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Queen's Blood board from FFVII Rebirth

Queen's Blood board.

Queen's Blood is a card game in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that is popular all over the world. It is a game-spanning sidequest the player can partake in. Difficulty level has no effect on Queen's Blood.


Queen's Blood positions from FFVII Rebirth

Explanation on positions.

Each player takes their turn to place cards on one of the three lanes that span from left to right. The player can place cards on tiles with an emerald pawn. When a card on the hand is selected, the tiles where that card can be played are highlighted. Once a card is placed on the board, its value is added to the lane's total score and new positions become available. Lanes' point totals on each side of the board keep track of who is winning. The emerald numbers on the left are the player's score. Each card's value is shown with a yellow number on its top right corner, while the positioned the card will add to the board when played are indicated by the yellow squares in the graphic at the bottom middle of the card.

Explanation on ranks.
Explanation on claiming positions.

Explanation on ranks and claiming positions from the opponent.

A card is played by having one of its yellow tiles overlap with one of the player's available positions on the board, indicated by the emerald pawns. When the played card's position tile overlaps with an already available position, it will rank up, indicated by numerous emerald pawns in the same tile, up to Rank 3. Cards can only be played on positions equal to or higher than their rank, i.e. a Rank 3 card can only be played on a tile that has three emerald pawns. Each card's rank is shown with the number of pawn symbols in their upper left corner. To be able to play the more powerful cards, the player will need to level up their available positions by playing cards near them with position tiles that overlap. Overlapping position tiles with an enemy's position (red pawn), will claim that position for the player; the opponent can do the same against the player.

Some cards have red-bordered tiles, which denote that the card has an ability which will affect these tiles when the card is placed on the board. Some abilities affect the player's own cards, such as boosting allied cards' score on the affected tiles, and some cards' abilities affect opponent's cards, such as lowering their scores. Some have unique abilities that do not need a red-bordered tile to activate and are simply in effect as long as the card is in play, such as an effect that gives bonus points to the lane if the card is played on a lane that the player wins.

When the player cannot place any more cards, or just wants to quit their round, they pass their turn over with Triangle.


Players are denoted with a symbol of a number inside golden wings on the map. Losing does not lose out anything, but winning gains new cards and at certain times improves the player's ranking, allowing them to challenge ever higher-ranking opponents.


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The player can build and edit decks before playing a match, and in the main menu under "Card Decks".

Behind the scenes[]

Vincent makes his remake project debut in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Queen's Blood was originally a much smaller-scale minigame, but its growth resulted in the developers giving it an overarching story that would incorporate legends of Jenova with the conflict between the evil queen and the emerald witch being based on folk tales of the war between Jenova and the Cetra. Motomu Toriyama wanted to add Vincent as an opponent, as having unique opponents would be important for a card game; this is why the latter half of the Queen's Blood quest has "stranger" participants. Additionally, Vincent lacked opportunities to do much in the main story in Rebirth, so Toriyama wanted to give him more attention by giving him a larger role in the card game.[1]


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