher upon leaving Class Zero. She mentions that she wishes to teach her students history, nature, the names of constellations, morals and ethics rather than the art of combat and that she wishes to be a guide for the children.


Queen is voiced by Ami Koshimizu in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0. She shares her Japanese voice actress with Agnès Oblige from Bravely series.

In the English version, Queen is voiced by Heather Hogan.


Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Agito


The "Queen" is one of the cards in a suit of a traditional set of playing cards (called trumps in Japan). The Queen of Swords, also known as the Queen of Spades, has signs of intelligence and sorrow, two of Queen's character traits.